Litter-Robot 3 Reviews – Future of Cat Litter Boxes?

Litter-Robot 3

Cats are simple pets; so long as they have food, water, something to scratch, and somewhere to sleep, they’re perfectly content. Unlike dogs, you don’t need to buy them lots of toys or gadgets to keep them happy. But there’s still one thing you can buy to make your experience of owning a cat easier and more pleasant.

Any pet or cat owner who owns an indoor cat knows that a traditional litter box can get pretty revolting. Cats like to act prim and proper, but the mess and smell they leave behind in a standard litter box shows that it’s all an act. And, of course, it’s all down to us cat owners to scoop it all up after them.

Fortunately for us, there are self-cleaning automatic litter boxes out there. Litter-Robot is one of them, offering various models that clean away your cat’s mess for you.

Litter-Robot 3 comes in two versions – one that’s Wi-Fi-enabled and one that’s not. Whichever you use, both models automatically sift through dirty litter, cleaning away the mess and controlling odors. It’s easy to use, suitable for a range of cats, and recommended for anyone wanting to improve life with an indoor cat.

Litter-Robot 3

The price of “Litter-Robot 3” varies, so check the latest price at

Litter-Robot 3

Litter-Robot 4

While Litter-Robot 4 may be the new and improved model, you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss its predecessor. After all, Litter-Robot 3 still does many of the same things that Litter-Robot 4 can do at a more affordable price.

Some may be quick to deem it outdated, but the truth is that Litter-Robot 3 remains one of the top-rated and most efficient automatic litter boxes on the market.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect​

Litter-Robot 3 Connect in black and white

Like me, many may be a bit confused as to what Litter-Robot 3 Connect is. What does it connect to, why, and how is it different from the normal Litter-Robot 3?

The simple answer is that Litter-Robot 3 Connect is the model that is Wi-Fi enabled and able to connect to the Whisker app. Other than that, it does the same job with the same sifting process, eliminating the need for you to scoop out cat poop.

As a result, it comes in with a slightly higher price tag. Still, it’s absolutely worth it when you consider how convenient it makes things. You can check the waste bin and litter levels at a mere glance without having to lift a finger. It even sends you notifications telling you to empty or refill.

If you’re tempted by this option, but the higher cost puts you off, Litter-Robot does offer a 90-day in-home trial for you. They’re that confident that you’ll love the extra convenience it offers!

How Does Litter-Robot 3 Work?​

litter robot 3 working

Just like its successor Litter-Robot 4, the Litter-Robot 3’s cleaning cycle kicks in shortly after your cat has gone to the bathroom in it. The globe rotates steadily, separating clean litter from dirty clumps. Any waste is automatically sifted away and disposed of in the carbon-filtered waste drawer.

Once the waste drawer is full, the indicator will light up to tell you. At this point, you simply remove the bag and put it in the trash before replacing it with another bag.

With the waste securely stored in this compartment, you can be sure that all odors and solid waste will be trapped in there, ensuring your house is kept smelling fresh and clean without any lingering odors.

While that’s great for you, it also benefits your kitty too. Always having a clean bed of clumping litter ready to use not only helps control lingering odors but it keeps your cat happy and ensures they’re always willing to use it, avoiding nasty accidents elsewhere.

Why Litter-Robot 3 Is Among the Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes​

Litter Robot 3 litterbox

There are a fair few self-cleaning litter boxes out there, making owning an indoor cat much more pleasant. However, I’ve found that Litter-Robot 3 is one of the top options out there, packing in a range of features that put it head and shoulder above many of its competitors.

If you hate the sight or odor of cat waste lingering in a traditional litter box, a self-cleaning one is definitely for you. But if, like me and many cat parents, you lead a busy life and aren’t able to immediately clean up after your cat, then you’ll find the extra convenience of an automatic litter box almost life-changing.


I was a bit worried when a large box turned up on my doorstep. Setting up new gadgets is always a bit daunting for me – especially since I’m the sort of person who tends to ignore the manual.

