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There’s no denying that technology makes everyday life a lot more convenient; it’s easier to keep yourself entertained, communicate, and for pet parents to find the best products for their spoilt fur babies… It can even make it easier to keep both you and your cat happy too!

All cat owners have heard of Whisker’s Litter-Robot, famously one of the best and most sought-after cat products out there. Just check any Litter-Robot review, and you’ll see people singing its praises and admiring how the Litter-Robot gets rid of both nasty smells and the unpleasant task of emptying a litter box.

Founded by inventor Brad Baxter, the Litter-Robot has proved a huge success, performing better than other self-cleaning litter boxes. But now, they’ve come out with Feeder-Robot to join their line of ‘robots’ – and it makes dinnertime much easier.

Whereas dogs cry when they’re peckish, cats tend to get judgmental, staring at you bitter until you give in… or perhaps they channel their inner Puss in Boots, widening their adorable eyes until you cave in and give them food.

It can be a pain to make sure to give your cat the right amount of food at the right time every day. It can quickly start to feel like a chore – especially when you’re already busy in the kitchen trying to feed the rest of the family. And that’s where the Feeder-Robot comes in. 

Feeder Robot

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What Is Feeder-Robot?

Feeder Robot

Whisker’s Feeder-Robot makes feeding your pet much easier. Feeder-Robot is an automatic pet feeder that drops out a determined amount of food at a specified time of your choice – perfect if you’re not going to be at home or don’t want to get out of bed early to feed them breakfast.

While Feeder-Robot can’t dole out wet food, it can handle dry or semi-moist kibble, but so long as it’s under 5/8” in diameter. Much like getting litter for Litter-Robot, there are still limitations. But it makes portion control easier for you, ensuring your cat doesn’t get overweight.

All features can be customized via the easy-to-use Whisker app. The Feeder-Robot device is WiFi enabled, meaning it can be controlled entirely from your phone no matter where you are. You can schedule up to eight meals each day.

But even if your cat’s a bit greedy, the hopper holds the food tightly thanks to its tamper-resistant lid, keeping the cat’s food fresh and ensuring they won’t be able to get in there. 

How Does It Work?

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Feeder-Robot is so easy to use that you can feed your cat or dog without even getting out of bed to feed them breakfast – so long as it’s filled with food first!

It all starts with the Android or iOS app. You can schedule when you want the Feeder-Robot to feed your cat: up to four meals a day via the device itself when programming manually or eight times a day via the app.

You can also choose how much kibble to deliver in quarter-cup increments: choose between ¼, ½, ¾, and one whole cup. When it hits the right time, the automatic pet feeder dispenses how much food you chose in the food bowl beneath.

If the Feeder-Robot ever starts running low on food, you’ll get a push notification. However, the feeder holds about 32 cups of kibble, so you won’t find yourself having to fill it up too frequently. 


 feed button monitor snack dispensed.

If you’re interested in a smart pet feeder to give your cat food while you’re out of the house, you might worry that it won’t work and your cat will go hungry.

Fortunately, Whisker thought of this and so features anti-jam technology. Anti-jam technology means that food can’t get trapped and block the way. So you can rest assured that your cat won’t starve – and greedy cats won’t be able to worm their way in to steal food until it’s the right time.

You don’t need to worry about panicky or nervous cats who jump at loud sounds either. Unlike some other feeders, the Feeder-Robot is almost silent, quietly operating and dispensing food without disturbing cats or pet parents.

Battery Life

 pet care stainless steel bowl

The good news is the Feeder-Robot is totally dependable and connects to the main power source, so you don’t need to worry about the battery running out while you’re away. However, there is still a battery backup you can use.

This is a brilliant feature since it automatically kicks in to work as a backup if the power ever goes out, meaning that even in a black-out, your cat won’t go hungry. And when the power comes back, the battery is recharged automatically.

Smart Features

 feeder for pet's food

The smart features are accessible primarily through Whisker’s user-friendly app. You can run nearly everything from this, such as how many cups of food to dish out and the feeding schedule. The Feeder-Robot even sends notifications to the app to let you know when food is given out and when the food is running out.

