Fi Series 3 vs. Halo 3 Dog Collar – Complete Video Guide

halo vs fi collar

Choosing between the Fi Series 3 and Halo 3 dog collar can be tricky, as both are top choices for dog owners. I’ve used both collars on my dogs and am here to share my insights. This comparison looks at safety, features, cost, and how each collar works.

Both collars are great but serve different purposes. The Fi collar is budget-friendly with good GPS tracking, while the Halo collar excels with its gps dog fence feature.

Let’s dive into the details in this video, or check out the quick summary below for an overview.

Quick Recap of the Video

We’re diving into a head-to-head comparison of the Fi Series 3 and Halo 3rd generation collars. Both are in their third iteration, showing they’re seasoned players in the smart collar market. 

Design and Charging

halo vs fi collar

When it comes to design, the Fi Series 3 looks just like a regular dog collar, with its tech housed in a small, discrete module. It’s lightweight and easy to charge on a simple base. The Halo 3, in contrast, is bulkier and heavier but comes with customizable covers for a bit of flair. Both use magnetic charging, though their physical builds and charging methods differ slightly.

how to  charge halo collar

The Fi collar is praised for its strong metal clasps and durable material, fitting any dog comfortably. While Halo’s Perfect Fit system allows precise adjustment for your dog’s neck size, ensuring a snug fit without being too tight.

Subscription Services

Subscription plans for both collars are necessary to unlock all features. Fi’s plans are more complex, offering basic and premium tiers with different durations. Halo’s plans also vary, providing different levels of service based on your needs.

Real-time Testing

fi collar testing

We tested both collars outdoors for GPS accuracy and boundary alerts. The Fi struggled to alert when outside the safe zone in my yard but was quick and accurate during the lost dog test. Halo demonstrated precise and immediate feedback when crossing boundary lines, with clear notifications and a robust tracking system.

halo 3 testing

App Features and Battery Life

Both apps offer comprehensive tracking and health monitoring features, though Fi extends activity tracking with detailed reports. 

Halo’s app integrates training guides and has a beacon feature for additional utility. Battery life is where Fi shines, lasting up to 3 months, while Halo is designed for about 24 hours of use, depending on activity.

Choosing between the Fi Series 3 and Halo 3 depends on your specific needs. For basic, reliable tracking, Fi offers an affordable and durable option. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution with containment, correction, and precise tracking, Halo 3 is unparalleled. 

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