13 Best Dog Breeds for Single Men

best dogs for single men

If you’re a single man looking for companionship, a dog might be exactly what you need. And the good news is there are plenty of dog breeds to choose from, whether you choose a shelter dog or a purebred. It’s important that you do your research before adopting, however, and that’s where we can help. 

Whether you’re looking for companionship, protection, or a combination of both, there are so many pups that are just waiting to offer you unconditional love.

You want to make sure you choose a dog that will fit in with your unique lifestyle. Your job, your activity level, and your home all come into play here. Some dog breeds are prone to separation anxiety and don’t do well left on their own. Others are independent and don’t mind being alone for a bit. 

Best Dog for Single Man

It’s hard to narrow the list down when there are so many different dog breeds that will thrive in any environment, but we managed to choose a few.

Let’s take a look at the top dogs out there for men choosing to live a single life! Whether you choose a shelter dog or head to a breeder, you have plenty of options.

1. Golden Retriever

best dog breeds for single guys
HEIGHT21.5″ to 24″
WEIGHT55 to 75 pounds
LIFE SPAN10 to 12 years

Anyone who has ever owned a Golden Retriever can tell you, without a doubt, that it’s one of the sweetest, most loyal dogs out there. My parents had one, and it was one of my favorite dogs ever.

Golden Retrievers have an amazing temperament, and while they’re not the best guard dogs — seriously, they love everyone too much — they will bark to let you know if something is off. 

Golden Retrievers are also great family dogs, too, if you’re looking to start one in the next few years. They love and look after children and are eager to please their owners. You can have this dog breed in an apartment or home with a backyard.

2. Boxer

dog breeds for men
HEIGHT21.5″ to 25″
WEIGHT50 to 80 pounds
LIFE SPAN10 to 12 years

The Boxer dog makes a great family pet for multiple reasons. It’s a goofy character but with an amazing temperament. This dog breed is also an excellent companion for single men. This pup will follow you around and be your best bed, and cuddle up with you on the couch at night while you watch TV or play video games.

Boxers tend to be very charismatic, and they win people over in a heartbeat. They’re also quite energetic and need exercise to wear off that excess energy. That said, they do thrive in apartments and houses alike. And did you know there are several types of Boxer Dogs?

3. Labrador Retriever

best dog breeds for men
HEIGHT21.5″ to 24.5″ 
WEIGHT55 to 80 pounds
LIFE SPAN11 to 13 years

The mighty, trusty Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and for a good reason. Not only is it an affectionate dog that makes a wonderful companion no matter what your lifestyle is, but they’re also very low maintenance, which is great if you work outside the home.

That’s not to say the Labrador Retriever is a lazy dog, though it can be at times. They do have an abundance of energy and often get a case of the zoomies if they don’t get enough exercise, but it’s quite fun to watch.

Labradors are great protectors, too; they will alert you to anyone — or anything — suspicious, but they are also excellent with other dogs and animals.

4. Australian Cattle Dog

best dog breeds for single men
HEIGHT17″ to 20″
WEIGHT30 to 50 pounds
LIFE SPAN12 to 16 years

The Australian Cattle Dog is a working dog, so it’s a bit different than the few we’ve mentioned up until now. It does need a job to do, so if you have a ranch or a farm or the time to participate in agility training, that would be best for this breed.

Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely intelligent and often work to outsmart their owners, so this is just something to be aware of. It’s best if you have experience with this dog breed.

I wouldn’t recommend this dog breed for small apartments, simply for their energy needs. However, these pups don’t need a ton of space if you are able to take them out for daily walks or to the dog park, where they can run around and exhaust themselves. That said, the Australian Cattle Dog does make a great companion.

5. German Shepherd

best dogs for men
HEIGHT22″ to 26″
WEIGHT50 to 90 pounds
LIFE SPAN7 to 10 years

Single men seeking a tough-looking dog to serve as a deterrent against intruders could benefit from having a German Shepherd around. This pup is well known for its guarding tendencies and has been mislabeled as aggressive because of its penchant for tracking down criminals in police work.

