Stop Animal Testing – Ending the Barbaric Cruelty

animal testing should be banned

For far too long, animals have been subject to suffering in the name of medical research, such as chemical testing for beauty and cosmetic products.

Luckily, countries all over the world are finding alternatives in the fight to stop the cruel and unnecessary practice of animal testing. So how can we do our bit so no more animals suffer in the name of beauty or medicine?

Ending animal testing is as straightforward as making humane decisions, using Cruelty-Free International certified products, and spreading the word to friends and family to do the same and make ethical choices.

How To Stop Animal Testing?

There were 115 million laboratory animals bred in the U.S. alone. These were used and disposed of for product testing. Animals such as rabbits, mice, rats, dogs, and even farm animals suffer through painful experiments for cosmetics companies, toxicity, and chemical testing.

why animal testing should be banned

In a world full of such broad technologies, it’s time that these poor animals receive the ethical treatment they deserve, and we put an end to the cruel normal of testing on animals.

If, like us, you adore animals, then let’s talk about the small changes you can make to end this cruelty.

1. Donate To a Great Cause

There are many ways to help stop animal testing. The most important thing we can do is support organizations working to end this practice.

We can also donate money or time to these groups and spread the word about their work. Every little bit helps when it comes to stopping animal testing. By taking action, we can make a difference for animals all over the world.

2. Always Buy Cruelty-Free Products

When you’re buying new cosmetics, whether it’s shampoo or mascara, we all tend to stick with the same products we’ve trusted for years, but is that really best?

There are a great variety of cruelty-free brands emerging, and many of your favorite companies might even already be cruelty-free!

Look for the Leaping Bunny logo. If you’re not sure, then the handy barcode scanner from the Leaping Bunny Programme can tell you if a product has been tested on animals or made by a brand that uses alternatives to animal testing.

stop animal testing

3. Buy Cruelty-Free Household Products

It’s common for most people to assume animal testing is mainly used for makeup and beauty products, but plenty of other companies use animal testing laboratories for their cleaning products too.

Companies that do not use animals will usually be transparent and have this information on their packaging or website. Still, if you can’t find the accreditation, then the PETA list will give you the answers you need.

4. Look For The Leaping Bunny

In 1996 the Leaping Bunny Program began its operations on cosmetics in the US and Canada, ensuring that no animals are used to contribute to their product development. As a result, it is now considered a global gold standard for cruelty-free products.

Over the past few years, the number of cruelty-free companies has increased, and there are now over 2000 certified Leaping Bunny brands working to end animal testing for the future of the cosmetics industry.

If a product has the approved Leaping Bunny symbol, it’s made by a humane brand with proper medical education.

5. Make Your Own Household Products

stop animal testing picture

Another way to support the fight is through DIY! It’s actually quite fun and can save you a lot of money too. Instead of forking out on animal-tested products, get involved and make your household products and beauty products using natural ingredients you can customize yourself.

From just a quick online search, you can find reliable sources with tonnes of information on how to better your health through DIY cleaning and cosmetics.

White vinegar can be used for endless amounts of household cleaning hacks, such as removing greasy films, leaving windows streak-free, and as a laundry softener!

Our favorite example is replacing the chemicals in your standard bathroom & kitchen cleaners with a simple mixture of baking soda and white vinegar: cheap, easy, and antibacterial too!

6. Boycott Companies That Use Animal Research

animal testing

Every year the United States federal government invests around $15 billion into the animal testing industry, despite the National Institutes of Health (NIH) asking the U.S. Congress to end this cruelty.

Even speaking up against using classroom dissection as a justified method of education is a step in the right direction. And this is not just down to the children; educators need to make a stand too.

Luckily, all European Union countries have either a full or partial ban on these experiments and now test without animal use.

End animal experiments! You can help animal testing become a thing of the past by boycotting companies who use mammal testing and encouraging the change to responsible medicine and beauty testing.

7. Donating Your Body To Science

Hear me out here; by donating your body to science, you can encourage honorable advancements in scientific research by allowing your body to become educational material!

stop animals donation

Not only is it incredibly cool, the need for animal research drastically declines when valuable organs and human bodies are available to medical researchers. Other species can’t consent, but you can; there are many animals that will thank you!

8. Educate Others

Finally, the best way to stop animals from being subject to this suffering is to educate those around you regarding what goes on in these laboratories.

Tell your friends and family to support brands that aren’t reliant on animal testing, and share research from companies such as:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Anti Vivisection Society (NAVS)
  • White Coat Waste Project (WCW)
  • Humane Society International (HSI)
  • Physicians Committee (PCRM)

Buy products that contribute to alternative methods of testing and even sign up for human clinical trials if you want to; just get the word out there and do your part. This will help end unnecessary suffering by brands that test on animals and find alternative methods.

What Happens if We Don’t Stop Animal Testing?

It’s truly horrifying that scientists have found only 43% of lab animal tests performed on the 115 million animals each year to be accurate, so why do we continue to use animals and put our well-being above theirs?

Not only are there moral concerns, but when each test can be matched with a better alternative than animal experimentation and does not put animals’ lives at risk, then it makes no sense to put other animals through such torture.

Animal Experiments – The Alternatives

Experimentation using advanced algorithms and even experimental medicines using skin cells from those suffering from certain diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is another option for animal testing.

As we advance in medicine and technology, we have developed past the need for animal testing for gains in human health, and with 90% of new drugs tested on animals being deemed unfit for humans, there is no need for animals to suffer.

stop animal testing

In 2015 the law changed to protect the lives of chimpanzees from invasive experiments, yet estimates suggest today almost 300 remain in labs.

Remember, speak up if you have any concerns regarding cosmetics or medical certification, and make others aware that what many stores can sell might not be a moral choice for millions of animals around the world.

Final Thoughts

Animal testing needs to be stopped, and together we can work towards a world free from animal experimentation. By reducing our use of products that contain chemicals, we can make a difference not only to the animals but also to the environment.

With so many countries such as Mexico, Australia, the UK, South Korea, and more having full or partial bans on the use of chemicals and cosmetic animal testing, there is almost always a better option for the products we choose.

There are many ways that you can help end animal testing by making small changes, such as buying cruelty-free products that carry the leaping bunny logo, contributing to ending the suffering of millions of animals in history.

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