8 Best Retractable Dog Leashes in 2023

retractable leash for large dogs

There’s nothing better than going on an adventure with your dog. And your dog loves adventures too – think of all the sights they see, smells they sniff, and dogs they meet.

There’s a whole world out there… so you need to give them the freedom to explore it!

That’s where a retractable leash comes in handy. You’ve all seen them; leashes that change length, allowing your dog some freedom while keeping them under control. They make the perfect leash for hiking.

While they may not look as fashionable as a leather leash, the best retractable dog leashes can enhance your long walks and take your dog’s adventures to the next level.



Best Overall

Tug 360° Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon

Best for Large Dogs

KONG Retractable Ultimate Dog Leash

  • Size: X-Large
  • Material: Nylon

Best Tape

FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon, Plastic

Best Dual Leash

WIGZI Dual Doggie Reflective Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: Small
  • Material: Nylon

Best for Colors

Fida Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: Small
  • Material: Nylon

Best Value

Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: Standard
  • Material: Nylon, Stainless Steel

Best for Leash Length

EC.TEAK Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer

Best for Leash Length

Emperor Pets Retractable Dog Leash

  • Size: X- Large
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Best Retractable Dog Leashes – Top 8 Picks

Not all retractable dog leashes are built equally. You need one that’s dependable, durable, and comfortable to hold onto, with a brake-and-lock system to keep your dog under control.

Here are eight of the best retractable dog leashes to start your search.

1. Tug 360° Retractable Dog Leash

best retractable dog leash

At under $20, this is a shockingly affordable retractable dog leash – especially considering its durability and all the features it includes. And with over 60,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, they must be doing something right.

Although it’s lightweight and easy to hold, both the tape and leash handle are surprisingly lightweight. It includes a comfortable and ergonomic grip on the anti-slip handle, allowing you to hold it securely on your walks.

retractable leash for large dogs

While the nylon tape is more durable than previous versions, this one isn’t chew-proof and so not recommended for teething puppies. Still, it comes in a range of sizes to suit any breed of dog, from tiny ones up to large dogs.

The normal style of leash extends up to 16 feet, while the lead for tiny dogs extends up to 10 feet. Regardless of the type of leash you get, this model’s tape is tangle-free and controlled with its Quick Lock and Unlock system, guaranteed to keep your dog safe at a press of your thumb.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Range of sizes
  • Various colors available


  • Not chew-proof

Tug 360° Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “Tug 360° Retractable Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

2. KONG Retractable Ultimate Dog Leash

retractable dog leash

As you’d expect from the best leash for large dogs, this KONG leash is extra durable and capable of supporting dogs up to 150lbs, such as pit bulls, mastiffs, and even rottweilers.

This won’t come as a surprise to any dog owner. KONG is one of the most popular brands amongst dog owners and certainly one you can trust. However, this brand reputation does mean that their leash comes at a higher cost than others.

The sturdy handle has an ergonomic and soft grip handle, helping you keep hold and keep control of even large dogs. However, the handle lacks a keyring slot or any way to attach extras, like a pouch for poop bags or treats.

best retractable dog leash for large dogs

Aside from its durability, there’s a lot to love about this leash. Its 16-foot tape is reflective, enhancing your visibility while you and your dog go on an evening stroll. And if your pup decides to make a dash for it, the bake and lock mechanism is reliable and works well to keep your dog under control.


  • Durable
  • Trusted brand
  • Withstands strength of dogs up to 150lbs
  • Reflective stitching for added visibility
  • Red, grey, and black colors available


  • Expensive
  • No option for holding poo bags

KONG Retractable Ultimate Dog Leash

The price of “KONG Retractable Ultimate Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

3. FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash

retractable dog leash

Flexi has been making their version of retractable dog leash for nearly 50 years and they’re still going strong – so this is certainly one you can trust!

On the other hand, it also means Flexi leash costs a little more than some others. But this makes sense when you learn that each of their retractable leashes is assembled by hand and rigorously tested for safety.

The Flexi retractable dog leash comes in a range of sizes from X-small to large, allowing your pup up to 10 to 26 feet of extra freedom. But this extra freedom doesn’t mean a lack of control since this model offers one of the best tapes around.

Its guidance system means the retractable leash is tangle-free with no danger of getting jammed while the tape itself is made of extra thick nylon to withstand pulling.

Although very durable, some customers have experienced tape snapping after excessive pulling. While this isn’t common, it’s still a danger to be aware of. Alternatively, however, this model also offers the option of a cord leash instead of tape. However, the tape is generally more durable and reliable.

best dog retractable leash

Its brake and lock mechanism is particularly reliable, with the buttons responsive and easy to use, as well as offering a permanent stop function to keep your dog walking at your heel.

