Types of Cranes

Discover the diverse and elegant world of cranes, birds known for their grace and beauty.

Red-crowned Crane

Native to East Asia, this crane is known for its striking white and black plumage with a patch of red on its crown.

Whooping Crane

One of the most endangered cranes, it's recognized by its tall white body and red crown.

Common Crane

Found across parts of Europe and Asia, it's known for its grey body and black flight feathers.

Sarus Crane

The tallest of the crane species, it's native to parts of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Black-necked Crane

Found in the Himalayan region, it's known for its black neck and head.

Sandhill Crane

Native to North America, it's recognized by its grey body and red forehead.

Grey Crowned Crane

Native to Africa, it's known for its striking golden crown.

White-naped Crane

Found in East Asia, it has a distinctive white nape and red eyes.


Native to Australia, the Brolga is known for its intricate mating dance.

Demoiselle Crane

One of the smallest cranes, it's known for its delicate appearance and long white plumes.

Siberian Crane

With almost all-white plumage, it breeds in northern Russia and migrates to Asia in winter.

Wattled Crane

The largest crane in Africa, it's recognized by its white and black plumage and distinctive wattles.

Blue Crane

South Africa's national bird, it's known for its blue-grey plumage and distinctive head feathers.

Hooded Crane

Native to East Asia, it's recognized by its white body and black neck and head.