17 Types of Poodle Mixes and Doodle Dogs That’ll Steal Your Heart & Sofa!

doodle dog

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds because their traits include being sweet, smart, and not having much dander.

Australian Wally Conron created the first doodle cross, the Labradoodle, 30 years ago as a guide dog for a Hawaiian woman whose husband was allergic to canines. After realizing that poodle dogs don’t quite have a guide dog personality, he crossed one with a Labrador retriever.

Breeding poodles with other dog breeds became a craze, and everyone was using poodles to cross and make other types of doodle hybrids were created. It’s difficult to keep track of the many doodle dogs that are emerging. Because these canines are bred from two dog breeds, results may vary. Color, coat length, etc., depend on which breed’s genes are more dominant.

The Poodle is one of the most popular dogs because they are one of the smartest dog breeds and have lovely personalities. Some of these designer dog cross breeds are unexpected, and they may look like they have a perm.

Doodles are extremely popular because they are super adorable, non-shedding, or low shedding. Their appearance depends on which type of poodle is crossed with another breed.

Types of Poodles

Poodle dogs, perhaps the smartest dog breed, also have great personalities, which makes them popular for cross-breeding.

Here are 17 adorable doodle crossbreeds with information about their parents, personalities, coats, etc.

1. Foodle 

poodle mix dog breeds
Image Credit: @bonniethefoodle
GROUPHybrid, none of the poodle mix dog breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)
HEIGHT10-11 inches tall
WEIGHT9-12 pounds
FUR & COLORDense and short, curly, or wavy in black, brown, white, and gray
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
PERSONALITYAlert, affectionate, smart, and easy to train. They like children and other pets
PARENT BREEDSPoodle and Toy fox terrier

The Foodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Toy Fox terrier and is also referred to as a Toy Foodle, Foxipoo, Toy Fox Poo, and Toy Fox Doodle.

They were first created in the 1990s. They are good watch pups and need an hour to an hour and a half of walking, playing, running around the yard, etc., daily.

2. Goldendoodle

doodle dog
HEIGHT20-24 inches tall
WEIGHT15-90 pounds
FUR & COLORWavy, curly, or straight coat; golden color from their Golden retriever parent
LIFE SPAN10-15 years
PERSONALITYThey are intelligent, energetic, and want to walk, play, or go for a swim. Good with dogs and children. Loving and loyal.
PARENT BREEDSGolden retriever and Poodle

The Goldendoodle is one of the most popular doodle dogs. They are bred in three sizes: Toy Poodle size, miniature size, and standard pup size. Conron gave the breed the name “Goldendoodle” in 1992.

Goldendoodles need 20-30 minutes of physical activity each day because they are high-energy pups. Such a cute mix, and the Mini Goldendoodles are precious! They sometimes inherit the poodle coloring, with black, white, and even red coats. They range from small to large.

Goldendoodles and other doodle breeds may be prone to health issues that Golden retrievers (and other canine parents) aren’t. Potential owners need to be aware of that. They are employed as therapy, guide, sniffer, and service dogs.

3. Sheepadoodles 

doodle breeds
HEIGHT18-27 inches tall
WEIGHT65-85 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly and medium-length coat, black and white bicolor
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
PERSONALITYFriendly, outgoing, playful, intelligent, likes children and other pets
PARENT BREEDSEnglish Sheepdog and Poodle

Sheepadoodles were introduced in the 1960s by the U.S. Army, prized for their smarts, loyalty, and instinctive abilities.

Sheepadoodles, another beautiful mix, are active and need daily physical activity. These pups are easy to train and love water, hiking, and cold weather.

4. Bernedoodle

doodle dogs
HEIGHT10-29 inches tall
WEIGHT10-90 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly, wavy, or straight. Black, white, and tan markings
LIFE SPAN12-18 years
PERSONALITYDevoted, friendly, affectionate, good-natured, playful, stubborn, intelligent, and goofy.
PARENT BREEDSBernese mountain dog and Poodle mix.

Bernedoodles like it when their pack is home with them. The Bernese Mountain Dog Cross was born in 2003 and is also called Bernese Mountain Poos. These doodles need to be trained and socialized at an early age.

While Bernedoodles can be more headstrong, they usually have less energy compared to Goldendoodles.