Fortunately, setting up the Litter-Robot is simple and intuitive. In fact, it was all set up and ready to go in minutes. However, since it needs to be plugged directly into the mains, it took a while to find somewhere convenient to keep it.

 Litter-Robot is simple

My cat’s an old girl though, getting on to 23 years old. For cats like that, you may want to spend a little longer setting up your Litter-Robot 3 with accessories. You can add an accessory kit for an extra $115.

This comes with three replacement carbon filters, 25 waste drawer liners, a fence to stop your cat from kicking too much litter out, and a ramp.

The ramp is a stand-out accessory that really helps an older cat who’s not as agile as they used to be. In fact, it’s this ramp that makes the Litter-Robot 3 seem like a great senior cat litter box too.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Large Cats​

In theory, Litter-Robot 3 is ideal for any cat over 5 lbs. Any cats under this weight can still use it, but you can’t rely on the automatic mode since the sensors can’t recognize them. Instead, you’ll have to leave it in semi-automatic mode and initiate a cleaning cycle yourself.

However, your cat can be as over 5 lbs as you want. With seemingly no maximum weight limit and a good size litter bed, this makes the Litter-Robot 3 ideal for large cats and perhaps the best large cat litter box.

Litter-Robot 3 Dimensions​

litter robot 3 is also useful for large cats

Since its lack of weight limit makes it so perfect for large cats, you would imagine the dimensions would be large enough to match. On the whole, they certainly do.

The entryway has a height of 15.5”, which should be fine for most cats. However, the width is slimmer at 10.25”. While this won’t pose too much of a problem, it gives the larger cats out there a little less space to maneuver and means they might need a bit more encouragement to use it.

The device itself is quite large, with a width of 24.25”, a height of 29.5”, and a depth of 27”. Despite its size, it’s still a sleek, good-looking design that comes in beige or grey, able to suit most home décors. It even includes a night light to help elderly cats find the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Litter-Robot 3 Connect

To ensure it doesn’t make noise and startle your kitty, Litter-Robots don’t start their cleaning cycle as soon as your cat leaves. Instead, you can choose a three-, seven-, or fifteen-minute delay before the cleaning cycle begins. And, much to my relief, it cleans quietly enough so as not to disturb you while you’re working at home or watching Netflix.

As the globe rotates, it uses special sensors to automatically separate dirty litter from clean litter, disposing of the clumps into a carbon-filtered waste drawer. This traps any odors and lights up an indicator when it’s full and needs emptying. This only happens once every few days.

And if you get Litter-Robot 3 Connect, you get a notification from the Litter-Robot app telling you so you don’t have to check at all.

When all waste has been sifted away, it leaves you with a clean litter bed each time, minimizing the amount of litter sticking to your cat’s paws and tracking all over the house. Since this is more hygienic, you’ll also find your cat more willing to use it, and even makes it more suitable for multi-cat households.


litter robot 3 is a self-cleaning litter box

Let’s face it: the reason the self-cleaning litter box sounds so appealing is the convenience it offers and the fact you never need to go scooping litter again. Fortunately, that also means that it’s easy to clean. Emptying the waste drawer is a cinch; it takes mere seconds and is much less of an ordeal than scooping.

Cleaning the device itself is also a relatively simple process too. You can wipe it down from any litter dust however often you want. However, it will need a deep clean every three months or so. Still, this is easy – just disassemble the components and wash them.

All the instructions to do so are in the manual. You just empty the box of clumping litter, unplug it, and press specific buttons to lift the bonnet, remove the globe, and then the carbon filter.

Once components are taken apart, you can clean them with a cleaner spray, wipes, or water and soap before drying them and putting them back together again.

Litter-Robot 3 Price​

The price of the standard Litter-Robot 3 comes in at $499 when purchasing a new device from their website. However, if you wanted to upgrade to the Wi-Fi-enabled version, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect costs an extra $50, priced at $549.

Either of these is much more affordable than the newer Litter-Robot 4 at $699. If price isn’t much of an issue, many tend to opt for the more high-tech Litter-Robot 4. Still, there’s an interesting debate when it comes to Litter-Robot 3 vs 4.

