Does CBD Help Dogs with Fireworks?

CBD Help Dogs with Fireworks

With the 4th of July right around the corner, dog owners are bound to hear loud fireworks begin booming all around them. Even if you’re not in the US, you’re sure to hear fireworks at some point, whether it’s Bonfire Night in the UK or New Year’s Eve around the world.

While fireworks are enjoyable for us to watch, it’s a different matter entirely for dogs. If you’re a new dog owner, you might not have seen how they react to fireworks. But if you’ve had your dog for a while, you might have seen their reaction. Although some pups are absolutely fine with them, others freak out and start shaking and barking in fear.

There’s no use telling them off – they can’t help it! Instead, there are ways to help them relax so you can both have a peaceful night.

What Is Firework Anxiety in Dogs?

Firework Anxiety in Dogs

We all love watching fireworks explode; when they blast their colorful artwork into the night sky, we all ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as we admire them. For us, these deafening noises are an exciting way to show our joy and celebrate. Some of us are so used to them that we barely even notice the sound and instead just focus on the colors.

But dogs don’t see it that way – and not just because they’re color-blind! It’s in dogs’ nature to run away from sudden loud noises, and it’s even worse when they don’t understand where the loud bangs are coming from or what they are.

Imagine if there was a sudden loud bang that you weren’t expecting. It makes you jump, your heart races, and you breathe faster. If we know why there’s a loud bang, then it’s not so scary. But if we don’t expect it and don’t even know if it’s harmless or not, it would make it a lot scarier. And that’s precisely how it is for dogs.

Use of CBD Oil for Fireworks

On top of that, pups have much better hearing than humans, which means that fireworks are even louder and more terrifying for them.

When fireworks start, and a dog begins to panic, you might see them run to you or dash to hide under a table. They might start shaking, salivating, or maybe even urinating, whether or not they’re toilet-trained. Tragically, there are even reports of pups so terrified they suffer fatal heart attacks or try to run away. In fact, more dogs are lost on July 4th than on any other day of the year!

Don’t worry though – not all pups have a fear of fireworks. My pup, for example, tends to sleep through them most of the time. But firework anxiety is very common in dogs, with many dogs finding them more terrifying than gunshots or thunderstorms. And since a dog’s anxiety only gets worse with age, it’s something all pet owners should be prepared for.

Use of CBD Oil for Dogs Fireworks Anxiety on 4th July

cbd oil for dogs firework anxiety

Many pet owners see CBD products like CBD dog treats and wonder to themselves, “Does CBD help dogs with fireworks?” The good news here is that CBD dog oil can help your dog relax and get through a night of fireworks without panicking. There are even studies that show CBD oil is effective in helping dogs react less strongly to sudden loud noises.

Although pet CBD is taken from the hemp plant, don’t assume you’re using marijuana for dogs. If you’re wondering if CBD oil is safe for dogs, then you’ll be pleased to know that dogs can have CBD oil – you can even get CBD for puppies! Since THC levels from the hemp plant are either negligibly low or non-existent, there isn’t even a risk of your dog overdosing on CBD oil either.

CBD Dosage to Calm Dogs During Fireworks

Using best CBD oil is a common method pet owners use to keep dogs calm if fireworks scare them. It’s best to be prepared and administer the cbd oil into their mouth or food a few hours in advance, though. It can take their body a few hours to process the CBD oil and for it to start working.

How much CBD to use depends on the individual dog. CBD doses for dogs are all down to the dog’s size and breed, as well as how severe their fear of fireworks is. It’s best to ask a veterinarian to recommend the best dosage for your particular pup.

How Does CBD Work in Calming Dogs?

how to calm my dog during fireworks

CBD works by interacting with your dog’s endocannabinoid system and its cannabinoid receptors to restore homeostasis and help with a whole range of problems, from inflammation and joint pain to anxiety. It calms their nervous system, helping with symptoms of PTSD or a pet’s anxiety triggered by fireworks.

Dogs actually have far more endocannabinoid receptors than we do, making CBD oil particularly effective. Even better, CBD works as a safer natural alternative to other common medications like Benadryl.

Ways to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks?

As effective as CBD oil is in calming your dog, the most effective way to help them get through a night of fireworks without fear or anxiety is to use other methods too.