5. Labradoodle 

doodles dogs
HEIGHT14-24 inches tall
WEIGHT15-65 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly, wavy, or straight coat. Chocolate, red, cafe, cream, apricot, parchment, black, chalk, phantom, parti, lavender, sable, blue, abstract, caramel, silver, gold
LIFE SPAN10-15 years
PERSONALITYFriendly, intelligent, needs exercise, playful.
PARENT BREEDSLabrador Retriever and Poodle

Labradoodles, another of the most popular doodle breeds, love to swim, play fetch, walk, and do agility courses. Labradoodles are devoted and easy to train.

The Labradoodle comes in Toy Poodle, miniature, small, medium, and standard sizes. The Mini Labradoodles are a darling mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

6. Aussiedoodles 

doodle dog breeds
HEIGHT14-25 inches tall
WEIGHT25-100 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly, wavy, straight, flat coat.Black, blue, brown, chocolate, liver, cream, fawn, gray, red, white
LIFE SPAN10-14 years
PERSONALITYPlayful, friendly, gentle, intelligent, good with dogs and kids, loyal, goofy
PARENT BREEDSAustralian Shepherd and Poodle

These cuties can be a bit willful, need an hour of exercise daily, and are perfect when socialized and trained. Aussiedoodles don’t shed much.

These canines are widely adored for their goofy and happy go lucky personalities!

7. Rottle

Rottweiler and Poodle mix  dog  breed
Image Credit: @aristotletherottle
HEIGHT10-25 inches tall
WEIGHT50-100 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly, loose curl, straight coat.Gray, blue, red, brown, white, black, parti-colored
LIFE SPAN9-10 years
PERSONALITYBrave, sweet temperament, playful, good with pets and children
PARENT BREEDSRottweiler and Poodle

Rottles have been bred in Germany since the 1980s, where they sought an easygoing dog breed for protection. They need proper training.

Rottles are loyal and protective, but they have a hunting instinct, so they need to learn not to chase other pets. Have you ever heard of these doodle dogs? This is a new one for me!

8. Irish Doodle

what is a doodle dog
HEIGHT22-28 inches tall
WEIGHT40-75 pounds
FUR & COLORSoft and curly like a Poodle’s coat, comes in a few shades of dark red
LIFE SPAN10-13 years
PERSONALITYSocial, loyal, intelligent, active, good with children and great family pets
PARENT BREEDSIrish Setter and Poodle

Irish Setter dogs and Poodle dogs are hunting and retrieving experts. They don’t bark much and need physical activity. Irish Doodles are obedient and skilled in agility.

This dog is also called an Irish Doodle Setter, Irish Poo Setter, Irish Setterdoodle, or Irish Setterpoo.

9. Yorkiepoo 

types of doodle dogs
HEIGHT7-15 inches tall
WEIGHT5-15 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly and wiry coat. Black, blue, brown/chocolate/liver, cream, gray
LIFE SPAN10-15 years
PERSONALITYFriendly, gentle, playful, social, active, intelligent
PARENT BREEDSYorkshire terrier and Poodle

Yorkiepoos are very smart and need to be physically and mentally stimulated. They are snuggly and easy to train.

Dog lovers adore them for their intelligence, warmth, gentle nature, and small stature—perfect for apartment life. However, they can be quite a barker.

10. Schnoodles 

what's a doodle dog
HEIGHT10-26 inches tall
WEIGHT5-70 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly coat.Black, gray, white, sable, apricot, parti (two or more colors)
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
PERSONALITYLoyal, intelligent, playful, friendly, and good with family pets and youngsters
PARENT BREEDSSchnauzer and Poodle

Schnauzer dogs and Poodle dogs both come in toy, miniature, standard, and giant — most Schnoodles are small. The Schnoodle will bark a lot unless trained not to do so.

The Schnoodle needs to exercise a half-hour daily, and they are always game, long walks, fetching, and running around in a fenced-in yard. The Schnoodle is eager to please their owners. The Schnoodle was first bred in the 1980s.

11. Pyredoodle

doodle breed
HEIGHT22-28 inches tall
WEIGHT40-100 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly or loose curl coat
LIFE SPAN10-12 years
PERSONALITYAffectionate, intelligent, loyal, gentle, protective, friendly, good with dogs and youngsters
PARENT BREEDSGreat Pyrenees and Poodle

If you’re seeking a calm, affectionate canine with abundant love to offer, this breed is ideal. Yet, while they’re peaceful, they aren’t necessarily small, potentially reaching up to 100 pounds.

These adorable pooches don’t bark unless they need to alert their owners to something. They are gentle giants. Pyredoodles need a good amount of physical activity and make great family pets.

