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Wondering what Halo Collar is? Well, it is simple to understand and fun to use. Your dog needs fence protection, and they need the liberty to move around, right? The new halo version gives you an incredible opportunity regarding the invisible fence. Halo collar provides your dog with a safe virtual fence through which you can track your dog’s activities.

The original halo collar wraps around the dog’s neck and keeps your dog safe. With invisibility, Halo Collar gives your dog a secure boundary. They let you track your dog’s activities. Regardless of the place, you can use halo collars anywhere; they can also be used for indoor training sessions.

Is your dog bored of the existing collar? The solution is right here. This smart system gives you a chance to avail GPS location services, and with that, you need not worry about losing your best friend ever!

We will make you explore more about why you should choose halo collars for your dog; let’s move ahead and discover it together.

What is Halo Collar?

halo collar reviews

Halo company has been working for a long time to introduce dog owners to the easy-going solution instead of making them purchase a physical fence for their dog’s safety. The dog collar comes with a halo GPS collar system that helps you track your dog’s activity through the latest technology.

This comes with a subscription plan; just like any app, it works through your phone. Is it not fun that you can secure your dog without any apparent fence post! The premium features give your dog a virtual fence system that can act as indoor halo beacons. Not only this, but you cannot stop thinking of the benefits this dog collar provides. The modern solution to all your worries!

Halo vs. Halo 2+: What’s Changed?

Well, dog lovers need something which is updated with new trends because no doubt your dog learns fast and can find ways to keep them away from the physical fence or even dog collars. Halo collar GPS system did not stop upgrading to the most trending technology for your dog’s safety. Instead of putting multiple barriers in different areas to protect the dog, give your dog natural guidance.

Get your halo fences and use GPS location services for better location accuracy. Halo collar, which they introduced at first, had all the features. Dog trainers could use a halo dog fence for the training of dogs. Even the Halo collar could be used for indoor training.

Now you don’t have to put a strict eye on your dog and keep on stopping them from entering some places at home; with this smart dog collar, you can mark some specific areas and send vibrations or alert to your dog. The subscription plans would come with your halo dog collar. But good companies do not put a stop on themselves and bring innovations to their products.

They launched a Halo 2+ dog collar which gives a wider range of area coverage, up to 50% more than before. It also comes with longer battery life. With Halo+2, you can say goodbye to your boring old dog fence and can provide your best buddy the freedom he deserves! You can access the collar activities through the touch of your phone. All you have to do is download the halo app and then start your dog activity tracking.

The question comes what’s changed in the new update! The answer is why not get the Halo+2 and see it for yourself, but before you get it, you need to know the updated features. Well, the company gives you an upgraded subscription plan that can last longer. Many dog owners wanted more space coverage which halo collars made visible in their Halo+2 collar. It also brings you more advanced tone settings, which were not present in the halo collar. With Halo+2, your dog can quickly learn boundary training.

Though both can train, Halo dog collar lacked GPS tracking, which is better highlighted in Halo+2.  Halo+2 comes with an expert dog training program and a review that’s best for your dog. With the new halo fence, your dog can have behavioral psychology training methods, making them understand the device quickly. Both support the wireless fence.


halo dog collar reviews
  • Supports GPS tracking.
  • Wide range coverage.
  • Easy access to the collar through a halo collar app.
  • Suitable for big dogs.
  • Being smart collars, they help you track your dog anywhere within the radius.
  • Provides the exact dog’s location.
  • Enable data storage.
  • Have proven long-lasting battery performance.
  • ·  With halo wireless fence, you can take your buddy to a dog park.


  • These dogs’ hallo collars are pricey.
  • The basic plan and the subscription plan make the cost even higher.
  • Very small dogs have issues fitting in the halo collar.
  • The cellular services setup requires innovative system activation.
  • If your dog is out of reach, the halo beacon will not work, and you will not be able to track the dog’s location.

Is it Worth it to Purchase the Halo 2+ Collar?

You might wonder why you need to upgrade from your outdated physical fence and spend a lot of money when you are getting the same thing at a lower price. The reason for buying Halo 2+ collar is that your good dog deserves to travel and enjoy some time with you on trips, and well, you cannot always pack multiple fences with you.

This virtual fence not only is portable but also goes completely wireless. A Halo dog collar allows your dog to roam freely and keeps you out of the worry. With the help of the app, you can set up the tracker, and through that, you can track the precise location of your dog.

