8 Best Prong Dog Collars in 2022

best prong collars for dogs

It’s said that going for a walk with your dog can alleviate your mood and boost your mental energy. However, this statement is not true for all dog owners since some of us have the kind of dogs who get overly excited or overprotective on seeing strangers and begin lunging or running madly. Similarly, some dogs are just not sweet enough to walk on a leash – especially foster dogs.

So what should you do as an owner of a leash reactive dog? Quit the idea of walking with your canine friend so you don’t have to see his aggressiveness. We are afraid to say that doing so will do more harm than good since this will encourage your dog’s bad behavior even further. Resultantly, his undesirable habits like chewing, mouthing, digging, and biting will get out of control and you’d end up dropping him in a shelter.

So, if you don’t want to do this in the near future, it’s better to get a prong dog collar now. Prong collars or pinch collars have metal links that when squeezed, apply equal amounts of pressure, and a slight pricking sensation all around the dog’s neck. On the other hand, if you use flat collars, they will apply pressure at only a certain spot which might make your dog feel choked.



Best for Small Dogs

Supet Dog Prong Collar

  • Color: Metallic
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Best for Large Dog

Herm Sprenger Prong Dog Collar

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Metal

Best Choke Collar

Aheasoun Prong Dog Collar

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Best Overall

Generic Prong Dog Collar

  • Color: Mettalic
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Lightweight Prong Collar

Mayerzone Prong Dog Collar

  • Color:Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Rubber

Best for Aggressive Dogs

Hamilton C3200 Training Collar

  • Color: Mettalic
  • Material: Metal

Best for Light Collection

Coastal Pet Prong Dog Collar

  • Color: Black/Chrome
  • Material: Alloy Steel

Best Valued

OSPet Dog Prong Collar

  • Color: Leash
  • Material: Stainless Steel

That’s why prong dog collars are considered one of the best dog training tools which make him understand how to walk smoothly on the leash and correct bad behaviors. However, you need to get only the top-quality prong collars, otherwise, the low-grade ones may pinch or puncture your dog’s skin.

Best Prong Dog Collars – Top Rated List

We have reviewed some industry-leading options and made a list of top-eight products for our readers. So, just dive into the article and drag out the best prong dog collar to make your canine friend behave like a gentleman – or we should say a gentle dog. Whatever, let’s begin!

1. Supet Dog Prong Collar

best prong collars

If you are looking for a prong collar for your pup’s sensitive skin, this is the option you should consider. Its stainless steel prongs have rounded ends covered with rubber caps so only a very gentle pressure and pinching sensation is applied to your puppy’s neck, without damaging his skin or choking his airway.

Plus, the entire chain is chromium plated which makes this collar resistant to weather damages and last several decades. This Supet dog prong collar can be adjusted to any size between 14″-20″, as per the neck circumference, by removing or adding the links.

For easy on and off, a quick-release buckle is added which works super smoothly. The strap is of nylon fabric which is not only ultra-durable but also breathable. It discards not only the risk of accidental release but also of friction burns. 

Dog Prong Collar


  •       Stainless steel, chromium plated chain
  •       Snap-release buckle
  •       Adjustable size
  •       Nylon strap with metal D-ring
  •       Rounded, rubber-capped prongs


  •  This prong collar works by making your dog only a little uncomfortable – not hurt or wounded which makes this collar the most humane option.
  • At such a moderate price point, you are getting advanced features like double leash rings and a safety lock.
  • It’s rust-proof due to being chrome plated


  • The plastic buckle is not much durable

Although the size of this prong collar is adjustable, we still won’t recommend it for larger pooches since they can yank the plastic buckle in a breath. However, when it comes to correcting the bad behaviour of small dogs, you won’t find any better prong collar out there.

Supet Dog Prong Collar

The price of “Supet Dog Prong Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Herm Sprenger Prong Dog Collar

best prong collars

The leash reactivity of large dogs is tougher to correct and that’s why many dog owners make a mistake here by getting a too cruel pinch collar which ends up making their pets depressed and injured. Remember that safety comes first and that’s why we added this herm Sprenger prong dog collar to our list.

