15 Lazy Dog Breeds with Low Energy

Lazy Dog Breeds

I don’t know about you, but some days, I’m just content to laze around on the couch all day, snuggling up to my pup. Fortunately, Ranger loves to cuddle too, though he’s not actually considered one of the lazy dog breeds. 

Lazy dog breeds are those pups that are just content to lay around all day — or sometimes just run out of energy levels halfway through the day and give up on life. They’re not necessarily lazy, just have low energy needs.

It’s important to note, though, that while all of the breeds we talk about here are known to be on the more, let’s say, “couch potato” side, there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes, one of the pups, who just might be considered a lazy dog, will actually turn out to be high-strung or energetic. It truly depends on the individual dog.

Lazy Dog Breeds

There are a number of breeds that people consider to be the laziest dog breeds, but we’ve got 15 that topped our list. Take them with a grain of salt, though, because, like I said before, there could truly be an exception (or two!) to the rule in each breed. Not all dogs in any specific breed will have the same traits.

1. Basset Hounds 

lazy dog breeds

Basset Hounds are among the cutest dogs I’ve ever laid eyes on. Their short stature with their long bodies and floppy ears make me swoon every time. The Basset Hound is an extremely sociable dog, but they also know how to embody the term “lazy dog.” The Basset Hound can be stubborn, as well, particularly if a scent has caught its nose. 

The Basset Hound is a smaller to medium-sized dog that’s short, standing only 11 to 15 inches tall. They weigh, on average, 40 to 65 pounds and can live 10 to 12 years.

2. Bullmastiffs 

laziest dog breeds

If you’re an inexperienced pet owner and you want a mastiff, the Bullmastiff is the way to go. They’re a lot easier to handle and train than, say the Neapolitan Mastiff. Despite their intimidating size, the Bullmastiff is a real sweetheart.

They may appear lazy, preferring to lay down all day, but they are very alert and can be on their feet in seconds. Bullmastiffs also don’t seem to have any idea how big they are because they will literally climb onto anything — including into your lap — to rest. 

Bullmastiffs are 24 to 27 inches tall, and the massive beasts they are, they weigh between 100 to 130 pounds. Like most big dogs, the Bullmastiff has a shorter lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

lazy dogs

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sweet-looking pup that loves nothing more than to climb into your lap for snuggles. This lazy dog is actually very social and affectionate. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can also be active. After all, it does have a hunting lineage. 

These pups stand 12 to 13 inches tall and weigh 13 to 18 pounds. The breed has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

4. Chihuahua 

big lazy dog breeds

The Chihuahua is a bundle of fun in a little package. It can also be a lazy dog in that it’s not the most active, though it does love to play. The Chihuahua is usually happy with approximately 30 minutes of regular exercise a day. The breed is also notorious for being a purse dog, and many Hollywood stars own them. This is one breed that will need some mental stimulation.

This breed is the smallest, standing only 5 to 8 inches tall, with a weight between 3 and 6 pounds. They do have very long lifespans, though. They can live 12 to 20 years.

5. Chow Chow

lazy big dogs

The Chow Chow stands out for its furry, intimidating look and independent nature. The breed looks much like a bear, and while it is protective by nature, it’s also a very low-energy dog. If you’re looking for a loyal pup, you’ll definitely find it here. Chow Chows do need, however, early training and socialization. 

The Chow Chow stands 17 to 20 inches and weighs between 45 to 70 pounds. You can expect this lazy dog to live 8 to 12 years, on average, though many have lived to 15.

6. English Bulldogs 

lazy dogs breeds

The English Bulldog is one of those enigmas. They’re stubborn, but they are very sensitive (prone to separation anxiety) and lazy but playful at the same time. English Bulldogs are very loyal dogs. One thing of note is that being of the brachycephalic breeds, they do tend to overheat easily in the heat, which can cause breathing issues. 

English Bulldogs are medium in size, standing approximately 12 to 16 inches tall. They weigh around 40 to 55 pounds. You can expect a healthy English Bulldog to live 8 to 10 years.

7. French Bulldog

lazy small dog breeds (

The French Bulldog, known as the Frenchie, is one of the cutest little pups you can own. They’re happy (seriously, look at their smiles!) and playful, but they definitely appreciate their downtime.

If you adopt a French Bulldog, note that their high level of adaptability means they can live anywhere. They thrive in city living and in country homes or apartments. Like the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog is prone to breathing problems as well as back problems.

The French Bulldog is small in stature, with a height of 11 to 13 inches and a weight of only 16 to 28 pounds. However, French Bulldogs can live 10 to 12 years.

8. Great Danes

best lazy dogs

The Great Dane is one of the biggest dogs on the planet. These gentle giants are often couch potatoes, though, especially if you meet their energy needs. Great Danes have an amazing temperament and are dedicated, loyal dogs that have a fun side to them as well.

The Great Dane, as a high-energy breed, needs regular exercise to stay fit, and they are more than happy to run outside, play with you, or go on a few walks.

The Great Dane is a tall dog, standing 28 to 32 inches and weighing between 110 and 175 pounds. Sadly, the Great Dane also has one of the shortest lifespans at 8 to 10 years.