The handle is one of its highlights though. The ergonomic design makes it easy to keep hold of and includes options to add extras, such as a box for treats or poop bags and an LED to enhance nighttime visibility.


  • Long history of making this leash
  • Fully customizable
  • Long tape for more freedom
  • Safety features
  • Four colors and sizes available


  • More costly than others
  • Some have experienced snapping

FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash ” varies, so check the latest price at

4. WIGZI Dual Doggie Reflective Retractable Dog Leash

strong retractable dog leash

What do you do if you have two dogs? Having two retractable leashes is one option, but the WIGZI dual retractable dog leash is a much simpler option.

It still offers control over each individual dog thanks to its separate brake buttons and color-coded tapes. And with its 360-degree untangling technology, you don’t have to worry about the leashes getting tangled around each other either.

Each tape can withstand dogs up to 50lbs, so it probably won’t work for two large dogs. Then again, it might be a challenge to control two larger dogs with just one hand.

retractable leash

Despite having two leashes, it’s still the same weight as a regular retractable leash, but it’s more expensive than most. However, it’s still a cheaper option than buying two separate retractable leashes.

Each tape extends up to 10 feet and doubles up as a reflective leash, allowing you and your dogs to continue adventures even after the sun goes down.


  • Can brake each leash individually
  • Reflective design for extra visibility
  • Color-coded
  • Cheaper than buying two leashes


  • Expensive
  • Only 10-foot-long leashes
  • Limit of 50lbs per dog

WIGZI Dual Doggie Reflective Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “WIGZI Dual Doggie Reflective Retractable Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Fida Retractable Dog Leash

strongest retractable dog leash

The Fida retractable leash is durable, including a rust-proof swivel hook to attach to a harness and versions for various sizes, ranging from X-small to large dogs weighing a maximum of 110lbs.

The leash’s tangle-free tape extends up to 16 feet for regular leashes and up to 10 feet for the X-small retractable leash.

Its anti-twist inlet ensures reliable recoil while the tape itself is durable and reflective, meaning it’s visible in low-light conditions and can withstand plenty of pulling. However, it’s not chew-proof and won’t withstand heavy biting.

best retractable dog leashes

The braking system is responsive, durable, and easy to access on its ergonomic anti-slip handle. The handle offers up to eight colors to choose from, however, for many, the handle is far too small to comfortably fit their hand around.


  • Durable
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Sizes from X-small to large
  • Reflective, tangle-free tape


  • Handle too small to fit hand in comfortably
  • Not a chew-proof tape

Fida Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “Fida Retractable Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash

best retractable leash

Mighty Paw is a small, family-owned business in New York run by dog owners who know precisely the sort of equipment you want and need for your pup.

Its heavy-duty tape is made from a premium nylon material, extending up to 16 feet and withstanding dogs weighing up to 110lbs – but it’s still not a completely chew-proof tape. Still, it includes a tangle-free swivel clip and U-shaped leash guide, allowing your pup to play and run about without any risk of tangling.

The nylon tape is also reflective, but the leash itself goes one step further by including a reflective safety ring too, maximizing your visibility and making it extra safe to go on nighttime walks.

The Mighty Paw retractable leash allows great control over your dog and is easy to use, including a durable stainless-steel coil to reduce jamming while the leash recoils. Its one-touch quick-lock braking system is convenient and reliable too, allowing you to control the length with just one hand.

retractable leash for strong dogs

Although the handle has an anti-slip grip to help you keep hold of it and make it comfy, it’s a bulky handle that can be a little heavy for some. However, on the plus side, it comes with a bonus D-ring to let you attach a pouch for poop bags or treats.

There are two versions to choose from; a lite version that comes in green for dogs weighing up to 50lbs, and the standard version that comes in orange for dogs weighing up to 110lbs.

Just be aware that you have no choice over the color you want – so I hope you like green or orange!


  • Durable, tangle-free nylon tape
  • Reflective tape and safety ring for maximum visibility
  • Stainless- steel coil for fewer jams
  • Quick-lock braking system for reliable control
  • Anti-slip handle


  • Limited choice of color
  • Not chew-proof
  • Bulky handle

Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

7. EC.TEAK Retractable Dog Leash

best retractable leashes

Extending up to 26 feet, the EC.TEAK retractable dog leash offers your pup a huge amount of freedom. Suitable for dogs weighing up to 110lbs, the tape is made of strong and durable nylon and includes a rust-proof, stainless-steel attachment hook.

