Best Cat Collar For Indoor And Outdoor Cats

best collar for kitten

A good cat collar can keep your feline friend safe, track her movements, and increase the chances of her being returned to you if lost. On the other hand, the wrong collar could leave your cat fighting for her life.

Choosing the best cat collar is a matter of life and death, which is why we’ve gone to such lengths to find the best cat collars for every type of cat, from the indoor couch potato to the extreme outdoor adventurer.

A cute bow tie collar might be perfect for a cat that spends most of its time sleeping, while for a cat that loves its nocturnal adventures, you need something safe and durable that also identifies her and her owner.



Best for Active Cats

Tractive GPS Tracker

  • Material: Rubber
  • Item Weight: 0.077 pounds

Most Durable

Rogz Nightcat

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 0.05 pounds

Runner Up

LupinePet Safety

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 0.48 pounds


Red Dingo Classic

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 0.044 Punds

Most Versatile

Pawtitas Glow

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 0.32 pounds

Best for Indoor Cats

CollarDirect Leather

  • Material: Leather
  • Item Weight:‎ 0.634 Pounds

Best for Identification

GoTags Nylon Personalized

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 0.24 Pounds

Honorable Mention

Polyester Breakaway

  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 0.088 Pounds

 1. Tractive GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker for Dogs

This intuitive GPS tracker isn’t a cat collar as such, but something you’d attach to the cat’s collar to give you more insights into your cat’s movements and well-being.

The Tractive GPS tracker weighs just 35g and can be attached to any cat collar, from a high-quality breakaway cat collar to the best bow tie design.

With the Tractive GPS tracker, you can set up safe zones and receive an alert on your phone if your cat strays too far. Although it’s more of a location tracker than an invisible fence for cats, this clever gadget also keeps an eye on your cat’s activity levels so you can detect signs of possible illness early on.

The Tractive GPS tracker keeps an eye on your cat’s whereabouts at all times, and you can use the Find Mode to locate your furtive feline friend wherever she may be hiding.

comfortable cat collar

With a basic subscription, you can receive regular location updates and insights into your cat’s activity and sleep patterns. The premium subscription allows several users to track your cat, whether it’s your cat sitter or friends and family, and gives you a breakdown of its favorite locations and routes.


  • Enables you to track your cat’s location and activity with regular updates
  • Receive alerts when your cat strays outside its safe zone


  • The Tractive tracker doesn’t come with a collar, so you’ll still need to invest in one of the best cat collars to use it

Tractive GPS Tracker

The Price of “Tractive GPS Tracker” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Rogz Nightcat Cat Collar

Rogz Reflective Cat Collar

This durable collar includes an adjustable breakaway safety buckle that you can adjust according to your cat’s weight. If you’ve got a small cat, you’ll want to use the lowest setting, while the +11 lbs setting is more suitable for a heavier cat that could remove the collar simply by brushing a doorframe.

This breakaway design minimizes the chances of your cat getting its collar stuck around its jaws and should pop open easily should your cat get its collar hooked on a branch or similar obstacle. It also makes the Rogz Nightcat Collar the best breakaway cat collar in our selection.

In addition to the breakaway buckle, the Rogz Nightcat contains reflective materials that glow in the dark, making your kitty more visible on its night-time excursions. It’s also made from scratchproof polyester webbing, making it robust yet comfortable enough for your cat to wear 24/7.

Perfect for the outdoor cat, the Rogz Nightcat cat collar also comes with a removable bell so you can decide whether you want your cat on stealth mode or prefer to warn its potential prey of its imminent attack.

safest cat collar

Although it’s only available in one size, it can be adjusted to fit a neck size of up to 12 inches.

Although this is a breakaway cat collar, it is comparatively pricey compared to some of the best cat collars. But its durability and adjustable breakaway buckle mean it’s worth every cent.


