Tractive XL GPS Dog Tracker – Hands-on Video Review

Tractive XL review

As a dog parent to two lively Dobermans, finding a reliable GPS tracker was essential for me. My dogs are usually great at sticking around the yard, but with other pets like chickens to think about, I needed that extra layer of security and peace of mind.

The Tractive GPS device caught my eye because it’s more budget-friendly than many others, with reasonable subscription fees. I spent several months testing it on my dogs, Athena and Ares, to see how it holds up compared to other trackers we’ve used.

In my comprehensive video review, I delve into the nitty-gritty of the Tractive GPS tracker. I discuss everything from feature breakdowns and comparisons to hands-on testing, and I weigh up the pros and cons to give you a clear picture.

Check out the video for a thorough, honest take on the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs. It’s designed to address all your questions and help you decide if it’s the right fit for you and your pets. If watching isn’t your thing, scroll down for a quick summary to see where the Tractive stands in the world of dog trackers.

Quick Summary of the Video

Join us as we explore the Tractive XL GPS dog tracker, known for its cost-effectiveness. We’ll take you through what the box includes, dive into its features, and see how it performs day-to-day.

Setting Up: Simple and Quick

tractive collar

The package includes the Tractive XL device and its magnetic charger. The setup is straightforward – just position the tracker on the collar, secure it with the rubber backing, and it’s ready for action.

Real-time Tracking

tractive collar tracking

The Tractive app’s Live Tracking feature stands out as a key advantage. In my tests, it updated its location very smoothly – not as fast as I expected, but it was precise. However, Live Tracking uses more battery, so it’s best not to use it all the time. It’s really useful, though, when you need to find your pet quickly. 

Features & Customization

The Tractive GPS tracker sports a neat design and fits comfortably on a collar. It’s slim and super light, making it good for all dog sizes, from small to big. My own dog didn’t mind wearing it constantly, and the attachment held up perfectly! 

The Tractive XL is packed with user-friendly features. It offers extensive customization for safe zones and alerts, and it’s durable – rain or pool water won’t damage this sturdy device.

Pros & Cons

The Tractive XL’s advantages are numerous – it’s strong, waterproof, offers unlimited range with a subscription, and the interactive map is a plus. As for drawbacks, it’s not ideal for very small pets due to its size, and its GPS can falter under dense tree cover.

Tracking and Safety

tractive collar testing

The Tractive XL excels in tracking, even outside the Wi-Fi range, and although it doesn’t correct the dog if they cross a boundary, it sends instant alerts for you to take action. With the device turned on, tracking is continuous. The map will display your pet’s current spot and the time of the last location update. 

The Tractive XL GPS dog tracker presents an affordable alternative for tracking your dog. It’s especially great for larger properties and for owners who prioritize tracking over containment. 

It easily attaches to your pet’s collar, offering precise tracking and immediate alerts if your pet leaves the designated Virtual Fence, and it monitors their activity, sleep, and calorie intake. The addition of leaderboards is a fun touch, encouraging more quality time and walks with your dog.

I hope this review helps you decide, but remember to check out other dog collars like the Halo Collar and SpotOn Collar, which are more advanced and offer superior technology.

Thomas Godwin
Thomas Godwin is passionate about animals and the outdoors. Holding a degree in Creative Writing, he's combined his love for nature with his skills. At home, he's busy caring for his chickens and Appleyard ducks. He often spends time at the Gulf Coast of Florida, enjoying the local wildlife. Biking through nature trails is another favorite pastime, where he observes animals in their habitats. Thomas also crafts campers and loves kayaking on the Blackwater River. His family, including his wife, two daughters, and their two loyal Dobermans, Ares and Athena, often join him in these adventures, sharing his enthusiasm for nature and animals.

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