Feeder Robot Review Through a Pet Expert’s Lens: Trustworthy Insights & Results 

Feeder Robot Review

Having to work late or any unexpected social situation that throws off your cat’s feeding schedule is traumatic for both of you and fills pet parents with overwhelming guilt and sadness — right? The Feeder Robot eliminates the need to rush home or call a neighbor to key in and feed your meowing or barking fur baby and makes scheduling meals simple and convenient.

Automatic feeders have been around for decades, but the smart pet feeder is a vast improvement to the automatic pet feeder of yesteryear. My mischievous Siamese was able to break into the one we had way back when.

Cats are no match for the sturdy Feeder Robot. Not only can you monitor what your kitty has eaten, but you’ll receive an alert when the container is running low on food.

The Feeder Robot stores 32 cups of food, and it’s very easily cleaned. Just pull out the removable parts (food bowl, hopper/insert/lid, dispenser, and dispenser flap) once a month for quick hand washing.

The Whisker brand’s high-end reputation and spot as a leading manufacturer piqued our interest in trying the pet feeder and writing a Feeder Robot review about the aesthetically pleasing modern design and the practical, thoughtful design. We were impressed when it dispensed the cat’s food right on schedule, with us having control over the portions.

Feeder Robot

The price of “Feeder Robot” varies, so check the latest price at

What is a Feeder Robot?

feeder robot

Whisker’s Feeder Robot is a smart feeder that even determined pets can’t break into. You program the time and portion of food to dispense and don’t have to worry if you’re stuck at work, out having fun, etc.

The Feeder Robot gives pet parents peace of mind while they are working, on vacation, or doing whatever they need or want to do. Any Feeder Robot review will tell you how amazing these feeders are.

Your morning probably begins with your kitty swatting you in the face at 5:00 a.m., demanding breakfast. Even if you lock your feline out of your room, there’s meowing outside the bedroom or somewhere in the distance.

The programmed Feeder Robot could be the end of the early morning loud and violent cries for breakfast. Ours has worked like a charm for us!

How Does a Feeder Robot Work

feeder Robot mobile app

The Feeder Robot has an app you can download to customize a meal schedule and the amount of food to be dispensed. Two kitties can enjoy it simultaneously if they normally eat together. It can be used for small to medium dogs, too.

Its smart features include portion control and easy-to-set-up feeding times. It also is made from BPA-free plastics and has a chew-resistant power cord.

How Much Does a Feeder Robot Cost?

The price is $299, which reflects its advanced technology. Users say it’s worth every penny. Think of the price as a holiday gift for everyone in the family — including the kitties. The convenience is priceless.

If you prefer an automatic feeder with a little less expensive price tag, take a look at the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder review. Also, there are many other Automatic Cat Feeders worth taking a look at!

Feeder Robot

The price of “Feeder Robot” varies, so check the latest price at

Feeder Robot Review

whisker feeder robot

Let’s embark on a journey with the Feeder Robot; we’ll unearth surprises, conveniences, and a few revelations! Let’s dive into our candid review to see if this gadget is the game-changer your pet routine needs.


litter robot setup

The Feeder Robot has smart pet feeder features that ensure that cat owners don’t have to think about feeding their kitties when they are away or otherwise occupied. I work at home, and my cat and dog bother me for snacks non-stop.

What I like about the feeder is that it lets me do what I need to do without my feline meow-screaming from the kitchen or in my face.

The many options for servings are a fantastic feature, as are the scheduling choices.

Battery Life 

Battery life of whisker feeder robot

It plugs into an outlet, but it does have an internal battery in case of a power outage. If the power goes out, it kicks in. The Feeder Robot will go into power-saving mode when it’s using the internal battery.

When the household power returns, the Feeder Robot will automatically switch to electric mode and start charging its internal battery. It’s a nice feature, and the battery life is 24 hours.

Meal Customization 

Meal customization 

You program the feeding time and the amount of food for your cat into the Feeder Robot app. Your cat can have up to half a cup in 1/8 cup increments, up to eight meals a day. The Feeder Robot app operates remotely, so you can send your cat snacks from wherever you are.

The app also enables you to monitor if your cat has eaten and how much. You’ll receive a notification after your cat eats.

Portion-controlled meals are very healthy and good for weight control, another great feature.

feeder robot reviews

Feeding Schedules

You can program the Feeder Robot to dispense food for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, mid-evening snack, or whatever you want. It can schedule dispersement eight times every day.

Another option is dispensing cat food every six hours with the Gravity feature. The Feeder Robot has anti-jam technology to ensure that your cat’s meal is delivered on time all the time.

Gravity Mode

Gravity mode is an automatic feeding option that tops off the serving bowl every six hours, keeping the bowl full.

Status Indicator Light

When you pair the app to your new Feeder Robot, you touch the connection button on the feeder for a few seconds, and the yellow status indicator with a yellow light will blink.

automatic cat feeder instructions


The user-friendly app is simple to set up: Plug in the feeder, then push the power control button. You just download it and click on the drawing of the feeder (there are also drawings of the Litter Robot). Press the connect button and tick the box, asking if the light is blinking.

Scan the QR code sticker that’s on the bottom of the Feeder Robot or the box that it came in. The app registers the Feeder Robot device.

