September 23, 2023 Advocate Animal Abuse Facts & Stats 

50 Alarming Animal Cruelty Statistics – Enough to Crush One’s Heart

Animal cruelty statistics make for harrowing reading. If you have a sensitive disposition, then discretion is advised. While there will be no graphic images below, the matter of animal abuse statistics is upsetting. Abuse happens in many ways. Something mild, seemingly innocent, or even well-intended can still constitute animal abuse. Animals are majestic creatures, and […]

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September 16, 2023 Advocate Facts & Stats 

How Many Vegans Are in the World? Exploring the Global Population of Vegans

You may not have woken up this morning and thought, “How many vegans are in the world?” but the way of life has certainly gained interest since the 2010s. When you learn about everything our animals live through and die from due to the meat industry, veganism may not be so “I would never!” to […]

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September 12, 2023 Advocate 

Clearest Lakes in the US – A Panoramic Glimpse of Paradise!

The USA is blessed with a diverse geography. The majestic Atlantic Ocean barricades its eastern borders and the Gulf of Mexico, cradling its south anchors its islands to the Caribbean Sea. The glorious Pacific runs along its shore to the west, stretching its body from the south and north, where it meets the Arctic Ocean […]

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September 12, 2023 Dogs Advocate Facts & Stats 

Dog Bite Statistics You Need To Know in 2023!

There’s no point in sugar-coating the topic; dog bites are a serious problem. It’s irresponsible to lay blame without having the facts. It’s just as foolish to ignore the problem and pretend that the poor dog had terrible owners. Sometimes, the beloved family pet inflicts bite injuries. A few breeds have risen consistently to the […]

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September 12, 2023 Advocate Dogs Facts & Stats 

How Many Dogs Are in the World and What the Canine Population Means to Humans!

Humans believe they domesticated the canine some 30,000 years ago. Since then, dogs have progressed in number and moved from lounging by the fire, keeping a watchful eye, to cuddling with us on the sofa. So who domesticated who? Pet dog ownership is on the rise, and the pandemic fueled part of this growth. In […]

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September 12, 2023 Advocate Dog Breeds Dogs 

Are Pitbulls Dangerous: The Truth, the Facts, and the Bad Rap Myth

Stereotyping never solves debates. Are pit bulls dangerous? That depends on many factors. The first thing people must recognize is that canines can become aggressive, even if we love them to bits, including breeds like a German Shepherd, Rottweilers, and our most beloved Labrador. There’s a ton of evidence that points to breed-specific data, types […]

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September 4, 2023 Advocate Facts & Stats 

World Hunger Statistics – All You Need to Know in 2023!

Global hunger statistics have been decreasing, but it’s now increasing because of global warming, conflict, and COVID-19. Approximately 10% of people globally are food insecure. From 2019 to 2022, the number of undernourished people grew by approximately 150 million. Vegan diets can help end hunger because individuals eat the plants that cows consume and use […]

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August 31, 2023 A-Z Animals Advocate Facts & Stats 

Mako Shark Facts – Unveiling the Majesty of the Ocean’s Speedster!

Sharks are sharks, right? Not so fast, young Cousteau. There are over 500 species of sharks, and the Mako Shark is one of the more well-known. And this may not help your dream life, but they’re also the fastest sharks in the world.  If being afraid of sharks increases your respect for them, then you’re […]

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August 28, 2023 Advocate Facts & Stats Fish 

Shark Attack Statistics & Interesting Facts That You May Not Know!

Many people have a firm view on sharks; however, the following shark attack statistics will highlight the truth behind these majestic creatures. Sharks are intensely beautiful creatures. I have long been fascinated by them. From the monstrous creatures of Jaws and the Meg to the real creatures that gracefully dominate our oceans, Sharks are all […]

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August 25, 2023 A-Z Animals Advocate Facts & Stats 

Humpback Whale Facts: Exploring Their Habitat, Diet, Size, & Unique Name

“Gentle giants” is a term that suits humpback whales to a T. Vocal, massive, and agile mammals, they give researchers an ample amount to study.  Due to the prevalence of drones, we’ve had the opportunity to watch the habits and movements of these spectacular beings, and they put on quite the show. Fortunately for us, […]

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