Unlike the previous product, its prongs don’t come with rubber caps which induces a bit more pain for a deeper correction. However, the prong edges are blunt so they won’t dig into your dog’s skin. Besides, the chain is made up of high-grade German stainless steel which can endure rigorous wear & tear, without getting corroded. Based on your dog’s neck and weight, you can order one of the four available collar sizes (from 16″-25″).

Dog Collar


●      Made up of German chromium plated stainless steel

●      HS scissors snap release fastening

●      Removable, symmetrical, and blunt links

●      Solid fastener plate

●      Adjustable size and weight


●      Blunted ends prevent cuts but since they are not rubber capped, they cause a natural yet more prominent biting sensation

●      The collar is well-made and sturdy which no dog can chew out

●      Due to being waterproof, the collar can be used to correct behaviour during outdoor activities like snowboarding or swimming without sacrificing its quality


●      Long prongs may get caught in the long hair of a dog’s coat

We like how the manufacturer has added links in the most perfect symmetry so the sensation could be felt all around the neck evenly. The only problem is the snap release closure with which you have to pull the collar on and off – a thing that’s difficult to do with aggressive dogs.

Herm Sprenger Prong Dog Collar

The price of “Herm Sprenger Prong Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Aheasoun Prong Dog Collar

best prong collars

This 2-in-1 Aheasoun dog collar works as both a choker and a prong collar. However, you don’t need to be scared by the word choker since this collar works by applying pressure only on the sides of your furry friend’s neck – not on the windpipe or oesophagus. Given this, it’s probably the safest choke collar you may ever find.

As a pinch collar, it features chrome-plated, steel prongs that are not only blunt but also rubber-capped. Due to this dual nature, you can use this collar to train a wide variety of dogs – from cute, little Labrador to huge, furious German shepherds. The entire chain is metallic, including the D-ring which guarantees a secure leash connection. Also, the metal diameter is around 0.16″ which makes it the most relentless collar no dog could ever break.

Prong Collar for Dogs


●      2-in-1 collar

●      Pull-on closure

●      High-grade steel construction

●      23.6″ Collar size

●      Rubber-capped prongs


●      The smooth rubber caps don’t irritate the soft fur of your pup nor does it tangle with the long hair

●      Due to its versatile built, it can be used for both lenient and strict correction

●      A patented centre plate prevents the collar to rotate so you don’t have to adjust it over and over again


●      Removing or adding links is quite difficult

Besides having an impressive build quality, this collar also offers great room for customization since its size can be adjusted up to 23″. However, we found removing and adding the links a little problematic. Still, it’s an ideal choice for all those who are searching for a choke collar to correct their dog’s leash-pulling behaviour.

Aheasoun Prong Dog Collar

The price of “Aheasoun Prong Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Generic Prong Dog Collar

Generic Prong Dog Collar

Looking for a prong collar with all the desirable features, like a snug fit, ultra-sturdy build, secure & easy leash attachment, and quick-release buckle system? If so then this product might end your search since it offers almost everything a dog owner wants. With this generic Prong Dog collar, you’d get the durability of traditional German prong collars whereas the flexibility of the modern martingale collars.

It features a quick-release metal buckle which makes it super easy for you to take the collar on and off. Also, the centre plate guarantees the fixed position of prongs around your dog’s neck so he’d feel even pressure from all the sides. The collar is long enough to snug perfectly around a dog’s neck of up to 19″, without staggering him. Two large O-rings are added to both the active and dead links for easy leash attachment.

Dog Training Collar


●      Quick-release buckle

●      Nine, removable blunt prong links

●      Chrome plated, stainless steel build

●      Two O-rings for secure and easy leash connection


●      Despite having such incredible built quality, it’s quite lightweight

●      The directional prongs apply even pressure, making this collar a humane training tool

●      Wearing on and off the prong collar can’t be easier


●      The leather part is chewable 

Since it’s a lightweight prong collar, it’s undoubtedly not a good option to train strong dogs. Also, the blunt bare ends might be a little harsh for your pup’s soft coat. However, if you cover the end of the prongs with rubber tips, you can use this collar for endless leash training of your small to medium-sized dog, without stressing over his mental health or the collar’s service life. 