However, proper training and socialization will go a long way for your German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is truly a loving dog. They bond closely with their people, males and females alike. They are great comfort animals, often used in therapy and in search-and-rescue missions. Read on to learn more about the dog breed and the different types of German Shepherds.

6. Border Collie

best dog for single man
HEIGHT18″ to 22″
WEIGHT30 to 55 pounds
LIFE SPAN12 to 15 years

The Border Collie is another dog breed that needs to be involved in some type of activities in order to satisfy its high energy needs. It’s also one that I recommend you have some experience in handling, but they’re intelligent and easy to train

Border Collies are fun-loving dogs that enjoy being around their owners and other dogs, though as herders, they will try to keep all of you in line. Don’t be surprised if they nip at your heels occasionally — they’re just doing their job. Border Collies come alive when given space to run and love to play games.

7. Huskies

best dogs for men
HEIGHT20″ to 23.5″
WEIGHT35 to 60 pounds
LIFE SPAN12 to 14 years

Huskies are truly gorgeous dogs that attract a lot of attention. They also have a high energy level, considering they’re working dogs originally bred to pull sleds.

One really quirky thing about this dog breed is that Huskies love to sing. They howl and serenade you, and that can be quite bothersome to neighbors if you live in an apartment.

Huskies are high maintenance in many areas, but not in terms of grooming. A simple brushing a few times a week can minimize shedding, though you can expect to sweep or vacuum daily during shedding season.

Huskies are also sweet dogs that really bond closely with their owner. You can take a deeper look at the breed and examine the different types of Huskies!

8. Doberman

best dog for single man no shedding
HEIGHT24″ to 28″
WEIGHT60 to 100 pounds
LIFE SPAN10 to 12 years

At first glance, the Doberman Pinscher looks intimidating in appearance, and movies and television tend to portray the breed this way, too. However, they are so sweet and loving and very clingy. Dobermans are known to be Velcro dogs because they want to be with you all the time and will demand your attention.

They are also very sensitive souls that are prone to separation anxiety, so if you’re always working outside the home or traveling, this dog breed likely isn’t the one for you.

Dobermans are also very protective of their families, and that goes even if you’re single. They will protect the house and person equally and won’t back down from a challenge, including real threats. They have short hair that doesn’t require much grooming, just an occasional bath here and there when needed.

9. Bernese Mountain Dog

dogs for men
HEIGHT23″ to 27.5″
WEIGHT70 to 115 pounds
LIFE SPAN7 to 10 years

One of the Mountain dog breeds, the Bernese Mountain dog, is a larger dog that will take up some space, but it’s a stunning beauty of a pup. They are big and powerful, built to work, and were bred as guard dogs to flocks.

However, they are gentle giants with such a sweet and affectionate nature that makes them a great companion for single people living a single lifestyle.

One of the downfalls of the dog breed is that they are one of the shortest-living ones, living an average of 6 to 8 years, though some have lived as long as 10. One even lived to be 15!

10. Great Dane

best dog breeds for bachelors
HEIGHT28″ to 32″
WEIGHT110 to 175 pounds
LIFE SPAN7 to 10 years

The Great Dane is one of the biggest dogs out there. However, these dogs are gentle giants because they truly just want to love on you and cause no harm. But don’t tell would-be intruders that — this dog’s size is enough of a deterrent on its own. It looks like a small horse.

Great Danes are well known for being goofy and fun-loving, and they love to romp around in short spurts, which, given the fact that they’re larger dogs, can be a bit scary — until you realize they’re not even graceful!

Early training is key with the Great Dane due to its sheer size. With a smaller dog, it’s easy to control on a leash, but the last thing you want is your 175-pound Great Dane walking you!

