types of peacocks

Embark on a vivid journey through the diverse and colorful world of peacocks, exploring various species and the stunning array of hues they display.

Indian Peafowl

Known for its vibrant blue and green plumage, is the most common and recognized peacock species.

Green Peafowl

Green Peafowls, native to Southeast Asia, boast iridescent green and bronze feathers, with a more subdued elegance.

Congo Peafowl

Native to the Congo Basin, is a rare species with deep blue and green colors, and a shorter tail.

Colors of Peacocks

Peacocks are renowned for their vibrant and diverse colors. From the classic royal blue and emerald green to rare shades like white, charcoal, and opal, each color variation presents a unique and mesmerizing beauty.

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Blue peacocks are iconic, with their striking royal blue necks and majestic tail feathers, symbolizing beauty and grace.


Green peacocks have a dazzling green plumage, reflecting different shades in sunlight, embodying the lushness of nature.


White peacocks are a symbol of purity and elegance, with their stunning all-white feathers creating a ghostly beauty.


Purple peacocks are a rare sight, with their unique plumage offering a blend of purple and blue, exuding royal charm.


Charcoal peacocks stand out with their dark, smoky feathers, offering a mysterious and captivating appearance.


Cameo peacocks have a subtle, beige-colored plumage, presenting a softer and more understated beauty.


Peach peacocks display a delicate blend of soft peach and cream colors, adding a gentle warmth to their appearance.


Opal peacocks are known for their shimmering feathers that reflect a spectrum of pastel hues, similar to the gemstone.

Buford Bronze

Buford Bronze peacocks have a unique bronze sheen to their feathers, giving them a distinguished and elegant look.