  • The adjustable breakaway feature makes it suitable for cats of all sizes
  • The high-quality nylon webbing makes it durable and long-lasting


  • Higher price range

Rogz Nightcat Cat Collar

The Price of “Rogz Nightcat Cat Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

3. LupinePet Safety Cat Collar

LupinePet Originals

This stylish breakaway collar is made from woven nylon webbing, which makes it strong yet comfortable. The pattern is woven into the webbing so there are no rough spots that could irritate your cat’s skin.

This cat collar is made from durable material and features a custom-designed breakaway buckle with a release point of approximately 4.5 lbs, making it suitable for most adult cats.

The LupinePet Safety cat collar is available either with a bell or without and comes with a lifetime guarantee! So even if your cat chews or scratches this collar to pieces, you can return the old one and receive a brand-new replacement!

While the breakaway clasp is an important safety feature, it’s not very useful if it gives way so easily that your cat spends more time without her collar on than with it!

Sadly, this cat collar doesn’t stand up to Boudica’s rough African lifestyle quite as well as the one from Rogz. Of course, there is a silver lining – we got very fit hiking all over the farm, looking for it every time she lost it!

cat collar

It was ideal during her adolescence when we needed an adjustable cat collar to cope with her rapid growth, but as she got older, the breakaway feature proved too easy to open.


  • Webbing design makes the collar long-lasting and comfortable to wear
  • This cat collar comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • The breakaway clasp is too easy to undo

LupinePet Safety Cat Collar

The Price of “LupinePet Safety Cat Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Collar

Red Dingo Classic Nylon

This affordable breakaway collar from Red Dingo is made of heavy-duty nylon and features a quick-release safety clip, a metal ring to attach your kitty’s ID tags, and a wildlife safety bell that warns birds and small animals of your cat’s approach.

Its simple design and adjustable length make it suitable for most adult cats, and it’s machine washable and easy to clean, even if your cat wears it constantly.

Although the combination of high-quality nylon and abrasion-resistant ribbon makes it comfortable for most cats, some may find the nylon irritates their skin, causing hair loss and scratching.

reflective cat collars

Younger cats may also be tempted to chew on the plastic breakaway buckle, causing it to malfunction.

At less than half the price of premium brands, this is a great cat collar for those on a budget or with multiple cats.


  • Affordable and robust
  • It comes with a ring for your cat’s ID tags, so it’s more likely to be brought home after a long night of exploring


  • Nylon can cause allergic reactions in sensitive felines
  • Safety features could be more robust

Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Collar

The Price of “Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Cat Collar

Pawtitas Glow in The Dark Cat Collar

This reinforced breakaway collar is strong when you need it to be but allows your cat to easily break free the moment it gets caught in a confined place or hooked on a fence or other protruding object.

The Pawtitas Glow in the Dark collar is made from reinforced nylon that increases its durability, making it suitable for outdoor cats with a sense of adventure.

Although many cat owners prefer their collars with bells, so they know where their cat is, if like me, you want your cat to hunt the mice stealing your groceries, you can easily remove the bell and increase your cat’s chances of making a kill.

This adjustable cat collar fits neck sizes between 8 and 12 inches, making it suitable for most domestic cat breeds. It also has a glow-in-the-dark band so you can spot your cat more easily at night.

most comfortable cat collar

Unfortunately, this reflective cat collar doesn’t work particularly well, so you might want to leave the bell attached if you have a particularly stealthy black cat that disappears in the dark.

The glowing strip is also sewn into the cat collar, leaving sharp edges on the inside that could rub against your cat’s neck.


  • A long-lasting and fully adjustable cat collar
  • Features an effective breakaway clasp


  • Stitching may irritate your cat’s neck
  • Glow in the dark strip is not particularly good for spotting dark-colored cats at night

Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Cat Collar

The Price of “Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Cat Collar” varies, so check the latest price at

6. CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Bell

CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar

Should indoor cats wear collars? Indoor kitties don’t need the safety or visibility of those free to roam, but a collar still provides some level of security and peace of mind.

