19 Cutest Cat Breeds & Why We Love Them!

cutest cat breed

It’s actually pretty difficult to choose the 19 cutest cat breeds out of the many adorable kitty possibilities. All cat breeds are beautiful, but we’re going to focus on our absolute favorite cutest cat breeds in this article.

Apologies in advance if your cat or the one you think is most adorable isn’t on our list. Feel free to comment at the end if we didn’t include your fav!

This article features large and small breeds, fluffy and not-so-fluffy cats from different countries around the world, active and calm kitties, etc. Most are very affectionate and friendly, and each is lovely in their own way.

It’s been approximately 10,000 to 12,000 years since the domestication of cats began. They saw mice on farms and cautiously hunted them without being spotted by or befriending the farmers. After a while, they finally allowed the humans near them. Now, we can get a closer look at them and see their beauty in person.

Cutest Cat Breeds

Here are 19 of the cutest cat breeds.

1. Ragdoll

WEIGHT 10-20 pounds
HEIGHT9-11 inches tall
COAT AND COLORLong in black, blue/gray, chocolate, sable, cream, tan, lavender/silver, lilac, red/orange, white; patterns include bicolor and color point
LIFE SPAN12-17 years

The ravishing Ragdoll cat has beautiful blue eyes and a semi-longhair silky coat with color-point patterns. The Ragdoll is famous for going limp when picked up. Their personality traits are being relaxed, gentle, great companions, friendly, intelligent, affectionate, liking children and other pets, and being lap cats. They are irresistible and practically scream, “Snuggle with me.”

The Ragdoll is the number one cat in the US and was developed in California in the 1960s. The Ragdoll’s semi-longhair coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangles. It’s the price you pay for owning a gorgeous kitty. It’s well worth it!

I love fluffy pets. It’s sad when they are hot in the summer, but fluff is magical and stunning, so we brush and brush and brush and brush.

Fun fact: A Ragdoll cat named Puff that lives in Brooklyn, New York, had 7,532,180,184 views on his YouTube channel “That Little Puff” in April 2022 and earned a Guinness World Record. We’re all addicted to cat videos and cat memes because they make us smile.

2. Russian Blue

cute cat breeds
WEIGHT 7-12 pounds
HEIGHT9-11 inches
COAT AND COLORSilky coat is short and thick, double blue/gray; some have patterns, and some are solid
LIFE SPAN15-20 years

Beautiful Russian Blues are lap cats that are intelligent, affectionate, calm, shy, playful, very trainable, vocal, independent, have a high prey drive, low dander, loyal, well behaved when alone, and like children and dogs.

These felines are very sweet. They need to be socialized when young, so they are accustomed to interaction because they are a little shy.

They have green eyes and are believed to be a natural breed from Northern Russia.

3. Selkirk Rex

large cat breeds
WEIGHT 6-15 pounds
HEIGHT9-11 inches tall
COAT AND COLORDense coat in chocolate, lilac, white, black, red; bicolor combinations and those with pointed coat patterns
LIFE SPAN10-15 years

These cute curly felines even have curly whiskers. They have a permanent “bed head.” Selkirk’s personality is calm, quiet, affectionate, and patient, and they like children and other cats.

They like playing with toys more than jumping and swatting. Selkirk Rexes love a good lap and sleeping with their humans. Their unique frizzy curls give them an adorable and very different look.

In 1988, in Montana, a black Persian bred a curly-haired kitten from a nearby shelter. Persians, British Shorthairs, and Exotics were also part of refining the Selkirk’s look. Some of them actually have straight hair.

4. Munchkin

cutest cat breed
WEIGHT 6-9 pounds
HEIGHT5-7 inches tall
COAT AND COLORThick coat in white, black, red, brown, blue, cream, lavender; patterns include tabby, bicolor, calico, pointed, mink, tuxedo, tortoiseshell
LIFE SPAN12-15 years

The short-legged Munchkin cat is a friendly fluff ball that will follow you around the house. Their personality is playful, cuddly, attention-seeking, and doglike.

Munchkins are intelligent and will play with anything, so they may steal things to bat around the house. The short legs of the Munchkin cat are a natural mutation, so they are just normal house cats supported by tiny legs.

