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Heard of geo fencing! That’s what a fi collar gives your dog. Willing to take night walks with your dog with some protection! Fi collar keeps your dog’s activity on track. With the fi mobile app, you can even check your dog’s sleeping patterns, and count their steps and of course protect them.

Fi GPS dog collar would give you the exact dog’s location. If you travel a lot and want to bring your best buddy with you then this smart collar is definitely made for you. Fi users can avail all the luxurious security features for their dogs in no time.

Your active dogs need something reliable, strong, and proactive and so, the fi series is the best fence for them.

fi smart dog collar reviews

How Does the Fi Collar Work?

Fi collar uses the most advanced GPS tracker which allows you to fence the area equal to 7 feet radius. It has a GPS antenna that gets connected with satellites and provides you with a greater Bluetooth range. It is for sure the best activity tracker available on market today because of all the features it covers. The company makes sure you get the most suitable fi dog collar series that matches your needs perfectly.

This smart collar not only tracks and keeps your dog safe within the marked areas but also lets you track their sleeping habits and the total number of steps they are taking in a day. The fi series did not put a stop to their innovation and have introduced fi series 2.

Tired of putting your dog off-leash? This collar uses the LTE-M network which is never used by any other smart collars in the market. The network allows the collar to communicate with the GPS. This connection is even stronger than the 4G or 3G connections.

Worried what will happen if your dog escapes? No more worries because the dog collar uses the newest tech algorithms to project the area you marked safe zone and if they try to leave that area, the signal is sent to the collar. The timings of informing you about the dog are even faster than you can imagine.

A dog collar makes a connection with your cellphones, Bluetooth, or the wi fi in order to keep you informed about the activity of your dog. The reason why the fi dog collar uses multiple connections is that if your dog ever tries to leave, the collar would use the fastest connection to stay linked with the dog and send you the alert on the fi collar app.

Using the Fi Collar to Track Your Dog’s Sleep

Fi made sure to provide all kinds of facilities your dog can get in a single dog collar. You always want to keep your dog safe from the dangers but also want to keep a track record of their health. Thus, the fi dog collar introduced the newest feature which enables you to check your buddy’s sleeping pattern.

The fi dog collar reviews suggested that many owners were unaware of their dog’s sleeping pattern and never knew how many times the dog woke up in the middle of the night. With this collar, it is now an achievable task to track your best buddy’s sleeping schedule.

There are dashboards present on the app for record-keeping, not only the sleeping records are present but also the number of steps your dog took in a day. You can check the activity for the whole week as well as for a day.

fi series 2 gps tracker smart dog collar reviews

Fi Dog Collar Technical Features Review

We always need some validation before we make such a pricey purchase, no doubt the price for this dog collar is worth the purchase, and fi dog collar reviews are satisfactory. Here, some features are given below to let you understand more about the product through the eye of others, stay tuned!


Nothing could ever be better than getting this collar for you buddy, it uses the high-tech connections. No need to think about what if I lost the connection because this collar does not use only a single service to stay tuned with the collar. You can mark the safe zone with the help of a fi GPS collar.

The whole mapping of the marked area is provided on the fi app through which you can send the correction signals to your pet. If your dog likes to socialize with other dogs and you want to check how your buddy is doing better than others, you can also track their activity.

Tracking with the fi app never gets boring because your app informs you about the smallest thing you wanted to know about your dog. The app keeps you connected with the other dog lifestyle news, you can discover more about their likings and disliking. We can say this app gives you a feed full of pet interests just like any other social media platform.

Other fi users are connected through an app that lets you know about other fi dogs. You can also invite friends and family members through their app. 

Color and Design

It does not end here, the color collection fi dog collar gives is full of fun. Your dog can choose their favorite color for the collar. If we put some light on the design of the fi dog collar, it is sleek in look.

A more streamlined collar is given to your dog. Plus, the point is they have a variety of designs available in their store thus, you can choose any out of them.

The dog leash is unbreakable and also comes in pretty fun designs and colors. I would like to say, the fi dog collar never gets out of fashion!

fi series 2 dog collar


The company makes it handy for you to use lost dog mode with longer battery life. The dog’s collar stays around the dog’s neck the whole day and it needs charging but guess what it has a long battery life which can last up to two days without going completely charged.

Its app would high alert you to charge it. Fi dogs use the latest version of the fi base which keeps the battery life longer than expected.

Though base station can cause issues when not connected to wifi or any other cell service. The dog walker needs GPS tracking activated all the time to count the dog’s steps and keep a record of location tracking.

The batteries can last up to three months and after that, you can plan on changing the battery. Do not worry about live location tracking anymore!

Waterproof Rating

Your active dog is never sitting calm, they want to get dirty and love to be around water! Well, the solution is getting them a rock-solid collar. A dog spends most time outdoors and you can literally not protect them from everything.

Dog’s fi collar is waterproof and not only that it is dirt proof as well. fi smart collar is given name to them because of the abilities they endure. 

You can let your dog sitter relax a little while your dog goes on adventures inside the safe zones. The best thing why your dog should have this is that they are highly unbreakable. Your dog can do any adventure and you can still find your lost dog. 


Fi smart dog collar stays connected to wifi and provides your exact dog’s location. The GPS module can be set according to your connection of choice. Dog owners now let their dogs breathe some fresh air without worrying them a lot. The company brings you the strongest connectivity modules such as the LTE-M network and cell phone service. 

If your dog exits the safe zone, the collar would get connected to a cellular network which would give you real-time location. 

For better connectivity, you need to get a monthly subscription that will keep your dog’s collar updated, and a sleep tracker which stays connected throughout the day and night to record your dog’s sleep habits and also records the step count.

How Do You Remove the Fi Gps Dog Collar’s Metal Clips?

Want to remove the fi GPS collar because it’s time for your pet to take bath! Or you want to put it on a charge! It’s simply an easy task to perform.

If you choose to remove it directly then put your dog’s neck on rest and pull it up all through his ears and face.

But if your dog is active and you cannot pull it off that way then there’s another way that suggests pushing the metal clip and twisting it from one end, it will get loose, and then push it out.

The metal clips would get detached and you can easily remove the collar as a whole at once.

You can put the metal clips back to the straps just by twisting them back in the strap. It is not going to be a big hassle when you have to take this collar off your beloved friend!

fi dog


Hoping your mood is all set to get this tech for your dog, a fi dog collar review suggests that it is the best collar your dog can have and not only for the dog but it brings dog owners some ease as well.

A dog takes risks in their life and is considered adventurous, and fi company values them and you. They have presented you with the best collars on market with better battery health, and a base station technology which could be a little annoying because it does not perform well in the absence of wifi or other services.

The geo fencing covers a greater radius as a safe zone for your dog and a record keeper for your pet’s sleep.

We are hoping that this article has helped you in better understanding the fi collars. To find out the healthy lifestyle of your dog you need to get these fi series right away.

Let us know if you have any queries in the comment box.

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