Generic Prong Dog Collar

The price of “Generic Prong Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Mayerzone Prong Dog Collar

best prong collars

Ask a dog trainer about the worst prong dog collars and the very first thing he’d say is the one having a heavy build. Yes, some people think that the heavier the collar is, the sturdier it will be but that’s wrong. This Mayerzone prong collar is made up of industrial-grade alloy steel which can not only sustain the roughest wear and tear but at the same time, is featherlight.

We are really a fan of its attractive design as it features an all-black body with numerous rubber-covered prongs, added symmetrically and evenly. Resultantly, all the prongs combine to mimic the pressure the mama-dog applies with her teeth to train her kids. In this way, your dog won’t feel anxious about having a metallic collar around his delicate neck and still will understand the lesson.

Dog Collar


●      Buckle & snap closure

●      Smooth prongs with rubber caps

●      Adjustable size

●      2 cast D-rings to attach the leash

●      Nylon loop to keep the links intact


●      Rubber caps are removable for a deeper correction

●      The nylon loop covers the prongs, making them more presentable

●      The dog feels discomfort only on pulling the leash so you can put it on even all day long


●      Rubber guards may fall off

With a smooth and quick buckle & snap closure, your dog won’t even resist wearing it around his neck. On the other hand, pull dog collars may lead to fatal injuries and anxiety – another reason why this prong collar is on our list. All in all, our team found this collar a good choice for the basic training of small to medium-sized pooches.

Mayerzone Prong Dog Collar

The price of “Mayerzone Prong Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Hamilton C3200 Training Collar

best prong collars

This Hamilton C3200 is best for the aggressive dogs who are giving you a tough time mending their ways or the ones having thicker coats like bulldogs or pitbull. It features uncapped and pointed prongs which will bite your dog’s skin slightly to induce pain. This, in turn, will stop him from pulling or doing anything you don’t approve of.

Don’t worry because even though the prongs are not capped, they are smoothed. In other words, there’s no sharp or spiky edge which could dig into your dog’s flesh. The design of this prong collar is also quite interesting as it consists of two chains; one having prongs and one having smooth circular rings. You attach the leash to the circular chain and when the dog pulls the leash, the prong collar gets even tighter around his neck.

best prong collars for dogs


●      Nine, uncapped yet smoothed prongs

●      Adjustable weight and size

●      Detachable prongs and links

●      Sturdy metallic construction

●      Pull-on closure


●      The prongs don’t induce pain unless your dog pulls the leash

●      The circular chain and prong collar work proportionally to each other so you don’t need to apply much force to stop your dog


●      If not assembled correctly, the links may fall off

Since there’s no buckle closure, taking it on and off your pet is not something easy. However, if used correctly, this pinch collar delivers promising results in a few days.

Hamilton C3200 Training Collar

The price of “Hamilton C3200 Training Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Coastal Pet Prong Dog Collar

best prong collars

Looking for a lasting prong collar for fine-tuning? If so, then you should give this coastal pet prong collar a try. It features chrome-plated, argon-welded links that can endure massive pull from your aggressive dogs. Although it doesn’t have a quick-release closure, you’d still find a plastic buckle which works by loosening the nylon strap.

Once loosened enough, you can pull the collar up your dog’s head, without brushing bare prongs with his skin. The collar is 22-inches long but since the links are removable, you can adjust the size as per your needs. Another good thing is the links are quite easy to remove and add which makes size customization almost hassle-free. The fabric part also adds further to the overall safety and comfort.

Prong dog collar


●      22-inches long collar

●      Chrome plated alloy steel

●      Plastic buckle for convenient removal

●      Adjustable size with removable links

●      Metallic D-ring for strong leash connection


●      Even though the buckle is of plastic, it’s quite strong, imparting the strongest clasp

●      Despite being uncovered, prongs give off a surface pinching sensation – not intense bites

●      The collar strap doesn’t rub off to change your dog’s fur colour


●      It might be a little brittle for powerful dogs

Although the package comes with a collar featuring naked prongs, you can buy rubber caps to use this collar on small pups too. Otherwise, this pinch collar may be a bit too harsh for him. Overall, it’s a good option for light correction.

