7 Best Waterproof Dog Collars in 2023

Best Waterproof Dog Collar

Some dogs love to stay warm and dry, and then there are those crazy water enthusiasts who can’t resist muddy puddles and dancing sprinklers, at any cost!

If you are a parent of such a soggy doggie, you must know the struggle of keeping them and their collars clean. Although your dog will be all clean after a warm bath, his collar won’t.

Removing dirt and odor from all the nooks and crannies of a regular dog collar is nearly impossible, and that’s why manufacturers introduced waterproof dog collars.

These collars never let the water, dirt, and odor penetrate them, which, in turn, keeps them as fresh as new. Don’t worry about the service life since the best waterproof collars can last decades, without fraying or ripping apart.

So, today, we will discuss the best waterproof dog collars here. Keep reading so your pooch won’t have to pay any fusty penalty for fueling his innocent desires.



Best Visibility

NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars


Size: Large
Material: Polyester

Most Enduring

Tuff Pupper Classic Waterproof Dog Collar


Size: Small
Material: Nylon

Most Economical

CollarDirect Adjustable Waterproof Dog Collar


Size: X- Large
Material: Nylon

Best Collar For Winters

Regal Dog Waterproof Dog Collar


Size: Medium
Material: Plastic

Best Collar For Summers

Remington Waterproof Hound Dog Collar


Size: Small
Material: Metal

Best For Sensitive Dogs

Bond Durable Waterproof Dog Collar


Size: Medium
Material: Metal, Rubber

Least Maintenance

Regal Waterproof Dog Collar


Size: Medium
Material: Vinyl, Silicone, Leather

Our Top Picks of the Best Waterproof Dog Collars

According to experts, the best waterproof collar is the one having high odor-resistant capabilities, incredible break strength, and a wipe-clean feature.

Given these attributes, we have shortlisted seven waterproof dog collars. So dive into the list and fish out with the collar that meets your needs and budget.

1. NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars

best waterproof dog collar

The first collar on our list is for the dogs who are crazy pullers, as this well-constructed waterproof collar can withstand a pull force of around 750 lbs.

PVC coating over polyester webbing doesn’t let the water and odor penetrate the deeper layers, even when drenched fully in mud.

This, in turn, makes it smell-proof and dirt-proof. Just wipe this PVC-coated collar with a damp cloth and get rid of all the stains at once.

best waterproof dog collars

With an adjustable buckle, you can change the collar size as your dog grows bigger. Even though the double buckle hardware is made of plastic, it holds enough strength to withstand fierce chewing, pulling, and clawing.

And the focal point is yet to come; the collar features a long reflective strip that runs throughout the collar length. This wide cloth strip makes your dog highly visible even during the darkest nighttime walks.


  • Size: Three sizes
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Multiple colors
  • Closure system: Snap buckle
  • Loops: D ring


  • The collar feels very lightweight and soft around your dog’s neck.
  • It’s cold resistant, making it perfect to use in all weather conditions.


  • The collar may bleed on your dog’s fur.

NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars

The price of “NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Tuff Pupper Classic Waterproof Dog Collar

waterproof dog collars

Looking for a waterproof collar with a lifetime guarantee? If so, then this is the collar you should give a try.

It is made up of fray & rip-proof polymer weave with leather grain style, which imparts both the impressive service life and the epitome of aesthetics.

water resistant dog collars

Being 100% water and snowproof, the Tuff Pupper collars never sog, stink or show a breakdown ever – even after staying submerged in water for the entire night.

Further design and service appeal are added by its rust-proof brass alloy hardware, which is too strong to break even for your super energetic canine.

It’s, undoubtedly, the classiest and most enduring collar for dogs who are allergic to original leather.


  • Size: Four different sizes
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Multiple options
  • Closure system: Belt buckle
  • Loops: D ring


  • The collar doesn’t create hot spots.
  • The collar is unchewable and can handle large dogs, even a 100lb germanshepherd, without showing any signs of wear.


  • A matching dog’s leash is sold separately.

Tuff Pupper Classic Waterproof Dog Collar

The price of “Tuff Pupper Classic Waterproof Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

3. CollarDirect Adjustable Waterproof Dog Collar

waterproof collar for dogs

If you want a safe and effective waterproof collar that won’t be heavy on your pocket, you should have a look at this product.

This collar is specially designed for outdoor activities like hiking, walking, running, and training in the toughest conditions, without compromising on your dog’s comfort.

cute waterproof dog collars

For this purpose, the collar is made up of PVC-coated nylon webbing, which is stink-proof, breathable, and fade-proof.

The quick-release buckle is made of environmentally safe plastic, whereas the D ring is carbon plated, making it safe for both your pooch and the ecosystem.

The only downside is that cleaning this collar is a bit effort-consuming, but still, it’s washable, and considering the price & features provided, it’s still a hot deal to consider!


  • Size: Four sizes
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Five colors
  • Closure system: Quick-release buckle
  • Loops: D ring


  • The quick-release buckle comes with secure locking, which prevents accidental release.
  • The color doesn’t fade over time.


  • The collar may become loose after some time, requiring readjustment.

CollarDirect Adjustable Waterproof Dog Collar

The price of “CollarDirect Adjustable Waterproof Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Regal Dog Waterproof Dog Collar

This Regal dog collar is best for people who live in cold regions and want a waterproof collar for their canine, which doesn’t get stiff at low temperatures.

