17 Healthiest Dog Breeds That Top the Charts with Robust Well-being

Healthiest Dog Breeds

When we adopt a pet, we don’t typically stop to think about how long they will live. That said, there’s a variety of factors that go into a dog’s life expectancy, such as how active it is, its diet, and any predispositions it may have to genetic disorders or diseases. You can take a glance at what to expect with our dog life expectancy calculator.

When it comes to adopting a dog, it’s only natural to want to choose among the healthiest breeds. These are the types known for having few health issues, which means they often come from responsible breeders — if you’re buying purebred dogs. Mixed breed dogs also tend to be healthier than purebred in some instances due to genetic diseases being bred out.

Another well-known fact is that smaller dogs tend to live longer than big dogs, though their larger counterparts can live a long, healthy life.

Healthiest Dog Breeds

We’ve compiled a list of 17 of the healthiest dog breeds you’ll find and all of their endearing qualities. 

1. Australian Cattle Dog – Healthiest Breed With the Longest Lifespan

healthiest dog breeds
Height17″ to 20″
Weight35 to 50 pounds
Coat and ColorDouble coat, smooth; blue-gray or red
Life Expectancy12 to 16 years

If you live an active lifestyle, you’ll appreciate the Australian Cattle Dog, which thrives with active families. This pup has also made it onto our cute dog breeds. It has boundless energy and is designed to be a working dog.

The Australian Cattle Dog is good for all size families. The main thing you have to worry about with this healthy dog breed is it possibly tearing a ligament due to its robust activity levels.

2. Beagle – Healthiest Hound Breed 

what dog has the least health problems
HeightAmerican Kennel Club recognizes two varieties: up to 13″ and 13″ to 15″
Weightunder 20 pounds and 20 to 30 pounds
Coat and ColorSmooth, short coat; black, red, and white; red and black; lemon; blue, tan, and white; tan and white; and many others.
Life Expectancy10 to 15 years

Beagles are known for being ornery, but they’re also one of the healthiest dogs you can adopt. They make excellent family pets with their loyalty and devotion, plus they’re low-maintenance.

One of the things you should be on the lookout for with Beagles is that they are prone to obesity. However, moderate exercise can help with this, and they are generally healthy dogs.

3. Australian Shepherd – Healthy medium sized dog

healthy dog breeds
Height18″ to 23″ 
Weight40 to 65 pounds
Coat and ColorMedium-length double coat; black, red, blue merle, and red merle
Life Expectancy12 to 15 years

The Australian Shepherd is one of the medium-sized dog breeds that has a long life expectancy. Because they’re very active, Australian Shepherds have few health issues.

You can take an Australian Shepherd with you on hikes, bike rides, and even jogs, as the breed is more than capable of keeping up with you. 

4. Chihuahua – Healthiest Small Sized Breed

healthiest dogs
Height5″ to 8″
Weightup to 6 pounds
Coat and ColorShort- or long-haired coat; many colors including white, black, cream, fawn, red, and others. 
Life Expectancy14 to 16 years

The Chihuahua, which also graces our list of small dog breeds, is actually one of the most popular dogs. It is small but mighty and always content to be where you are.

Chihuahuas have few health problems but are more prone to cardiac issues, eye conditions, and patellar luxation as they age.

5. Greyhound – Healthy Large Sized Breed

dog breeds with the least health problems
Height27″ to 30″ 
Weight60 to 70 pounds
Coat and ColorSmooth, short coat; variety of colors including gray, brown, brindle, and other colors
Life Expectancy10 to 13 years

Greyhounds are legit goofballs. They’re also one of the healthiest dog breeds out there. They are pretty much free from most health conditions but may develop osteosarcoma, bone cancer, and congenital heart disease. Regular vet visits are a must.

One of the most common questions that comes up when this breed is mentioned is: Is Greyhound racing cruel? Those who care for their dogs and make sure they’re well cared for and see a vet regularly would know the answer is yes!