Litter-Robot 3

The price of “Litter-Robot 3” varies, so check the latest price at

Litter-Robot 3 Reviews​

Most lists and automatic litter box reviews will tend to recommend the Litter-Robot 4 over the Litter-Robot 3 due to its wider range of features.

However, it’s still certainly worth considering Litter-Robot 3 if you’re at all constrained by a budget. There are still plenty of advantages, making it more than worth the price.


  • Cleans away waste automatically, eliminating the need for scooping
  • Carbon-filtered waste drawer traps lingering odors
  • Waste drawer only needs to be emptied once every couple of weeks
  • Control panel makes it easy to use
  • Quick and simple cleaning process
  • Includes a ledge to catch any falling litter and reduce mess
  • Monitors waste and litter levels
  • App sends notifications when levels need attention
  • More affordable price than Litter-Robot 4


  • Expensive
  • Not all versions connect to the app
  • Automatic mode doesn’t work for cats under 5 lbs
  • Only two color options available
  • Large device that needs to be connected to the mains

Is Litter-Robot 3 Worth Buying?​

Litter-Robot 3 in black color

If you’ve never owned a Litter-Robot before, you might be skeptical. I certainly was when I heard of an automatic cat litter box costing over $400! But even the hardest of skeptics are won over by the efficiency of the Litter-Robot and the convenience it offers cat parents.

Cats can sometimes be cautious about them too. But nearly all cats get used to their self-cleaning litter boxes and are happy to use them, many making a point to watch their waste get sifted away and some preferring them to a traditional litter box. And if a cat likes their automatic litter box, it reduces the risk of having an accident in the house.

No matter your cautious initial opinion, you’re sure to be won over when you finally get one in your house. You’ll wish you had bought one ages ago!


Litter-Robots aren’t cheap. Because of that, it’s perfectly normal to have a few questions about them before committing to getting your own. So, whether you want to know how to get your cat used to their Litter-Robot, how to maintain it, or if it comes with any other goodies, these might answer some of your questions.

What Are the Tips and Tricks To Use Litter-Robot 3?

Cats are adorable – but they sure are fussy! Mine, in particular, seems to loathe any change in her life. That’s why there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when introducing your cat to their brand-new Litter-Robot 3, even though most get used to them pretty quickly.

Try to leave it turned off to begin with. You don’t want the cleaning cycle starting and startling your cat when they’re not prepared for it. Let them use it first and then turn on the cycle so they can get used to it slowly.

Remember – every time they use it in the early days should result in positive associations; for example, give them treats, playtime, or cuddles.

Secondly, it might be worth putting a bit of used litter into the Litter-Robot for a familiar scent and placing their old litter box next to it. If you stop scooping their old litter box, your cat will inevitably prefer using the Litter-Robot right next to it instead.

What Comes with the Litter-Robot 3?

At its most basic level, when you order your Litter-Robot 3, it will just come with the device, and you’ll need to get your own cat litter yourself.

However, there are also bundles available if you want to add in some extras. These can include waste drawer liners, a litter trap mat, the best litter for Litter-Robot, a ramp, a fence, and cleaner wipes. You can even choose between a one- or three-year warranty.

How To Maintain Litter-Robot 3?

Litter-Robot 3 is a simple device to maintain. Just keep the litter levels topped up and empty the waste drawer every few days or weeks. If you have the Litter-Robot 3 Connect, you can monitor all of this via the app.

It will also need occasional cleaning too. You should wipe down any litter dust that settles on it and give it a deep clean every three months or so, disassembling them and washing them as per the instructions in the manual.


For many cat owners around the world, there’s nothing quite like a Litter-Robot. While Litter-Robot 4 may be the most up-to-date version, that’s no reason to discount the Litter-Robot 3.

Litter-Robot 3 includes many of the same features as Litter-Robot 4 and does the job brilliantly. With this device in your house, your cat is guaranteed a clean litter bed every time, while you’re guaranteed a house free from odor and a life free of scooping.

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