5. Bombay

cutest cat
WEIGHT 8-15 pounds
HEIGHT9-13 inches tall
COAT AND COLORShort hair, black
LIFE SPAN9-15 years

This marvelous mini panther is the one breed that only comes in black. They have golden eyes. The Bombay’s personality is playful, intelligent, affectionate, friendly, agile, active, friendly, good with kids and felines. They love playing with their pet parents. Toys and cat trees keep them entertained and happy.

The American Bombay is a cross between sable Burmese and Black American Shorthairs, but the British Bombay is a cross between Burmese and Black Domestic Shorthairs. Despite that, they are pretty much identical.

6. Chartreux

cat breeds cute
WEIGHT 7-18 pounds
HEIGHT9-11 inches tall
COAT AND COLORShort hair in solid blue/gray
LIFE SPAN15 years

The Chartreux was employed as a mouser back in the day. They aren’t very vocal but sometimes chirp. The Chartreux is friendly, calm, sweet, happy, affectionate, loves to play, and likes kids and other pets. They are rare in the US.

Although they have been in France for hundreds of years, their wooly coat makes experts think that they are from Syria, perhaps brought back by French Crusaders in the 15th or 16th century.

7. Birman

what are the cutest cat breeds
WEIGHT 10-12 pounds
HEIGHT8-10 inches
COAT AND COLORLong and silky coat incream, beige, tan with color point
LIFE SPAN13-15 years

The beautiful Birman likes to play and is affectionate, friendly, a lap cat, calm, quiet, and has a low prey drive. They are good with kids, felines, and dogs. The Birman has a gorgeous coat but doesn’t shed too much.

They are easy to train and follow their humans around the house. Birmans like a cat tree or window perch. They also have beautiful blue eyes and are on the quieter side.

Birman cats most likely came from Burma (now Myanmar). They are an ancient breed and were temple cats and companions to Kittah priests,

8. British Shorthair

cute pet cats
WEIGHT 7-17 pounds+
HEIGHT12-14 inches tall
COAT AND COLORShort and dense inwhite, black, blue, red, cream, smoke, silver, golden, cameo; patterns include tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, and bicolor.
LIFE SPAN15-20 years

The British shorthair cat is calm, affectionate, friendly, a great pet, good with kids and other cats, active, quiet, and needs to exercise. Make sure your Brit has wand toys, other toys, scratching posts, a cat tree, etc.

They were originally bred in the UK by crossing shorthaired street cats with Persians and Russian blues. They were the UK’s first breed of cat. Brits don’t like being alone for long periods of time.

They are also known as the British blue and as the teddy bear of feline breeds.

9. Maine Coon

cutest cats breeds
WEIGHT 9-18 pounds
HEIGHT10-16 inches tall
COAT AND COLORThick, waterproof, and sleek coats in solid white, cream, red, blue, black; patterns like tabby, bi-color, parti-color, tortoiseshell, shaded, calico
LIFE SPAN 9-15 years

Magnificent Maine Coons are playful, vocal, intelligent, trainable, gentle, good with kids and pets, great mousers, follow their humans around, are not very vocal, and are not needy. These majestic fluffy beasts were ship cats and farm cats back in the early 19th century. They are the largest of the domestic house cat breeds. Coons need to be brushed a few times a week.

Some of them are tabbies, making them one of the five types of tabby cats.

Their adorable tufted ears are large and cute, as well as their long, bushy tail (which led to rumors that they were part raccoon — not true).

10. Turkish Angora

cute cats
WEIGHT 8-15 pounds
HEIGHT9-14 inches tall
COAT AND COLORLong fur inblack, blue/gray, lavender/silver, red/orange, white
LIFE SPAN9-14 years

Gorgeous Turkish Angoras are playful, sociable, soft, intelligent, independent, loyal, easy to train, friendly, and good with pets and children. Turkish Angora chooses one family member to bond with. The Turkish angora doesn’t have an undercoat, so grooming is easy. Turkish angoras need scratching posts.

In Turkey, they were used to breed Persians until the Angora population dropped. Some are raised and live in the Angora Zoo, which began when they were endangered and under protection by law.