Even the laziest cat could escape, and having some form of identification is the best way of ensuring it finds its way home.

An indoor cat doesn’t run the same risks as an outdoor cat, but breakaway cat collars are still recommended, just in case it gets stuck on a curtain rail or a door handle.

While we can’t rate this leather cat collar as one of the best breakaway collars, it is good enough for a cat that rarely leaves the house and often has its owner around to keep an eye on it.

Instead of a breakaway safety buckle, this collar has an elastic strap that should stretch and break if the collar snags on a piece of furniture. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work effectively and could entangle your cat if it tries chewing on it.

The elastic may also stretch, rather than break, allowing your cat to get a paw stuck inside, along with its head. This is a serious safety hazard and can cause discomfit and injury if no one is around to assist.

cat safety collar

The soft leather of this high-quality cat collar is ideal for cats with sensitive skin or allergies and won’t rub or chafe in the way that some tougher nylon collars might. It’s also available in multiple sizes and comes with a bell, so you can keep track of your cat’s whereabouts and stop it from killing birds and other wildlife.


  • The soft leather material makes this cat collar suitable for sensitive cats
  • Metal loop big enough to accommodate ID tags and bell


  • The elastic strap may stretch rather than break, causing your cat distress and injury

CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Bell

The Price of “CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Bell” varies, so check the latest price at

 7. GoTags Nylon Personalized Reflective Breakaway

GoTags Nylon Personalized Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

This customizable collar is made from soft, snag-proof material and a breakaway safety buckle. The reflective strip runs the full length of the collar and can be engraved with up to 21 characters, providing information such as your phone number and cat’s name.

This provides an easy way for anyone finding your cat to contact you and get it home safely. Even if your cat is microchipped, an external ID tag offers a more straightforward way of tracking down her owner.

These breakaway collars come in five fun colors, so you can select the one that best reflects your cat’s personality. It’s a great collar that most cats will feel comfortable wearing, making it suitable for everyday use.

While most collars are too small for extra large cats, this one can fit a neck size of up to 13″, making it suitable for larger breeds like the Savannah or Maine Coon. 

best collars for cats

Although this is a great collar for recognition purposes, its safety features are a little disappointing. The buckle on this breakaway cat collar is not particularly secure, so your cat could remove it just by scratching. 


  • Characters on the reflective strip make it easy to identify a lost cat 
  • Suitable for everyday use 


  • The buckle of the breakaway collar is flimsy and easily undone 

GoTags Nylon Personalized Reflective Breakaway

The Price of “GoTags Nylon Personalized Reflective Breakaway” varies, so check the latest price at

 8. Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

Frisco Rose Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

This breakaway cat collar with bell is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. The sturdy plastic hardware is contoured so it won’t rub your cat’s fur or cause irritation. 

It features a unique quick-release circle buckle clip designed to pop up the moment it gets snagged and a removable bell.

Although it’s easily adjustable, it’s not suitable for kittens that weigh less than 8 lbs. One reviewer experienced problems when her kitten chewed through the “sturdy plastic hardware.”

cute cat collar


  • Sturdy design that’s comfortable to wear 
  • Suitable for most adult cats 


  • Kittens may chew through the plastic breakaway buckle 

Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The Price of “Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell” varies, so check the latest price at

The Pros and Cons of the Best Cat Collar

The best cat collar is one that fits perfectly, is made of good quality materials, breaks away easily should the cat get caught on a branch, and is free of additional decorations that could irritate your cat’s skin.

Some cat collars also glow when it’s dark, have a place to attach an ID tag, and are resilient enough to cope with the inevitable scratching.

Even indoor kitties wear collars because there’s always the chance they’ll escape when your back’s turned. You can also attach a bell to your cat’s collar, so there’s less chance of tripping over him or being at the receiving end of an unexpected ambush!