Then, you connect to your Wi-Fi network and just click through the feeding schedule and the amount you want to be dispensed. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you manage the device from your phone. I used the iOS app. Once you’ve done this, the scheduling and dispensing are ready to begin.

Pros of Feeder Robot 

Stepping into the world of automated pet care, the Feeder Robot boasts a slew of advantages; let’s delve into what makes this gadget a potential standout in your pet’s daily routine.

Easy Use

Easy use 

Our Feeder Robot review demonstrates that the Feeder Robot app is very user-friendly. You just have to put kibble or semi-moist kibble in the hopper, and it will tell you when to refill the machine.

The setup process is simple. You can also choose the analog timer on the Feeder Robot by setting the run time on the feeder itself to control how much comes out.

The weight of the feeder is only nine pounds, so it’s light to move to clean the floor or lift it to wash the parts.

Anytime you press the Gravity button, you can release a serving of cat food for your furry friend. Also, programming manually with the Gravity button on the feeder will send your pet four meals per day.

Reliable and Accurate

It’s very reliable and accurate because of its smart features. They don’t call it a smart pet feeder for nothing! It’s all computerized, so you enter your choices, and the machine follows your schedule and amount instructions. It sends a push notification to let you know your pet ate. It’s all about convenience.

The push notifications are instant as if you have a spy or pet sitter watching your cat for you. The anti-jam technology guarantees the Feeder Robot’s reliability and accuracy. It’s also very quiet; some other feeders frighten nervous kitties or those who don’t want dinner served with sound.


The device is adaptable. You just need an electrical outlet. The thick cord is nicely protected from kitties who enjoy gnawing on cords and anything that resembles string. Plug it in and click through the setup process.

Kitty Proof

One of the most important features of an automatic pet feeder is being pet-proof. I say this from experience. My kitty ripped ours wide open. Crazy kitties will destroy anything in pursuit of treats.

The Feeder Robot has a secure locking hopper and a tamper-resistant lid to keep your cat from busting it open and eating until they get sick. The plastic’s durability is impressive.

In addition, there’s an option to lock the buttons if you think your clever cat will try to feed themself manually. A cat’s certainly smart enough to try to push buttons in an attempt to get kibble, like a kitty carnival game. Sorry, kitty!

Big Dish

Pros of Feeder Robot 

The dish itself has a wide diameter, giving your kitty whisker space. You can order glass bowls or metal bowls if you prefer them to sturdy plastic or want to swap them out.

Cons of Feeder Robot

While the Feeder Robot shines in many areas, it’s only fair to shed light on some aspects that might need a little fine-tuning.

Limited Portion Size Options

As mentioned before, the feeder will only release half of a cup of food throughout the day. If you have multiple cats, you might need more than one Feeder Robot device for their eating pleasure.

No Alarm or Signal

Other automatic feeders include a feature that calls your cat when it’s time to eat, either playing a tune or a specific signal you record yourself. There’s no such feature with Feeder-Robot. And with it working silently, you have to hope instead that your cat knows when it’s feeding time.

Feeder Robot

The price of “Feeder Robot” varies, so check the latest price at

Is Buying a Feeder Robot Worth it?

Is Buying a Feeder Robot Worth it

Yes. If you can afford it, you’ll have the security of being able to feed your pet remotely and not having to worry about your pet’s meal when you’re home and busy. The advanced technology of this feeder takes everything. It’s convenient, it offers ease of maintenance, and it tells you when your kitty eats.

The entire unit only needs to be cleaned once a month and comes apart easily, which is also a convenience.

Automatic feedings are a blessing for you and your feline.


What Is the Capacity of the Feeder Robot for Holding Food?

Its capacity is 32 cups of dry or semi-moist kibble without the secure locking hopper insert and 25 cups of dry (or semi-moist) when the insert is in it.

Is the Use of Automatic Pet Feeders Advisable?

It simplifies your life unless you have two pets fighting over dinner. Leaving a cup of food out can cause obesity, or another pet may steal the snack.

The technology of automatic pet feeders gives you peace of mind and removes doling out pet sustenance from your schedule. What I like about the feeder is that having an automatic feeder is like having an assistant.

Does Feeder Robot Have a Camera?


Is There a Night Light Feature in the Feeder Robot?

Yes, press the Gravity Mode button for three seconds to turn on or turn off Night Mode, which has dimming lights for the feeder.

Final Thoughts

Our Feeder Robot review concludes that the machine is well-made, has many options, can be used with or without a smartphone, is cat-proof, has impressive technology, and is easy to use.

This smart feeder also feeds your pet up to eight meals per day with portion control. Also, setting up the app on your Wifi network is easy. Wi-Fi connectivity does it all, and it’s compatible with Android and Apple iOS apps.

The price tag is a little hefty at $299, but it’s worth it — especially if you are going on vacation or sometimes aren’t home for meal times. If your schedule is crazy with carpooling, work, cooking, etc., scheduled feedings for your cat are a gift for both of you.

It’s superior to other automatic feeders and will alert you when your kitty eats. Having an automatic feeder handling automatic feedings makes life easier and — if you’re really lucky — no more predawn breakfast wake-ups!

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