American servicemen discovered the Angoras and brought two home in 1954. White Angoras were not allowed to be exported until the 1960s.

11. Persian

cutest cats ever
WEIGHT 7-12 pounds
HEIGHT10-15 inches tall
COAT AND COLORLong hair inblue, black, white, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, silver, golden; patterns include solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, bicolor
LIFE SPAN15-20 years

Precious Persians have big eyes and are friendly, affectionate, gentle, and sweet. They like calm children and gentle dogs. They can handle being alone for short periods in the comfort of their home.

They need regular combing daily to avoid tangles and matting. Persians like to be able to keep an eye on what’s happening throughout the house while laying comfortably in a cat tree or a piece of human furniture.

They are from Persia, which is now Iran and can be traced back to the 1600s. Now, they are one of the most popular breeds in North America.

12. Norwegian Forest Cat

top 10 cutest cat breeds
WEIGHT 13-22 pounds
HEIGHT9-12 inches
COAT AND COLORLong in white, black, blue, red, cream, silver, golden; patterns include solid, bicolor, tortoiseshell, calico, and tabby
LIFE SPAN12-16 years

The lovely Norwegian forest cat comes from Norway, where they need their beautiful, waterproof, thick double coat to stay warm. They are gentle, playful, strong, independent, affectionate, and great family pets.

Norwegian forest cats lived with the Vikings, who employed them as ship mousers. They don’t require a great deal of brushing. Like most cats, they enjoy toys and cat scratch posts/kitty condos.

13. Scottish Fold

the cutest cat in the world
WEIGHT 8-12+ pounds
HEIGHT8-10 inches high
COAT AND COLORShort, medium, or long in white, blue, cream, red, silver, cameo, brown, blue cream, tortoiseshell, black
LIFE SPAN9-12 years

Splendid Scottish Folds are known for their folded ears, and their tails are delicate. They are affectionate, loyal, sweet, charming, low maintenance, intelligent, and enjoy playing games and chasing toys. They love their people. The folded ears make them resemble owls.

A kitten with folded ears was born in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1961. That cute cat breed was bred with domestic cats and British shorthair cats. Breeding two folded-eared cats sometimes results in cats with regular ears, so a litter may have cats with unfolded ears.

14. American Bobtail

cat breeds
WEIGHT 11-16 pounds
HEIGHT9-10 inches tall
COAT AND COLORShort, medium, or long in white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lavender, cinnamon, fawn; various patterns and shadings
LIFE SPAN13-15 years

American Bobtails are athletic, devoted, social, easygoing, and intelligent. They love playing fetch and hide and seek and enjoy walking on a leash. They have stubby tails, act like a dog, and make good therapy cats. They are great family pets that have the wild appearance of an American bobtail wildcat. Bobtails need brushing a couple of times a week.

They are known as the Golden retrievers of the feline world because they are so loving. They can also perform simple tricks. Lots of good stuff in that kitty package.

When a couple found a brown tabby kitten with a short tail in the 1960s while on vacation in the southwest US, they brought it home, and it mated with their domestic color point cat, and the American bobtail cat was born.

15. Manx

pretty cat breeds
WEIGHT 8-12 pounds
HEIGHT14-16 years
COAT AND COLORShort hair and long-haired version in white, blue, black, red, cream, silver, brown; bicolor, solid, tortoiseshell, tabby, and other patterns
LIFE SPAN7-11 years

The Manx cat is social, affectionate, energetic, easygoing, intelligent, vocal, loyal, dog-ish, very trainable, and great with kids and other animals.

The Manx breed loves to jump and play and needs exercise. The tailless Manx came from the Isle of Man between Ireland and the UK. Manx is also the name of the people on the island.

16. Bengal

cute cat bread
WEIGHT 6-15 pounds
HEIGHT13-16 inches tall
COAT AND COLORBrown, snow and silver, as well as non-standard colors like charcoal, blue, solid black
LIFE SPAN10-16 years.

The wild-looking Bengal is loyal, active, highly intelligent, can be trained to do challenging things, loves to climb, enjoys being in the water, likes children, and has a high prey instinct. The Bengals need mental stimulation. The Bengal cat needs a tall cat tree and toys to burn off their energy.