9. Great Pyrenees

large lazy dog breeds

The Great Pyrenees, like the Great Dane, is a giant beast but ever so gentle. They’re also very fluffy dogs and need regular grooming. This pup has a very low energy level and is content to lay around — even as puppies.

I fostered two Great Pyrenees and Newfoundland mixes and was very surprised at how calm they were. This lazy dog breed loves children and gets very attached to its pet parents. 

Like the Great Dane, this lazy dog can grow 26 to 32 inches tall and weigh 85 to 160 pounds. They live around 10 to 12 years.

10. Greyhound

lazy large dog breeds

It might be surprising to see the Greyhound on the list, considering what rockets they can be when they’re racing. They’re very low maintenance despite their ability to dominate a race track. These pups do well in a very quiet home where they can veg out all they want. The Greyhound is calm and sensitive, but you can leave it home for short bursts of time after training. Brisk walks are a way to keep them fit.

Greyhounds are tall, lean dogs with a height of 27 to 30 inches and weight of 60 to 70 pounds. They also live relatively long lives for dogs, an average of 12 to 15 years.

If you’re anything like me, the question is Greyhound racing cruel has popped into my head more than once, but they’re well adapted to the sport, in spite of the controversy surrounding it. 

11. Newfoundlands

best dogs for lazy people

The Newfoundland dog is a giant furry beast that is the true embodiment of a gentle giant. These fluffy dogs have a gentle disposition and are true couch potatoes, but don’t expect there to be much room left for you! When it comes time to move, Newfoundland likes to take its time.

These gentle giants are very sociable, and they’re affectionate to nearly everyone. You can train a Newfoundland to work, too, and they’ve been known to pull carts. They have also been known as nanny dogs due to their love of children.

The Newfoundland is 26 to 28 inches tall and can weigh 100 to 150 pounds. It lives, on average, 8 to 10 years.

12. Pekingese

what is the laziest dog breed

The Pekingese is a Chinese dog that has a lot of personality in a small package. It looks a lot like the Japanese Chin. They are very funny dogs to be around and will constantly make you laugh with their antics.

The Pekingese has a smooshy face that draws attention and long fur that you will need to regularly maintain. They’re very low energy, and 20 minutes of exercise a day is likely all the Pekingese needs to keep it calm. 

The Pekingese is among the smallest dogs. They stand 6 to 9 inches tall and can weigh up to 14 pounds. The life span of a Pekingese is 12 to 14 years.

13. Pugs

lazy dogs breeds

Ever met a dog who thinks it’s much bigger than it really is? Then, you’ve certainly met a Pug. The Pug is one of the lazy dog breeds that are smart dogs and easy to train — they just prefer to lounge around. So, if you’re looking for a dog to cuddle with, you’ll appreciate Pugs. 

The Pug doesn’t let its short stature stop it. They stand at 10 to 13 inches and weigh 14 to 18 pounds. Pugs live, on average, 13 to 15 years, which means you’ll have a couch or lap dog companion for a long time. 

14. Saint Bernards

lazy medium dog breeds

This is the lazy dog breed that the movie “Beethoven” made popular. Sometimes confused with the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Saint Bernard is a giant, fluffy dog that drools. Like, a lot. However, they love being outdoors and are active when they are.

Bring a Saint Bernard inside, though, and they’re giant lumps of fur that double as couch potatoes. Saint Bernards are very affectionate dogs, though, and family-oriented. Like the Newfoundland, they make a great nanny dog.

The Saint Bernard stands not quite as tall as the Great Dane at 26 to 30 inches. However, the Saint Bernard is a beastly dog at 120 to 180 pounds. They live 8 to 10 years, which is longer than the Bernese Mountain Dog.

15. Shih Tzu 

best dog breed for lazy owners

The Shih Tzu is another one of the small lazy dogs on our list. They are amazing companions, though. They love to relax on your lap and are intelligent to boot. That means the Shih Tzu will have no problem picking up your commands.

It’s a very trusting and affectionate breed, which typically results in a strong bond between you and your Shih Tzu. They are also great with children and other dogs. 

Shih Tzus are only about 9 to 11 inches tall and weigh in the neighborhood of 9 to 16 pounds. Their lifespan tends to be very long: 10 to 18 years.


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French Bulldogs, or Frenchies as they’re often called, are one of the most relaxed dog breeds there are. They can be full of life as puppies, but as they age, they tend to settle down.

What Dog Is the Lowest Maintenance?

The Basset Hound is definitely by far one of the lowest maintenance dogs and might actually be the lowest maintenance dog out there.

What Is the Laziest Small Breed Dog?

The Cavalier King Charles is considered by man to be the laziest small breed dog. They’re more than content to be lap dogs and just hang out all day long. 

Final Thoughts

I’m all about finding the right dog for you, and if you live a laid-back lifestyle or just aren’t very active, one of these laziest dog breeds will probably be your best bet. But remember — and I say this all the time — make sure you look at the personality traits and special needs that a pup might have, more than just their reputation for being lazy. 

Also, a word of warning, if you have an active pup who has all of a sudden become lazy, you might want to make an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure there’s nothing going on internally.

These breeds can also be prone to weight gain if they don’t get enough daily exercise or only exercise once in a great while.

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