Puppy Weight Calculator

Predict your pup's growth and size!

Why Use the Calculator?

Estimate future weight based on current weight and age. Plan for nutrition, milestones, and care.

Dog Size When Fully Grown

Dogs vary in size from X-Small breeds like Chihuahuas to Giant breeds like Great Danes.

How Big Will Your Puppy Get?

Factors influencing size include breed, genetics, growth rate, nutrition, health, gender, and spaying/neutering.

Dog Growth & Development

– From neonatal to senior stages, proper care ensures they grow into happy, healthy companions.

Benefits of Knowing Your Dog's Weight

Monitor health, provide appropriate nutrition, and make travel arrangements.

Puppy Weight Calculator Formula

Adult weight = (Puppy weight / Puppy age in weeks) * 52.

Dog's Weight Category

From X-Small (<12 lbs) to Giant (>99 lbs).

Predicting Your Dog's Height

From Toy dogs (Max. 12 in) to Giant dogs (Max. 44 in).

Using the Puppy Weight Calculator

Enter age in weeks, current weight in pounds, and click "calculate".

Knowing your puppy's future weight helps in planning and building a strong bond.