It includes a one-button lock system to stop the extension that holds the lead securely. However, the brake mechanism can be difficult to use.

Unlocking the brake can be fiddly; it’s not a particularly intuitive design and can take the user a while to get used to it, increasing the risk of the leash going slack and getting caught in your dog’s legs.

On the other hand, the leash includes a reliable internal coil spring along with a tangle-free design for smooth and consistent retraction.

best large dog retractable leash


  • 26-foot leash allows dog huge freedom
  • Durable nylon tape
  • Reliable braking system
  • Anti-slip handle


  • Difficult to unlock the braking mechanism

EC.TEAK Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “EC.TEAK Retractable Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Emperor Pets Retractable Dog Leash

retractable dog leashes for large dogs

The Emperor dog leash sports a stylish aesthetic design, with your choice of blue, pink, green, or grey highlights. But there’s more to this leash than just its looks.

It’s a particularly durable bit of equipment with an extra-durable nylon leash that can extend up to 16 or 26 feet, a zinc-alloy clip, and a heavy-duty all-weather plastic case with an anti-slip handle.

It may be very durable, but it all contributes to a heavy weight when carrying it in one hand for so long.

best retractable leashes for large dogs

The one-button lock and release is easy to use and helps control your dog while giving them plenty of freedom to roam.

It includes a tangle-free design; however, the coil spring inside can be fiddly and jam up at times, locking when you don’t want it to and interrupting the retraction.


  • Stylish aesthetic design
  • Extra durable nylon tape
  • Choice of 16 or 26-foot leash
  • Tangle-free


  • Fiddly braking system
  • Leash can jam up at times

Emperor Pets Retractable Dog Leash

The price of “Emperor Pets Retractable Dog Leash ” varies, so check the latest price at

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Retractable Dog Leash?

On the face of it, it might look like retractable dog leashes are all fairly similar. While they all extend to give your dog more room to run about on walks, there are certain features and considerations to bear in mind before buying one.


While the length might seem like the be-all and end-all, you should also think about the size of the handle itself.

Ideally, you want it to be the right size for your hand to keep hold of it comfortably, but not too bulky. After all, when you’re out and about, it’s convenient for the lead to be small enough to tuck in a pocket or bag.


There are two parts of a retractable leash where you need to consider the materials used: the handle and the tape.

The handle should be made of a reliable and strong plastic, but do try to pick one that’s lightweight but won’t shatter when dropped.

When it comes to the tape, the best retractable dog leash needs to be strong enough to withstand pulling and a bit of chewing. Then again, even the toughest of nylon won’t survive endless chewing!


The most common length of a retractable dog leash is about 16 feet. However, depending on how well-trained your dog is, it’s best to give it a bit more freedom to get the most out of each walk.

Just keep in mind that the more you allow a lead to extend, the harder it can be to control your dog, so make sure that they’re not too young or untrained.


There’s nothing worse than a leash that breaks, especially while you’re on a walk. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s a risk to your dog’s safety. Whether it’s the tape snapping or the handle shattering, it’s important that your leash is reliable and durable.

That’s why it’s often worthwhile going for a trusted brand with a history of making durable, long-lasting products.

Each leash gives a recommendation for a maximum dog’s weight; don’t buy a leash if your dog exceeds its recommendation, otherwise, it might break during your walk.


You shouldn’t just think about your dog; when it comes to the best retractable dog leash, comfort is all about you.

An uncomfortable leash is harder to keep hold of and leads to less control over your pup. Aim for an ergonomic grip on the handle to make your walks as pleasant as possible.


Are Retractable Leashes Bad for Big Dogs?

You can absolutely get a retractable leash for a large dog – it might just be a bit harder to find one.

Most retractable leashes have a maximum weight of 110lbs for your dog. So, if your dog is bigger than this, it might be harder to find a leash for them.

How Thick Should a Dog Leash Be?

The thickness of a retractable leash’s tape depends entirely on the size of your dog and how strong it’ll be pulling. After all, you don’t want the tape to snap!

For small dogs, a leash can have a thickness of 3/8”. But for medium to large dogs, leashes should be at least ¾” or more in thickness.


We’d always recommend you get the best dog collar and leash you can so you and your pup to have worry-free adventures.

When it comes to the best retractable leash, they can give your dog lots of freedom to explore the world. But you need to pick one with the right length, durability, and features to suit you and your dog.

Along with the best dog collar and best dog harness, the best retractable dog leashes open up the world, letting you have unlimited adventures and make special memories with your best friend.

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