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March 2, 2023 Wild Earth 

What Cause Extinction ⎯ What Can We Do To Stop It?

What is Extinction? In 1940, Disney released a film called “Fantasia,” which tells a short story about the dinosaurs and their extinction. When I watched this segment of the movie as a child, it painted a gloomy picture before the asteroid impacts of this prehistoric downfall. Watching the cartoon dinos suffer through the loss of food […]

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February 25, 2023 Wild Earth 

Fading Away: The Plight of Endangered Species

What would happen to our lives on this planet if a threatened species went extinct before our eyes? Imagine if the wild animals we grew up watching in nature documentaries were suddenly gone. When a species goes extinct, it creates a ripple effect that directly harms our ecosystem.  According to The National Wildlife Federation, an endangered […]

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February 23, 2023 Wild Earth 

Forest Logging – The Good, Bad, the Really Ugly Truth, and How To Make a Positive Change

Logging Process Once upon a healthy logging process time – people used to understand their role on earth. They knew they were responsible for others and the world around them. People used what they needed instead of engaging in the rampant greed of consumerism. Life was good then – for trees, other living things, and […]

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January 25, 2023 Wild Earth Advocate Organizational 

Aquatic Habitat – All You Need To Know

Overview The world’s oceans comprise a wide variety of aquatic habitats that range from coral reefs and oyster beds to salt marshes and mangroves. These serve a vital role in maintaining the ever-dwindling population of different species. There are two main types of aquatic habitats: marine habitats and freshwater habitats. In this article, we will […]

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January 24, 2023 Wild Earth 

Learn About Habitats – Home of Animals & Plants!

All living organisms, plants, and animals have a natural habitat. If we want to understand our animal friends better, we first need to know all about the different habitats found in the wild. Are you here because you want to know more about the natural homes of the world’s beloved plants and animals? If so, […]

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January 24, 2023 Wild Earth Advocate Wild Animals 

Hunting Wild Animals to Extinction – A Heart-Breaking Reality!

Planet Earth is a beautiful place. It’s full of wild animals, fantastic fauna, and a breathtaking landscape. And then, there’s us. Humans–modern hunters. While many generous people roam this planet and sacrifice for the betterment of humankind and game animals, we can’t stop ourselves from wiping out wildlife species. Hunting groups hunt wildlife to extinction; […]

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January 19, 2023 Wild Earth 

Coal Impact on Environment – Health Hazards and Solutions!

With all the media coverage today on climate change and global warming, have you ever stopped to think about what could be the key driver behind it? Sure, you have the effects of deforestation and cars emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but the biggest contributor of all is our continued reliance on coal as […]

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January 6, 2023 Wild Earth Advocate Organizational 

The Deadly Effects of Animal Deforestation and Why its a Major Cause of Concern

Do you know that every second somewhere in the world, a forest roughly the size of a football field is cut down? That is almost two acres of forest that no longer exists. And more alarming is that research by the Center for International Forestry Research shows that undisturbed rain forests will completely disappear in […]

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December 24, 2022 Wild Earth Advocate 

Endangered Animal Statistics and Analysis – The Urgent Need To Protect Them!

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that how many species of amazing animals used to exist on this planet that just don’t anymore. With their extinction, we lose more of the beautiful diversity of Earth and throw off the balance of important ecosystems. Extinctions happen all the time. The West […]

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October 8, 2022 Advocate Wild Earth 

Marine Plastic Pollution

What Is the Issue? Our oceans sustain life. An abundant ocean can feed a billion people a healthy meal forever. But now they are being filled and killed by throwaway plastic that seriously threatens ocean health. Plastic waste is entering our oceans at a staggering rate of 11 million tons of plastic a year. This […]

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