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July 6, 2023 Dogs Dog Accessories Dog Fences 

How to Train a Dog to Stay in the Yard – No More Escape Artists!

Your dog is your best friend. And if anything happened to them, your world would completely fall apart—I know mine would. I’ve boundary trained my three dogs to stay within the yard—even if the gate is wide open—and also to the ground-level floor of my home. There are a few different ways to boundary train […]

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January 19, 2023 Dog Accessories Dog Collars 

8 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2023

Ever been in a situation in which you felt no one understands your point – not even the closest ones? And when you try to tell them what’s hurting you, they take it as your inappropriate behavior. Well, that’s exactly how your dog feels when you (his closest one) don’t understand his point (like Daddy, […]

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Spring Sale: $100 Discount on SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

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