Monika Martyn

Monika Martyn

Monika Martyn is a nomadic minimalist and published author. Her pet portfolio includes experience with over forty cats and dogs, and she becomes their surrogate and a valued pack member. One of her proudest accomplishments is typing while petting a fur baby on her lap. She also excels at dog-speak and cat-talk and is working on mastering fish lingo.
Aside from her animal advocacy, she is passionate about the environment, plastic pollution, and living with less (not including chocolate and coffee). She practices yoga and meditation faithfully.
She’s experienced living abroad and believes that together people can evoke change for the better. Or at least be kind to one another despite our differences. She has an uncanny knack for remembering people’s names.
She’s proud of her two Pushcart Nominations, her debut novel, and her marriage. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. Monika believes that education is the biggest gift to humanity at any age.

May 31, 2023 Advocate Dogs Facts & Stats 

How Many Dogs Are in the World and What the Canine Population Means to Humans!

Humans believe they domesticated the canine some 30,000 years ago. Since then, dogs have progressed in number and moved from lounging by the fire, keeping a watchful eye, to cuddling with us on the sofa. So who domesticated who? Pet dog ownership is on the rise, and the pandemic fueled part of this growth. In […]

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Exotic Pets NJ – Unconventional Companions

We all have an exotic animal that resonates with us. Some of us find birds, with their superior intelligence and mating rituals, fascinating. Others would like nothing better than to rub the belly of a tiger or lion cub. Then there is a new interest in keeping exotic reptiles and amphibians in our homes. However, […]

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Texas Exotic Animals: And How They Became Game Stock

The Lone Star State evokes many images, and our minds are often drawn to instant stereotypes about the second-largest state in the US. For many, Texas is synonymous with cowboys, guns, big oil, vast open landscapes, and ranches hosting a barbeque, y’all. Yet, Texas can be a contradiction. Instead of cattle grazing on native vegetation, […]

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How Many Cows Are in The US: A State-by-State Head Count

For many readers, it might be surprising to learn that Americans cook up to 80 pounds of beef meat annually. The country has 94 million heads of inventory to satisfy the average American hunger for meat, milk, cheese, and other dairy products. America is currently at a total population of 333,287,557, a 0.4% increase. It […]

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May 29, 2023 A-Z Animals Dog Breeds Dogs 

Nanny Dog: Dispelling the Myth, Proving the Facts, and Understanding the Breed

There’s nothing more satisfying than cheering for the underdog and winning. However, before we define what nanny dogs are, we must clarify the term pit bull. For some strange reason, we lump five classes of dogs into one umbrella term. This group has gotten a nasty rap in the last few decades when so many […]

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Exotic Animal Laws by State: A Way to Deter People From Owning Rare and Dangerous Animals

If you’re an animal lover, undoubtedly in your past is a childhood memory when you thought it would be so cool to own a chimp, a tiger, an elephant, or even an endangered or threatened species for your wild animal menagerie. At WAF (World Animal Foundation), we hope you’ve rethought this fantasy plan since then […]

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The Toll of Human Activity on Wildlife: How Many Animals Killed Each Year – The Barbaric Truth!

The human consumption of meat is a complex subject to tackle. One side is offended by the human consumption of an animal diet; the other barks about their need to defend meat for our survival. We bicker back and forth, and both sides focus on being right. What’s important is that we rethink humane slaughter […]

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May 27, 2023 Dogs Advocate Facts & Stats 

Dog Statistics & Fun Facts for All Dog Lovers!

Dogs are not just man’s best friend, they are also an integral part of many households and communities around the world. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are over 90 million dogs in the United States alone. These loyal and loving creatures come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its […]

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May 8, 2023 Birds 

Creative Strategies to Keep Birds Safe from Cats

The internet is full of information with answers that you want to hear. But AI technology doesn’t know how to tell two sides of the story yet. There’s misinformation construed as facts about how to protect birds and people who own cats. It’s up to writers and readers to untangle the truth. Cat predation numbers […]

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April 10, 2023 Advocate Facts & Stats 

From Field to Table: Top Wheat Exports by Country

Wheat isn’t just about our diet. Wheat significantly impacts cultures and is an essential staple that connects people and communities. Although wheat sales rise and fall, it’s a go-to food for many. Wheat has saved millions of lives. However, wheat is an umbrella term and includes other grains exported worldwide from Russia to Canada. Because […]

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