The app can also help you keep track of if your cat is eating correctly. If you notice that their eating habits are starting to change dramatically, this could be a health indicator and a warning to go to the vet for a check-up sooner rather than later.

How Much Does the Feeder-Robot Cost?

Since the Feeder-Robot is still a new product, it carries a high price tag to reflect that. You can currently get Whisker’s Feeder-Robot for about $300.

This is the same price regardless of the four design options you choose; black or white, with either a clear or smoke hopper.

This is quite a bit more expensive than a smart feeder from other brands. However, Whisker is very dependable with each of its smart products. If you can afford the Feeder-Robot, it’s worth it for the ease and peace of mind it brings you. And your cat will likely appreciate the guaranteed meals without having to bother you too! 

Feeder Robot

The price of “Feeder Robot” varies, so check the latest price at

What We Like About the Feeder-Robot

There’s a lot to love about the Feeder-Robot, but we would narrow it down to three areas where it really excels: the app interface, the design, and the technology.


feeder for pet's food

The app is so easy to set up and makes scheduling a breeze. Whether it’s the first time using it or you’re just logging in to change the feeding schedules, the app’s intuitive and user-friendly.

It also gives you all the maintenance information you might need, sending notifications whenever food is delivered or whenever you need to refill the hopper with food.


feeder for pet's food

Aesthetically, the Feeder-Robot features a modern design that fits into most home decors with four different color combinations to choose from; black or white with either a clear or smoke hopper. The transparency with the hopper is particularly useful, so you can see when you need to refill it with food without checking the app.

It’s a durable design too. Not that durability is a hugely important factor for a smart pet feeder, but aside from being made of BPA-free plastics, it even includes a chew-resistant power cord – perfect for teething kittens or curious cats who like to sink their teeth into anything they can get their paws on.


feed button monitor

As we’ve come to expect from Whisker, the technology here is as reliable as the Litter-Robot, guaranteeing the correct amount of food at the right time, even sending you a courtesy notification to let you know it’s done for ultimate peace of mind.

The portions are accurate, so you no longer need to worry about portion-controlled meals. And since it operates so quietly, it won’t disturb you at all. We also really admire the backup battery to ensure cats still get food even in the midst of a long-term black-out.

And in case you’re at all worried, each Feeder-Robot comes with a one-year warranty, with the option for a three-year warranty for an extra $50. Still, with the brand’s high-end reputation, it’s unlikely to go wrong. 

What We Didn’t Like About the Feeder-Robot

No product is completely perfect, and there are even some minor quibbles when it comes to the Feeder-Robot.


The Feeder-Robot doesn’t come out of the box ready to use; it requires some set-up and assembly first.

Although this can be a little tricky for the uninitiated, the instructions are clear, and you’ll get there eventually.

Once it’s assembled, it’s quick and easy to pair with the app and get started.


Compared to feeders from other brands, Feeder-Robot is very expensive. But you get what you pay for – a premium product that performs better than other brands.

But despite the hefty price tag, if it’s in your budget, it’s certainly worth it.

Inflexible Serving Sizes

Some cats might find ¼ cup too small but ½ cup too large – or perhaps you might have several cats and need a bit more than one cup.

Ideally, a feeder would have an option for more specific serving sizes, perhaps in increments of eighths rather than the quarters Feeder-Robot offers.

Additionally, you have to remember you can only use dry or semi-moist kibble instead of wet cat food, further limiting the options for your cat’s dinner.

No Alarm or Signal

Other automatic feeders include a feature that calls your cat when it’s time to eat, either playing a tune or a specific signal you record yourself. There’s no such feature with Feeder-Robot. And with it working silently, you have to hope instead that your cat knows when it’s feeding time.

Is the Feeder-Robot Worth It?

Just like the Litter-Robot, Feeder-Robot may be an expensive product, but if you can afford it, you won’t regret it.

Although it’s not perfect and could use both a signal to call the cat to dinner and an option for more flexible serving sizes, it still stands head-and-shoulders above other automatic feeders. It’s a quiet, reliable, easy-to-use automatic feeder that tracks your pet’s feeding habits.

In short, it makes looking after and feeding your cat so much easier. That means they won’t get annoyed when you don’t feed them in time, and frees you up to sort out dinner or give your kitty some extra cuddles.

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