If your dog plans to leave a specific preset boundary, you can send the alert message, and the shock collar will alert them instantly. If we dig into the price, though it is costly but worth the money, halo system is an alternate solution to your worries and the best call to the free life of your dog.

Many invisible dog fences come with the collars but do not give you so much of the liberty of letting your dog go on a walk on its own. Halo dog collar offers a radius coverage that is lesser than the Halo+2, they lack the battery life, and they also lack the ability of training programs.

halo collar review

How Does Halo Collar Work?

You do not have to worry about how your dog’s smart collar works because it offers training programs with the halo subscription plan. The halo training process is a system that works like electric cars; they have their setup for keeping your dog in a marked area. You can get the training solutions with your subscription plan. It keeps your good boy within the premises you have set up for your dog and sends signals to the dog’s halo collar if they move far away from the set boundary.

Features & Benefits

GPS tracking

This feature helps to track the exact location of your dog, and you can also correct them if they are getting far away from the reach. Halo collar GPS system can be the call for your dog training solutions. You do not need to wonder how you would achieve better location accuracy; stay connected to your dog training collar because the connection could be made through WIFI, Bluetooth, or even cellular services, to keep your dog safe.

Wireless Fencing Through the App

You might wonder what’s so good in this fencing system, why use the app, and what if your dog’s halo collar gets disconnected? Take a break from thinking and learn more about the Halo and Halo 2+ collars. The wireless fencing is now achievable through an app that would give you full access to your dog’s location and send them the signals to stay in reach. Halo app would give you a free hand in keeping your dog in safe areas through a cell phone only.

halo wireless fence reviews

Training System Included

The company is best known for looking out for you and your dog because the package does not only contain the wireless fence, but training programs are also included. You can take live sessions with experts to train your dog. The halo training process consists of the various training sessions included in the 20-day package. This way, your dog would learn how to stay within the set boundary, and you would know when to send simulations to contain your dog.

Improved Connectivity and Accuracy

Halo and Halo 2+ both have the connectivity and accuracy in finding your dog if they plan on escaping through the halo app. But being honest with you all, Halo 2+ has improved these qualities more than Halo collar. Halo 2+ gives a broader range of area coverage, and also now, you can stay connected with your dog’s activities through GPS, Bluetooth, or cell services.

Activity Tracking

Guess what? Whatever your dog does now can be tracked through your phone in no time. The Halo collar reviews made it worthy of the purchase because you can let your dog go alone and still have them guarded. Many smart collars even fail to give you a full report of your dog’s activity and only inform you when your dog has escaped while the halo collar stands on top of all wireless fences. It shows you the full report of the physical activities, exercises, and results.

halo smart fence reviews


How long does the Halo Collar battery last?

According to the halo dog collar review, it can easily last up to 20 hours and can work on a single charge. The battery life also depends on the app’s usage and the system you are using. Try your best to take off the collar at some time of the day and charge it to full so that it can be used for a longer time.

Is the Halo Collar a shock collar?

No need to worry because the original halo collar is not considered a shock collar. It comes with a variety of correction modes, such as sound and vibration sensory signals. These are just used to put your dog on alert if they are moving far from the range.

Does Halo Collar work without cell service (without internet)?

Yes, the best thing about these smart collars is that even if you have no internet connection, they would still work even without cell phone services. Remember to connect and make the collar functional when you have the connection; it can work without the cell services.

How do you set boundaries with Halo Fence?

It’s not tough to set boundaries for your dog; all you need to do is bring the smart collar to the areas you need to mark as a safe zone for your dog, and then through an app, add those areas in a guard zone. The collar would update, and your dog could roam around easily.


Halo collars are the newest collars that give your dog wireless fence-style protection by offering the dog a safe area and providing space to enjoy with your good boy. This wireless fence can be controlled through an app on your phone and does not require a good internet connection because it is a virtual fence. Through GPS, you can train your dog to have safe boundaries. There are halo collar alternatives available in the market, but choosing this one will be an excellent choice.

Whatever your dog does, wherever they move, everything is being tracked, and results are visible on the app dashboard. Even if your dog goes on a walk alone, you can be at peace and restrict them from going to places you do not want them to be in. the static correction built in the Halo collars would send signals which would stop the dog instantly.

We hope this article has helped you better understand the Halo dog collar system. It has also clarified how to use them for small and big dogs.

Feel free to contact us to find out how the halo app works, where you can get a new halo collar, and how you can train your dog on these collars. Let us know if you have any more queries in the comment box.

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