11. English Bulldog

dog for single man
HEIGHT14″ to 15″
WEIGHT40 to 50 pounds
LIFE SPAN8 to 10 years

The English Bulldog is another of my favorites on this list, even though it’s a smaller dog, because of its unique look. The underbite and lazy sit always get me. Plus, have you ever seen one ride a skateboard? That right there sets the English Bulldog apart from all the rest.

One thing to look out for in the English Bulldog is the fact that it has brachycephalic syndrome (flat face), so this dog breed is prone to more health issues.

Be careful not to overexert it in the heat and watch for warning signs of obesity because they are more than content to just laze about — when they’re not looking like Joe Cool on a daily skate. That makes them low maintenance, which is perfect for a single lifestyle.

12. Pitbull

best dog breed for single guy
HEIGHT18″ to 21″
WEIGHT30 to 60 pounds
LIFE SPAN8 to 15 years

The Pitbull is another dog breed that has wrongfully been slapped with the aggressive label. While it’s true that they do have a strong prey drive and a history in dog fighting, it’s all about how you raise them.

Pitbulls who are raised in a loving home with affection and proper socialization will turn out to be amazing family pets, and I consider them one of the best dog breeds. They’re also an extremely loyal dog.

Pitbulls are very protective and sometimes just the breed itself is enough to be a deterrent. Yet, they’re extremely loving dogs who are big babies and want to melt into your lap. They can be prone to health concerns, particularly by disreputable backyard breeders, so always do your research before you adopt one. 

13. French Bulldog

best dogs for bachelors
HEIGHT11″ to 13″
WEIGHTLess than 28 pounds
LIFE SPAN10 to 12 years

Who doesn’t love a French bulldog, a.k .a. the Frenchie? French Bulldogs have amazing temperaments and huge smiles that greet you every time. The French Bulldog is a smaller breed, but don’t let its size put you off. Its personality will more than makeup for it — I promise. 

Sometimes, the French Bulldog can be a bit of a stubborn little guy and give you some issues with its behavior, but consistent training can help curb that. That said, these small dogs have all the characteristics you need in a dog to help stave off loneliness.

Key Considerations for Single Men Choosing Dog

When it comes to being a single man choosing a dog for adoption, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you want a purebred dog, or are you okay with shelter dogs?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to your dog each day?
  • Do you work a lot? Travel a lot?
  • How much space do you have? Is your living situation that of an apartment dweller or a homeowner?
  • Do you want a dog for protection, as a companion, or both for your single life?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you lead: sedentary, active, or somewhere in between?

The answers to these questions can help you determine what the ideal dog is and the best dog breeds that fit in with your lifestyle, and which is better suited to other people.


Should a Single Man Get a Dog?

If he loves dogs and wishes to have one, and he can afford to take care of the pup, there’s absolutely no reason why a single man shouldn’t get a dog. They make great companions, and some are even great protectors.

What Is the Best Dog for a Single Guy?

The best dog breed for a single guy is the one that the person can reasonably care for and one that fits his lifestyle. For example, a single man who lives a sedentary lifestyle adopting an Australian Cattle dog probably isn’t the best fit. But the same man may find that the English Bulldog is the right dog.

Which Dog Is Best for a Lone Person?

This is a pretty subjective question, and there’s no real right answer. That’s because not every single person lives the same type of lifestyle. In order to choose the best dog breed for the single lifestyle, you have to look at how he lives, how much time he has, and where he lives to choose a good fit.


While there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when adopting a dog living the single life, it’s okay to go to your local rescue and check out shelter dogs that are available; you’ll find plenty of purebreds and mixed breeds.

However, the best fit for you — and your dog — is going to be if you gel in terms of your needs and wants.

Christina Drury
Meet Christina Drury, a dedicated animal enthusiast, and proud pet parent. She has a deep-rooted affection for all creatures, and Christina has called the Buckeye State home for the past four years. As a seasoned writer, she possesses a versatile writing style that spans various niches, yet her heart truly belongs to animals. With her innate connection and expertise, Christina is committed to crafting engaging and insightful content for animal-related issues.

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