Keep Your Dog Indoors

what can i give my dog to calm him down from fireworks

Since fireworks take place outside, make sure your dog is kept safely indoors. Not only does this keep them away from the sound of fireworks, but it ensures they’re not able to run away and get lost.

Keep them wherever they’re most comfortable, whether it’s on the sofa with you or curled up in their dog bed, surrounded by their favorite toys and treats. If possible, it’s often wise to place their dog bed in a corner or under a table, helping them to feel like they’re hiding if they feel the need to.

Avoid Gatherings and Busy Places

If you know your neighborhood gets particularly busy around this time, perhaps you could take a vacation somewhere quieter during times like the 4th of July. But if not, make sure you keep your dog away from big crowds and busy areas. The only thing scarier than loud noises is rowdy crowds shouting and excitable children eager to say hello to your already petrified pup.

Swaddle Your Dog

dog fireworks anxiety

If you haven’t tried out weighted blankets yet, then you absolutely should. They have a tremendous ability to calm us and make us feel more relaxed. This also applies to dogs; even a slight weight can help them feel calmer in stressful situations.

So, make sure to wrap your pup up in their favorite blanket or maybe even one of your sweaters. Make sure they can still move easily, though, and don’t feel trapped.

Keep the Environment Peaceful

It’s important for you to let your dog know that they’re not in danger – even if the loud noises outside make them feel that they are! This means you need to act calm, and the environment at home needs to be peaceful as well. Consider closing the curtains and playing some calming music to soothe your pooch and cover up the noise.

How To Look for the Best CBD Oil?

dog anxiety fireworks

There are many CBD products available out there, but make sure to select a dog-friendly one to ensure they can tolerate all the ingredients. There are even some infused with MCT oil for dogs to keep their skin and coat healthy.

One CBD oil we would recommend is Honest Paws Well oil. It’s a full-spectrum CBD oil that’s effective in calming dogs down, but it’s also the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer, as well as arthritis, and dog seizures.

If your furry friend has any of these problems anyway, it’s definitely worth getting this oil to relieve them of those symptoms while helping them relax at the same time.

However, if you only want to calm your dog or they have fussy taste buds, the Honest Paws Calm oil is another option, with added chamomile for a more pleasant taste and calming effects.

There are many CBD products and oils out there, all with various strengths for different types of dogs. Take a look, and you’ll find loads – just make sure that they’re third-party lab tested for safety.

Honest Paws Well Oil

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Whenever it comes to your dog’s health, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and learn as much as you can to help them. Here are some of the questions people usually have about how to help their dogs relax during fireworks.

Why Do Dogs Become Anxious Because of Fireworks?

Dogs are often fearful of fireworks for the simple reason that they’re sudden loud noises they can’t escape or explain. This activates their fight-or-flight reaction; their nervous system releases a flood of hormones that boost their adrenaline, raise their heart rate, and increase their breathing, all of which lead to feelings of fear and anxiety or they become hyper.

However, some dogs are more prone to this anxiety than others. For example, dogs who have suffered abuse in the past are the most obvious. Sadly, not all dogs are treated well. If you have a rescue dog, you don’t know what they might have experienced before you gave them a loving home. Through no fault of your own, they might associate loud noises with punishment or fear.

Genes can also play a role in how likely a pet’s anxiety from fireworks is. Certain genetic traits make your dog more predisposed to fear, whereas other breeds don’t tend to be as scared. For example, gundogs that are bred for hunting are much less likely to suffer from fear during a night of fireworks.

How Can I Know if My Dog Is Afraid?

If your dog is afraid of fireworks, you’ll know immediately. Although the signs are obvious, fortunately, they don’t last long. However, it still causes significant distress that any owner should aim to reduce as much as possible.

You’ll likely see your pup running to hide and cower somewhere or rushing to you for comfort. They might be shaking, salivating, and possibly even going to the bathroom. Don’t be surprised if they start being destructive either or even trying to escape.

Final Thoughts

Fireworks are a chance for families to come together to celebrate holidays and enjoy the beautiful colors illuminated in the sky. But our dogs are part of the family too – and it’s not fair to leave them suffering from fear and anxiety.

Fortunately, there are various ways we can help them, from creating a calming environment at home to helping them relax with CBD oil. If you have a pup who freaks out from the slightest bang, there’s always something you can do to help.

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