12. Shih-Poo

medium doodle breeds
HEIGHT8 to 18 inches tall
WEIGHT8-18 pounds
FUR & COLORCoat can be curly or straight. Colors include black, white, brown, brindle, or a combination
LIFE SPAN13-17+ years
PERSONALITYFriendly, affectionate, and playful
PARENT BREEDSShih Tzu and Poodle

The Shih Poo waits for their pet parents to sit down so they can jump into their lap. The Shih poo is quiet. The Shih poo is calm and also likes to play.

The Shih poo is one of the most popular doodle dogs and bred from a toy or miniature poodle.

13. Cavapoo

different doodle breeds
HEIGHT9-14 inches tall
WEIGHT9-25 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly orloose curl coat. Gold, black, chestnut, cream, white, or a tricolor of black, tan and white.
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
PERSONALITYAffectionate, social, high intelligence, and playful
PARENT BREEDSCavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle

Precious Cavapoos were first born in Australia in the 1990s. This poodle mix needs moderate exercise and is very trainable.

A Cavapoo puppy will usually inherit the fur and intelligence of the Poodle and the loving nature of the Cavalier.

14. Boxerdoodles 

best doodle dogs
HEIGHT10-25 inches tall
WEIGHT12-70 pounds
FUR & COLORMedium curly coat. Black, blue, brown/chocolate/liver, cream, fawn, gold/yellow, gray, red, white
LIFE SPAN10-12 years
PERSONALITYHigh intelligence, playful, friendly, loyal, good with cats, kids, and other dogs
PARENT BREEDSBoxer and Poodle

Boxerdoodles are very trainable, love water, and need to be groomed a lot. They are somewhat rare, but they love being family dogs.

15. Whoodle

different types of doodle dogs
HEIGHT12-20 inches tall
WEIGHT20-45 pounds
FUR & COLORSilky short to medium-length coat. Colors are black, brown, red, silver gray, cream
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
PERSONALITYFriendly, active, enthusiastic, highly intelligent, stubborn, and loving
PARENT BREEDSSoft-coated Wheaton Terrier and Poodle

Whoodles need a lot of exercise and a daily brush. They are good with other dogs and kids and thrive in quiet as well as active homes.

16. Jack-a-poo

kinds of doodles
HEIGHT10-16 inches tall
WEIGHT13-25 pounds
FUR & COLORSome have straight, wiry coats, and some have tight, curly hair. White, black, brown, tan, gray, and blue
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
PERSONALITYLoving, energetic, intelligent, very friendly
PARENT BREEDSJack Russel Terrier and Poodle

Jack-a-poos need physical activity and attention. They are high energy and will bark or misbehave without stimulus. Jack-a-poos also need socialization and training when they are young.

17. Poochon 

cutest doodle breeds
HEIGHT9-15 inches tall
WEIGHT6-20 pounds
FUR & COLORCurly, coarse, and dense coat. White, black, cream, apricot, red, brown, or silver
LIFE SPAN10-18 years
PERSONALITYSweet temperament, lively, playful, affectionate, friendly, and intelligent.
PARENT BREEDSBishon Frise and Poodle

Poochons, another gorgeous mix, were bred in Australia. They don’t like being left alone for extended periods of time and should be brushed daily or every other day.

Choose Breeders Wisely for the Healthiest Poodle Mix

Unfortunately, some people like to cash in on a trend, so you need to check references if you’re going to buy a puppy from a breeder.

There are unscrupulous people who just want to make money and don’t follow best practices when crossbreeding doodles because profit is more important to them than the health of a puppy.


What kind of dog is a Doodle?

A doodle is a cross of a poodle and another of the purebreds.

Which Doodle dog is the most peaceful?

The mixed lap dog Cavapoo and lap dog Shih Poo are known to be the most calm.

What are the cons of Doodles?

When two different breeds are crossed, characteristics can vary, so there are no guarantees. Also, like all breeds, doodle breeds may suffer from the health issues that their parents have.

Which Doodle breed is the most suitable for a family?

The Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle are great family dogs, which explains why we see them everywhere!


Doodle dog breeds’ traits include being sweet, loving, smart, and active. Some need a lot of physical activity (they are only part-time couch potatoes), and socialization and training are always a good idea.

Although doodles aren’t actually hypoallergenic, many people with allergies to dogs can live with these pooches because poodles and any cross of them only produce a small amount of dander.

It’s always nice to adopt a pup from a rescue group. Some have pooches that are part poodle. Also, you can contact a poodle rescue group or go to www.petfinder.com to find many pure breeds and probably some Poodle mixes at any given time.

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