10 Best Dog Breeds To Protect Against Hyenas & Wild Predators

Dogs to Protect against Hyenas

There are three species of hyena — spotted hyena, brown, and striped hyena. Hyenas, especially the spotted hyenas, are dangerous. They’re strongest when guarding their young or territory, with a bite that can break bones. They often go after easier targets, including children and women, and as Africa’s population grows, conflicts with humans are increasing. The US, however, doesn’t have hyenas.

Livestock Guardian Dogs are great at keeping away all sorts of predators like coyotes, other dogs, foxes, wolves, bears, jackals, hyenas, and even big cats. Some breeds of these protector dogs can cut down the trouble caused by these predators by a huge amount, like 70–80%!

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Guard dogs protect in three ways: keeping predators out, disrupting attacks, and directly confronting threats. But getting a guard dog means investing time and effort into training.

Training Dogs for Hyena Encounter

Now, let’s explore 10 dog breeds that can help protect against hyenas.

Dogs to Protect Against Hyenas

1. Kangal

Dogs to Protect Against Hyenas

The Kangal is a big, strong dog from Turkey. They don’t herd sheep; they protect them from wolves and bears, and they can scare off hyenas too! They look cool with their black face masks and huge paws. These dogs are pretty big!


¡El kangal un perro majestuoso y poderoso! 🐶 #animales #lindo #perros #kangal

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Owning a Kangal is like having your own security system. They just know how to keep watch over sheep; no training is needed. They love to find a high spot and keep an eye on everything, using their great ears and noses to notice any troublemakers from far away.

Just like they guard sheep, they’ll watch over your family and be on the lookout for strangers, which means they might bark to let you know. But don’t worry, if you introduce them to new people while they’re still pups, they’ll learn to make friends.

But be ready because Kangals like to do things their own way and aren’t always the easiest to teach new tricks, especially if you’re new to this kind of dog.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Dogs to Protect Against wild animals

Tibetan Mastiffs are robust dogs with fluffy hair around their neck that look like a lion’s mane. They were first trained a long time ago to watch over big areas, and they still have that protective streak for their families and homes.

Their size alone can scare off hyenas. They also have a deep, loud bark to warn everyone about anything unusual. Plus, they have super sharp senses to keep an eye on everything around them.

If they ever face danger, they’re ready to stand their ground with a growl and a strong bite if they have to. But with the right training and socializing, they usually don’t need to get tough.

Tibetan Mastiffs like to be active outside, but inside, they’re pretty calm and quiet. They like to be clean, too, so house training them isn’t too tough.

3. Caucasian Shepherd

Dog to Protect Against Hyenas

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a serious guardian breed made to guard and protect. They are courageous and sure of themselves, always ready to face danger, but also gentle and loving with their own people and animal pals.

AKC reports that they’ve been guarding lands, keeping livestock safe from wolves and coyotes, and doing all sorts of other jobs for a really long time. Nowadays, especially in Western countries, they’re often happy just being part of the family and keeping an eye on things.

They’re super smart and like to do things their own way, which can make training a bit of a challenge, but they can definitely learn. They like to move around and be active when they’re outside, but inside the house, they tend to be pretty quiet and relaxed.

4. Cane Corso

can Cane Corso Dogs  Protect us Against Hyenas

Cane Corsos are amazing guardians for their families. They’re super loyal and can be really protective, ready to stand up to anything that seems like trouble. These powerful pups can even handle big wild animals and help manage livestock.


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Forbes points out that even though Cane Corsos can be great buddies at home, they’re pretty powerful, which can be a bit risky if they’re just acting on instinct. They’re a major commitment and need an owner who understands what it takes to care for such a strong breed.

They have confident personalities, so it’s super important to train them well so they fit into your home life smoothly. They’re usually pretty chill, strong, and active but not looking to start trouble. With the right training and family situation, they can be wonderful pets.

5. Tosa Inu

Is Tosa Inu  Protective  Against Hyenas

The Tosa dog hails from Japan and has a history that’s a bit serious—it was originally bred for dog fighting. Nowadays, Tosas are appreciated more for being smart protectors of their homes, with the kind of bravery that’s useful in guarding against hyenas. They’re big and strong, thanks to careful breeding for power and determination.

Tosas are usually pretty chill and patient, but they’ve got a strong instinct to guard their territory and their people. They remember their fighting days, so when they get riled up, they mean business. These dogs need a lot of socializing when they’re young, especially with other animals, much more than most other breeds need.

While Tosas are totally legal in the U.S., some other places have bans or rules about owning them. They’re smart cookies and good with training, but they need a leader who sets clear rules right from the start.