Coastal Pet Prong Dog Collar

The price of “Coastal Pet Prong Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

8. OSPet Dog Prong Collar

Prong Dog Collar

The last prong collar on our list is for medium to large-sized dogs and offers several unique features. For example, unlike other collars, it comes with detachable prongs, so on removing the link, the prong density would remain constant – and so does the pinching sensation.

Also, you get a special leash along with the collar which is made up of ½” thick traction rope. Not only this but the leash handle is well-padded so you won’t end up with rope burns. To make this collar easy to use, a quick-release metal buckle is there, anchored to a centred nylon strap. This strap keeps the collar fixed to its position around your dog’s neck, without choking him.


●      24-inches collar size

●      Heavy-duty stainless steel

●      Detachable links and prongs

●      Quick-release metal buckle

●      Nylon strap and covered prongs

●      Leash included


●      It’s the best-valued prong collar given the quality and offered the leash

●      The comfortable strap and gentle prongs keep the dog calm and happy

●      It’s perfect for angry pooches who don’t like something pulling on or off their heads


●      Size is not suitable for small dogs

From built quality to link size to metal diameter, almost everything about this prong collar is exceptional. The only thing which we think should improve is the quality of rubber tips as they fall off way too easily.

OSPet Dog Prong Collar

The price of “OSPet Dog Prong Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

Buying Guide –  Choosing the Best Prong Collar for Dogs

By now, you’ve read about all the best prong collars on the market but since all of them are considered the ultimate best, selecting one option, out of eight, might be confusing. So just consider the following factors to define your preferences and narrow down your search


Generally, two types of prongs are added to the prong collars; rubber capped prongs and bare prongs. If your dog is too aggressive with thick skin, you may go with the collar with bare prongs. However, if you have a small, less aggressive pup to train, a collar with rubber-finished prongs will do the job well, without hurting him.

Link Size

Three different link sizes are offered in prong collars; small, medium, and large. Collars with large links are more durable but offer less correction. On the other hand, collars with small links are thinner (not as durable as thick collars) but they offer the deepest level of correction. Whereas, a collar with medium link size comes with a perfect balance of durability and correction offered and that’s why considered better than the other two sizes.

Dead Rings and Live Rings

The leash is attached to either dead rings or live rings based on the dog’s response to training. During the initial training sessions, the leash is attached to dead rings which don’t apply too much pressure on your dog’s neck.

However, if your dog doesn’t respond well and maintains his aggressive demeanour, the leash is attached to live rings and he feels more pressure on the throat, resulting in deeper correction. So, based on your dog’s demeanour, you may get a collar with more dead rings or live rings.

Diameter of the Metal

The diameter of the metal dictates how sturdy the prong collar is. For instance, a thick collar with high metal diameter will be sturdier than the thin one having less metal diameter. So, go for the one as per your dog’s strength, jaw size, and aggressiveness.


The buckle is the part of the collar which endures most of the pressure when a dog lunges the leash. Therefore, make sure it’s durable enough to sustain the rigorous training.


Should You Keep the Prong Dog Collar Fastened to Your Dog at All Times?

No! A prong collar is solely a training tool which should be on only during the training session. Even if you have a rubber-finished prong collar, it should be taken off after training to prevent friction burns. 

Can a Prong Dog Collar Cause Depression in My Dog?

Yes! Prong dog collars may cause depression to your dog but only if you’d keep the collar fastened to him all the time. Similarly, conducting long training sessions may also induce depression.


Whether it’s potty training or making your dog walk on the leash, correcting the bad behaviour of a creature, who doesn’t understand your language, has never been an easy job. Still, having the best prong collar can simplify and accelerate the whole process.

And that’s why we, after days of researching and reviewing, plucked out the top-notch products. We hope the information we provided here would have helped you, somehow, to turn your dog into an actual canine friend.

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