Early in the 1900s, breeders mated a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat — called Felis bengalensis. They were named Bengals from the word bengalensis.

17. Ragamuffin

most cute cats
WEIGHT 8-12 pounds
HEIGHT10-15 inches tall
COAT AND COLORLong in blue, brown tabby with white; patterns tortoiseshell, mink, tabby
LIFE SPAN8-13 years

The Ragamuffin cat is calm, sweet, snuggly, playful, docile, and a great family cat. They chill with you while you watch TV, etc., and will hop into your bed when you’re ready to go to sleep. Ragamuffins love kids and other animals. They like to swat around toys (who doesn’t?!) and play fetch.

They were created between 1971 and 1994 using IRCA Miracle Ragdolls, Honey Bears, Ragdolls, and Maximilians.

18. Egyptian Mau

nice cat
WEIGHT 8-12 pounds
HEIGHT7-11 inches tall
COAT AND COLORShort-haired in black, blue/gray, chocolate, sable, lavender/silver; tabby pattern
LIFE SPAN9-13 years

The exotic Egyptian Mau is intelligent, playful, energetic, loyal, social, easy to groom, and likes cats and people of all ages. The cats in ancient Egyptian art are the Mau’s ancestors.

The Egyptian Mau breed is a bunch of friendly cats. They are the only natural spotted domestic cat breed recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

19. Devon Rex

are cats cute
WEIGHT 5-10 pounds
HEIGHT10-12 inches tall
COAT AND COLORShort in white, blue, black, cream, red, brown, frost, platinum, fawn, chocolate, chestnut, cinnamon, lavender, champagne, seal
LIFE SPAN9-15 years

The Devon Rex is energetic, funny, playful, affectionate, loves attention, and likes to jump. Cat trees and perches will satisfy their jumping urges. The best way to clean the Devon Rex coat is with a cloth.

My friend has a couple of these cute cats with large ears, and they are very silly. They have to be involved in everything, are full of curiosity, and love cuddling. They are the definition of double trouble!

My friend’s house was for sale, and people were touring it. So, she’d pile into her car with her funny Devons. I wish I had a video of them bouncing around in the car while she waited patiently for the potential house buyers to leave. She’d park in front of my house and call me to come hang out with them in the crazy mobile. They are very sweet, but their faces make them look very mischievous.

A fan of the Cornish Rex found a curly-coated stray cat in Devon, England, in 1959 and bred Devons from that cat, which is good for people who suffer from allergies.


What Is the Cutest Cuddliest Cat?

Ragdolls are known for going limp when a human picks them up. They have soft fur and are as cuddly as they are beautiful.

What Is the Prettiest Cat?

Prettiest is a subjective designation, I will go with the the Ragdoll because they are the most popular breed in the US.

What Is the Fluffiest Cat Breed?

Persians and Himalayans are the fluffiest cat breeds in all the land. They are the same cats with different color schemes, so it makes sense.

Final Thoughts  

Have you ever wondered how many cats are in the US? There are around 60.2 million to 62 million pet cats. Approximately 60-100 million feral cats are in the US.

We have lots of other interesting cat statistics if you’re as obsessed with cats as we are and you want to know lots of interesting details about felines. Unveiling the most popular pets, cats are the second most popular — just after dogs.

There are so many cute cat breeds and many beautiful kitties to choose from. It’s always nice to get two cats so they can play together if you’re not home, and they need to burn off energy together.

If you go to a breeder, make sure they are reputable and responsible. You can also check Petfinder and local shelters and rescue groups. There are so many cute and cuddly cats.

Elise Margulis
Elise Margulis is a talented animal writer and a devoted pet parent residing near Manhattan in a cozy suburb. With a Chow mix and a rescued Siamese as her loyal companions, she's been animal-obsessed since childhood. Penning informative articles on pet nutrition, health, and animal welfare, she's also an avid advocate for adoption and animal rights. When she's not writing, she serves as the editor of two local online news sites. Working from home with her fur babies, she advocates adoption and animal welfare through volunteering and social media. A true animal lover and vegetarian for over 31 years, she's on a mission to raise awareness and make the world a better place for all creatures.

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