Fi Series 3 vs. SpotOn Collar – Complete Video Review

fi 3 vs spot on collar

In today’s world, keeping our dogs safe is easier with smart collars. Two popular choices are Fi and SpotOn. Fi is known for its strong GPS tracking and long-lasting battery, perfect for everyday. SpotOn is famous for its gps dog fence feature, which helps keep your pet safely inside a set area. Both offer great ways to watch over your dog but in different ways.

Check out our video review on Fi Series 3 vs SpotOn collars for a closer look at what each offers, or read the quick summary below for the highlights.

Quick Highlights

We’re diving into a quick comparison between the Fi Series 3 and the SpotOn collar. With a significant price gap between the two, we aim to help you make an informed decision based on their features, design, and performance.

Design Differences

Fi 3 collar review

The Fi Series 3 resembles a standard dog collar, sleek and hardly noticeable, while the SpotOn is bulkier due to its integrated tech. Despite their physical differences, both offer reliable attachment without slipping, even during active play.

spoton collar review

Tracking Accuracy

Both collars boast precise real-time location tracking. SpotOn extends its capabilities with containment features, while Fi focuses on tracking. SpotOn uses numerous satellites for enhanced GPS accuracy, and Fi supports cell and Wi-Fi backup, ensuring coverage even with weak signals.

Off-grid and Virtual Fences

SpotOn introduces an off-grid mode, allowing the creation of virtual fences without coverage. Fi’s virtual fence alerts you when your pet leaves a designated area but isn’t designed for containment like SpotOn’s, which actively works to keep your pet within set boundaries.

Battery Life and App Functionality

Battery performance varies, with SpotOn offering around 20-22 hours and Fi claiming up to 3 months, though real-world use may reduce these figures. Each collar’s app provides a wealth of features, from social networking and fitness tracking with Fi to customizable alerts and containment options with SpotOn.

Subscription Services

Subscriptions differ significantly, with SpotOn providing a more cost-effective plan compared to Fi’s pricier options. Both services require a subscription for full feature access, but the choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

fi collar subscription

Your decision should be guided by your pet’s behavior, your lifestyle, and your budget. The Spoton does not have the activity and health tracking features that the Five series 3 offers!

Consider whether your priority is tracking, containment, or health and activity monitoring when choosing between these two excellent options.

Both the Fi Series 3 and SpotOn collar have their merits, depending on what you’re looking for in a pet tracker. While I’ve shared my insights, the final choice depends on your unique requirements.

Have a great time exploring the best options for your furry friend!

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