It is made of biothane plastic, which remains flexible, cleanable, and incredibly soft at up to -20 degrees. Isn’t it amazing?

Besides, the vast variety of its bright-to-warm color options is also a magnate to many customers.

best waterproof dog leash

To make this collar safer for your active dogs, it comes with a center ring. This center ring prevents strangulation by ensuring that your dog rolls out of the collar when it gets stuck into bushes or any other object.

With its sturdy and corrosion-proof nickel-plated metal hardware, it makes this collar a deal, hard to resist.


  • Size: Three sizes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Eight colors
  • Closure system: Belt buckle
  • Loops: D ring and center ring


  • The double buckle provides double secure fastening.
  • The smooth leather-like material doesn’t pull the hair.


  • Your canine might chew it out if he’s an enthusiastic chewer.

Regal Dog Waterproof Dog Collar

The price of “Regal Dog Waterproof Dog Collar ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Remington Waterproof Hound Dog Collar

easy clean dog collar

While searching for the best waterproof dog collar for summer, you should not only consider its water resistance powers but also its resistance to sweat and body oil.

And that’s the very reason why this Remington collar is part of our list. This collar is developed for serious hunter and hiker dogs.

dog collars waterproof

And for this purpose, premium-grade polyester is used in construction that not only resists water and all the other liquids astonishingly but also doesn’t get heavy after soaking them – even after hours of use.

The center ring design adds more to the safety aspect, making it a perfect off-leash training collar.

Besides, you can use the same ring to quickly attach and detach the leash without turning the entire collar around.


  • Size: Four different sizes
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Two colors
  • Closure system: Belt buckle
  • Loops: Center ring and loop for id tag


  • The bright colors make your dog visible and spot-able during daytime strolls.
  • Some customers confirm that the collar looks new even after two years.


  • It might be too big for small dogs.

Remington Waterproof Hound Dog Collar

The price of “Remington Waterproof Hound Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Bond Durable Waterproof Dog Collar

water proof dog collars

Some pooches possess such smooth skin that they get abrasion, even due to rubbing against stitching lines and rivets. If you are an owner of one such sensitive dog, this is the waterproof collar you should purchase.

The collar features a seamless design, with zero stitches and rivets, so your dog will feel super comfortable wearing it.

Don’t worry about the disintegrating edges since all the sides and edges are smoothened via heat cut.

dog collar waterproof

Since the collar is made of rubber, it doesn’t prick or catch fur and feels super soft. It’s washable, you can wash all the dirt out, with water and dishwashing soap to make it look brand new!


  • Size: Five sizes
  • Material: Metal & Rubber
  • Color: Eight different colors
  • Closure system: Belt buckle
  • Loops: D ring


  • The company offers a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects.


  • Due to zero padding, this collar is not a great option for leash training.

Bond Durable Waterproof Dog Collar

The price of “Bond Durable Waterproof Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Regal Waterproof Dog Collar

waterproof collars for dogs

The last product on our list is also from the Regal brand, but this one is vinyl coated and doesn’t come with a safety ring. Still, it’s safe to use and doesn’t harden in cold temperatures.

The interesting thing here is that its tensile strength doesn’t decline, even when max force tension is applied, under unfavorable conditions.

Since the manufacturer used biothane material, the collar requires the least or no maintenance.

It possesses incredible odor resistance, even if your fido jumps into a puddle of dead skunks, the collar won’t smell bad.

The best part of this collar is its cut to fit adjustable sizes. This special design is a life savior for all those pet parents who don’t know the exact size of their dogs.


  • Size: Three sizes
  • Material: Vinyl, Rubber
  • Color: Nine different colors
  • Closure system: Belt buckle
  • Loops: D ring


  • The brand also offers waterproof leashes for on-leash training.
  • The edges don’t fray on trimming.


  • It might be too small for giant breeds.

Regal Waterproof Dog Collar

The price of “Regal Waterproof Dog Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Waterproof Dog Collar

Here’s a list of factors worth considering before buying waterproof dog collars.

Size and Width

Waterproof collars are available in a wide range of sizes, from collars specialized for giant breeds to puppy collars. So, measure for the dog collar accurately so it won’t be too tight or too loose.

For a growing pup, the best dog collar is the one featuring adjustable straps. Likewise, the collar width also plays a vital role in making the whole experience comfortable.

For small dogs, get collars narrower than 1″, whereas for giant dogs, get at least 1-2 inches wide collars.


Waterproof collars are mostly made of biothane or neoprene. Neoprene is the same material with which your bathing suits are made and is quite durable, comfortable, and dries quickly.

Since it feels softer than Biothane, it is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin and long, dense fur.

On the other hand, Biothane is a 100% waterproof material that doesn’t absorb water, nor smell bad.

Even though Biotene collars are also flexible and sturdy, they give off a plastic feel which sometimes proves a deal breaker to fashion-conscious people.


To ensure your dog’s safety, make sure the collar features a reflective strip. Besides waterproof reflective collars, LED collars are also a great option to ensure your pup’s safety.


Waterproof dog collars not only ensure your dog’s hygiene and cleanliness but also protect your pooch from disease-causing bacteria, which mostly grow in moist places.

In addition to this, waterproof collars are considered safer than tactical collars as they don’t collect or matte the fur underneath.

So even if your pooch is not a pluviophile, keeping at least one waterproof dog collar in your cabinet is essential for all those water-splashing days!

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