6. Poodle – Healthiest Breed With Minimal Shedding Rate

healthiest longest living dog breeds
GroupNonsporting or Toy
HeightThree varieties: Standard (over 15″); Miniature (10″ to 15″); Toy (up to 10″)
WeightStandard (40 to 70 pounds); Miniature (10 to 15 pounds); Toy (4 to 6 pounds)
Coat and ColorDense, curly coat; brown, white, black, gray, apricot, and other colors
Life Expectancy10 to 18 years

If you’re looking for a diva dog, someone might recommend a Poodle. However, this pup is anything but. Poodles are boundless, fun, and great family dogs.

The other great thing about Poodles is that they don’t shed and are the only dog breed on this list that is hypoallergenic. Poodles are intelligent and active dogs.

7. Havanese – Healthiest Warm Weather Resistant Breed

what are the healthiest dog breeds
Height8.5″ to 11.5″
Weight7 to 13 pounds
Coat and ColorSilky, long coat; variety of colors including white and gray
Life Expectancy14 to 16 years

The Havanese is one of the small dogs on this list, but they’re very social and great pets. Havanese tend to do really well in warm climates and make great companions that will travel well.

Havanese Dogs may develop liver or kidney disease but generally experience very few health issues.

8. Siberian Husky – Healthiest Sled Dog Breed

dogs with least health issues
Height20″ to 23.5″ 
Weight35 to 60 pounds
Coat and ColorDense double coat; Sable and white, gray and white, black and white, and other colors
Life Expectancy12 to 14 years

The Husky is one of the most gorgeous dogs out there and one of the healthiest. Bred to be sled dogs, the Siberian Husky is used to working hard. It is also one of the most common dog breeds with blue eyes that capture you from the first look.

Juvenile cataracts are the most common affliction, but responsible breeders do well in breeding only healthy pups.

9. German Shorthaired Pointer – Healthiest Hunting Breed

healthy small dog breeds
Height21″ to 25″
Weight45 to 70 pounds
Coat and ColorSmooth, short coat; liver, black, white, black roan, liver roan, and combination of those colors
Life Expectancy10 to 12 years

The German Shorthaired Pointer Dog is often revered for its coat and gorgeous eyes. Bred to be hunting dogs, they’re amazing out in the field as they are highly trainable pups.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is one of our most popular dog breeds, as well. The German Shorthaired Pointer can become prone to hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia, as well as Von Willebrand disease.

10. Old English Sheepdog – Healthy Cold Weather Resistant Breed

what are the healthiest dogs
Height21″ to 22″ and up
Weight60 to 100 pounds
Coat and ColorLong double coat; black and white, grizzle and white, blue merle and white, blue gray and white, gray and white, and other colors
Life Expectancy10 to 12 years

If you’re looking for a pup that thrives in the cold weather, look no further than the Old English Sheepdog. They love to romp around and actually enjoy being in the snow.

This breed may be genetically predisposed to exercise-induced collapse but is otherwise a generally healthy dog.

11. Basenji – Healthiest Dog Breed for Family 

what is the healthiest dog breed
Height16″ to 17″
Weight22 to 24 pounds
Coat and ColorSmooth, short coat; brown, fawn, and white
Life Expectancy13 to 14 years

Tired of pups that bark? Get a Basenji! They yodel and will likely keep you very entertained in the process. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Basenji dogs are now domesticated and make great pets for homes with children.

Basenjis may be prone to a kidney and urinary tract disorder known as Fanconi syndrome but typically live to old age.

12. Shiba Inu – Healthiest Ancient Dog Breed

healthiest dog breeds 2022
Group Non-Sporting
Height13.5″ to 16.5″
Weight17 to 23 pounds
Coat and ColorShort double coat; cream, red, sesame, and black and tan
Life Expectancy13 to 16 years

The Shiba Inu is a fun-loving dog that loves its family but is a bit wary of strangers. It’s also a stubborn breed, so don’t be surprised if it resists your commands from time to time.

This is one of the oldest known dogs, as well. Shiba Inu may be prone to obesity, so a good diet and regular exercise is key to a long life. 

13. Chinese Crested – Healthy Therapy Dog Breeds

dog breeds with the least health problems
Height11″ to 13″
Weight8 to 12 pounds
Coat and ColorHairless or silky coat varieties; many colors, including slate, white, black, blue, chocolate, cream, apricot, blue and palomino, or any combination thereof
Life Expectancy13 to 18 years

The Chinese Crested will surprise you with its grace and elegance. They have long been bred as affectionate companions and date back centuries. The Chinese Crested Dog is a dog breed native to Mexico despite its name.

