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If you’ve recently got your hands on a Halo collar for your beloved canine companion, you might be wondering about an intriguing accessory that accompanies it – the Halo Beacon. As a proud dog owner of two Dobermans and an enthusiast for advanced pet technology, I’ve navigated the ins and outs of various smart collars, including the Halo Dog Collar

Today, I’m excited to share some insights about the Halo Beacon, a compact yet powerful tool designed to enhance your dog’s safety and your peace of mind.

What Is the Halo Beacon?

The Halo Beacon is a small, innovative device, about the size of a quarter, that automatically connects with your Halo collar when they’re close to each other, even inside. This beacon plays a crucial role in creating safer, more controlled environments for your dog. 

Whether you’re looking to keep your furry friend away from certain areas or ensure they stay within the comfort of your home, the Halo Beacon offers a versatile solution.

Check out the accompanying video for a deeper look into how the Halo Beacon can transform your and your dog’s lives. It offers a comprehensive look at the beacon’s features, setup process, and real-world application. 

Or, if you prefer a quick overview, the summary provided down below captures the essence of what the Halo Beacon offers and how it can significantly benefit dog owners seeking to create a safer, more controlled environment for their pets.

How Does Halo Beacon Work?

The Halo Beacon comes in four types: Training, Zone, Remote, and USB, each serving unique functions.

Each variant caters to different needs, from extending the reach of your Halo Collar’s GPS capabilities to setting up virtual fences and keep-out zones.

1. Training Beacon 

The Training Beacon is the standard one, which is likely what you’ll get with your Halo collar purchase. It helps with basic training and boundary settings.

2. Zone Beacon

Zone Beacon

The Zone Beacon is perfect for outdoor use due to its waterproof design, impressive 300 ft range, and features like ignore fence and keep-out zones.

3. Remote Beacon

Remote Beacon

A compact, diamond-shaped beacon that you can attach to your dog’s collar lets you communicate with your dog via the app, telling it to come home within a 164-foot range.

4. USB Beacon

USB Beacon

Perfect for indoor use, this beacon keeps your dog out of designated rooms by plugging into a USB port, working up to 131 ft, and even disabling fence alerts.

Setting Up

Setting up a Halo Beacon is straightforward: pair it with your dog’s collar through the app and customize the settings like keep-away zones or ignore fences. 

“Keep-Away” mode helps prevent your dog from entering areas that are off-limits or dangerous by mimicking a Halo Fence boundary. “Ignore Fences” mode allows you to establish a movable ‘safe’ area where your dog won’t get fence alerts.

You can even adjust the effective range up to 265 ft. Despite their small size, these beacons pack a punch in managing your dog’s boundaries and ensuring they stay safe and well-behaved.

Why It Matters

For dog owners, especially those with spacious homes or yards, managing your pet’s movement and ensuring their safety can be a constant worry. The Halo Beacon alleviates these concerns by providing a reliable, customizable solution that works seamlessly with the Halo Collar. 

While there are many pros, such as easy setup and versatile use cases—from keeping dogs out of the trash to deactivating the collar when they come inside—the cons are few but notable. The small size means they can be easy to lose, and replacing the battery can be a bit of a hassle.

Overall, Halo Beacon offers a fantastic way to keep your dog safe and manage their movement without constantly monitoring them. Whether you’re aiming to keep them away from certain areas or just need a reliable method to call them back, the Halo Beacon and its variants provide a range of solutions to fit your needs. 

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