6. Bandogge

ae Bandogge protective

If you’re looking for a guard dog that’s both a fierce defender and kind to kids, the Bandogge might just be the perfect match for you. Originating from the Middle Ages as nighttime property protectors, Bandogges have evolved into dependable guardians.

These days, they’re not just watchful protectors but also excel in security, are great for personal protection, work well as hunting buddies, and offer solid companionship. One of their standout traits is that they’re usually silent observers, barking mainly to warn you if something’s wrong.

However, there’s a bit of a tough rep attached to “bully” breeds, leading to bans in some places in the U.S. and Europe, as mentioned by US Service Animals. If you’re in a place that welcomes them, a Bandogge can be a wonderful, devoted companion. Bandogges need a good balance of physical activity and mental stimulation to stay happy and manageable. If they’re left alone too much without enough to do, they can become hard to handle. It’s important for their owner to lead confidently to keep them in check.

7. Boerboel

are Boerboel protective

The Boerboel is a powerful guard dog, known for its noble and vigilant character. They are bred to be fierce protectors and have a natural ability to tell friends from potential threats. These dogs are brave and will stand their ground, embodying their protective instincts.

Despite their toughness, Boerboels are also serene and smart, showing deep loyalty to their family. They are keen to please, which aids in their training. However, due to their dominant nature, they need an owner who can take charge, or they might try to take the lead in the household.

According to WebMD, Boerboels tend to drool and bark at a moderate level.

Their large size might pose challenges for some, especially when it comes to travel, so it’s important to consider your Boerboel’s needs in your plans.

8. AlaBai

how strong are AlaBai

The Alabai dog, or Central Asian Shepherd, is a sturdy and dedicated livestock guardian breed. Known for their loyalty and affection, they’re like gentle giants when around their families, showcasing a kind and loving nature.

These dogs get along well with other pets, even cats, and have a deep-rooted instinct to protect their family members. However, their tendency to take charge can emerge if not guided properly.


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Originating from a long history of guarding livestock, Alabais have developed a strong sense of independence. This characteristic, while great for their traditional role, can pose challenges during training.

To ensure they grow into respectful and manageable companions, it’s crucial to start socialization and obedience training early. Setting clear rules and boundaries from the start helps them manage their independent streak.

9. Dogo Argentino

Can a Dogo Argentino defeat a wolf?

The Dogo Argentino stands out as a powerful and smart dog, known for its impressive athleticism and strength. Originally bred for protection and hunting big game, they are highly effective against predators like wild boars, mountain lions, pumas, and hyenas, showcasing their value in keeping threats at bay.

This breed combines high intelligence with a strong build, making them excellent partners for those who can match their energy and leadership. Dogo Argentinos are deeply loyal, always ready to defend their people and their homes, making them top-notch guardians. While they love spending time with their family, they might take a moment to warm up to new faces, ensuring they’re not a threat before getting too friendly.

Their protective nature extends to being cautious around children, highlighting the importance of early and consistent socialization to foster a safe and harmonious environment for everyone.

10. Presa Canario

can Presa Canario protect us against wild animals

Originally bred for herding cattle, the Presa Canario’s daunting look and sharp awareness make it an excellent choice to protect against hyenas.

This breed might take a bit of time to open up, but once they do, they reveal a gentle and affectionate side to those they trust. Known for their confidence, the Presa Canario maintains a calm demeanor and commands a significant presence.

The Perro de Presa Canario stands out as a solid option for anyone seeking a devoted and protective companion. While they are low maintenance in terms of grooming, they do demand considerable time and effort in training and physical activity.

Their strong sense of territory has led to restrictions in some countries, though they are permitted in the United States.

How to Avoid a Hyena Attack

How to Avoid a Hyena Attack

Here are simple tips to protect yourself from a hyena attack:

  • Don’t run; hyenas chase after running prey.
  • Stay standing; pretending to be dead makes them curious.
  • Keep calm; don’t show fear, and talk to keep calm.
  • Stay quiet at night; hyenas are active then.
  • Act big and loud; make noise and look ready to defend yourself.


Dogs that protect against hyenas embody courage, strength, and loyalty. Breeds like the Kangal, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the Anatolian Shepherd, known for their formidable size and protective instincts, excel in this role. These dogs are not only guardians of their human families but also staunch defenders of livestock against hyenas.

Their natural vigilance, combined with the right training, makes them unmatched protectors in regions where hyenas pose a threat. With their fearless disposition and inherent ability to stand guard, these dogs ensure safety and peace of mind for their owners, making them invaluable allies in areas shared with wildlife.

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