It’s very healthy and requires minimal exercise to stay in shape. However, they can be “fined-boned,” which means they are easily injured and may be prone to heart and eye problems, patellar luxation, and primary lens luxation. 

14. Border Collie – Healthiest Athletic Breed

healthy dog
Height18″ to 22″
Weight30 to 55 pounds
Coat and ColorRough or smooth coat; blue merle, sable, black and white, and other colors.
Life Expectancy12 to 15 years

The Border Collie is one of the best pups out there for any size family. Border Collies are herding dogs, which means they have high energy and often do well in agility competitions.

Border Collies also need a job with mental stimulation to keep them from becoming destructive. The Border Collie is prone to hip dysplasia and some eye and ear disorders.

15. Whippet – Healthiest Snap Dog Breed

healthy large breed dogs
Height18″ to 22″
Weight 25 to 40 pounds
Coat and ColorSmooth, short coat; black, blue, fawn, brindle, sable, white, any color combination thereof
Life Expectancy12 to 15 years

The Whippet looks very much like a miniature Greyhound but is its own breed. They thrive on attention from their companions and suffer from separation anxiety.

They’re lively but gentle. And the Whippet is a very intelligent dog. The most common affliction you’ll find in a Whippet is hypothyroidism, so make sure to test for this. 

16. Bichon Frise – Healthy Cheerful Dog Breed

healthy small breed dogs
Height9.5″ to 11.5″
Weight12 to 18 pounds
Coat and ColorLong curly double coat; white, white and buff, white and cream, white and apricot
Life Expectancy14 to 15 years

Looking for a pup that will make you smile every time you see it? You’ve met your match in the Bichon Frise. Bichons are small but very active dogs and thrive on making their people happy.

This healthy breed has few health conditions but is prone to a genetic disorder known as hereditary cataracts, which can lead to vision issues or loss.

17. Belgian Malinois – Healthy Versatile Dog Breed

what breed of dog has the least health problems
Height22″ to 26″
Weight40 to 80 pounds
Coat and ColorSmooth short coat; fawn, mahogany, red, red sable, brindle, cream, fawn sable, gray, liver
Life Expectancy14 to 16 years

The Belgian Malinois is known for being a tough pup, but it’s a giant people pleasure who will bond completely with its owner.

Be warned though, it’s also stubborn and confident but protective. They can often suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia, but they have an average lifespan of 14 to 16 years.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, there are three cornerstones to follow: diet, outdoor exercise, and regular vet visits. A healthy diet not only promotes good health but gives them the nutrients and energy they need to get the exercise that’s vital to staying fit and their overall well-being. 

Vet visits are equally important because veterinarians are educated to catch diseases and issues before they become problematic. In the beginning, your dog will visit the vet every few months, and then, as they age, it will be a yearly visit for vaccines to stay healthy.


Which Is the Healthiest Dog Breed?

The Australian Cattle Dog is often yielded as the most healthy and the one that is generally resistant to illness and other issues.

Which Dog Is Best in Everything?

The Labrador Retriever, which is not on our list, is one of those dogs that seems to fit into several different categories. It’s the most versatile pup and probably the reason why I’m 100% drawn to them over any other breed.

Which Dog Breed Is the Least Healthy?

When it comes to the dog that has the most health issues, the Cocker Spaniel often ranks number one. 


While the breeds listed above are known for living long healthy lives, with few health conditions, it’s important to remember that their life expectancy is simply an estimate. Some dogs, due to factors within their environment or genetics, may fall ill even if they’re not predisposed to a specific genetic disorder or disease.

There are no guarantees when you adopt pups, whether they’re mixed breed dogs or purebred, even one that’s listed as one of the healthy dog breeds, so bear that in mind. Also, it’s critical that you pick a dog that fits your lifestyle, one thing I always love to caution.

Also, feel free to check out our dog quality of life calculator to make sure your furry friends are living their best life!

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