What to Look for in the Best Cat Collar

best cat calming collar

Shopping for a new cat collar isn’t an easy process. There are so many to choose from! You might start off by looking at adjustable cat collars, and five minutes later, find yourself pondering the pros and cons of flea collars.

Before you start, identify the problem. Do you want your cat to be visible at night, or are you looking at a calming collar to reduce stress? For this article, we’re focusing on robust collars suitable for everyday use, both at home and when roaming. 

Given those parameters, the most critical features of the best cat collars are:

Finding the Right Size Cat Collar 

The best cat collar is one you can fit perfectly, even if your cat’s weight varies. There are lots of adjustable cat collars available, and this is often your best option, especially if you’ve got a young cat that hasn’t finished growing yet. 

How to Fit a Cat Collar Correctly 

If your cat’s collar doesn’t fit properly, it can cause discomfort and injury. You should be able to comfortably slide two fingers under the collar while your cat’s wearing it. Any tighter than that, it could rub; any looser, and it could catch on branches and furniture, injuring your cat. 

The Best Materials for Cat Collars 

Collars made from durable materials like nylon and polyester webbing are ideal for an adventurous cat but could cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin. Natural materials, like hemp or leather, are generally better for sensitive cats but may not be as robust, meaning you’ll have to replace them more frequently. 

Safety Features of the Best Cat Collars 

An ill-fitting, poor-quality cat collar is a safety hazard. In the UK last year, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) issued a warning after they received “more than 60 reports of cats who had been injured by their collars.”

One of the biggest problems is cats getting their paws stuck in their collars, which is why breakaway collars are becoming so popular. The safety features on these collars mean they break or give way under a certain amount of pressure, preventing your cat from getting snagged and reducing the risk of injury. 

Other safety features include reflective strips that make the cat more visible at night, wildlife bells that warn birds and small animals of your cat’s approach, and ID tags that, along with microchips, help ensure your cat always finds its way home.

Different Styles of Cat Collars 

Style isn’t necessarily about making your cat look adorable or cool – it’s more about keeping it safe. 

Whether you opt for breakaway collars with a GPS tracker attached, a reflective cat collar, or one with a designated metal ring for your cat’s ID tags, safety should always come before style. 

Fortunately, with so many fun colors and styles, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. 

Importance of Identification in Cat Collars 

Even with an indoor cat, there’s always the possibility of escape, so having a collar that identifies you as the cat’s owner increases the chances of it getting home safely. 

Microchipped cats also benefit from an identification collar because not everyone has a scanner to read the microchip, making it useless in some situations. 

Business Ethics of Buying a Cat Collar

Before making a purchase, check out the company you’re buying from. Do they have a good customer service record? Does the collar come with any guarantees? Will you be able to get a refund if the collar doesn’t fit properly? 

This may not seem that important, but if you’re buying online, you want to know you’re dealing with a reputable seller. 


The best cat collars keep your feline friends safe, making them easy to identify, more visible at night, and providing your kitty with a quick release mechanism so it won’t get caught or injured. 

It might be fun to dress your cat in the best bow tie collar, but it won’t do him much good on a night-time excursion. 

A cat collar with reflective material, like the Rogz Nightcat cat collar, or a good-quality breakaway collar, like the LupinePet Safety cat collar, is more appropriate for daily use, especially if you’ve got a cat that likes to wander. 

GPS trackers like the one from Tractive are handy if you want to keep tabs on your cat’s whereabouts and get insights into the cat’s overall health and level of activity. 

Those features are irrelevant if your cat rarely strays off the sofa and expensive if your cat’s the king of lost collars!

Every cat is different, and what might prove to be the best cat collar for one could be a death trap for another. 

Whatever style of cat collar you opt for, it’s critical that it fits correctly and includes safety features to protect your cat against snagging and potential injury. 

Good luck with your mission, and I hope you find the right collar to fit your needs and reflect your cat’s unique personality. 

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