7 Best Dog Breeds To Protect Against Coyotes

Best Dog To Protect Against Coyotes

Dealing with coyotes can be tricky, especially since they might see our furry friends as competition or a snack. Whether you’re strolling through areas where coyotes roam or living near their hangouts, it’s wise to keep your dogs close and on a leash to avoid any unwanted encounters.

Coyotes, being the cunning hunters they are, often carry diseases and aren’t afraid to gang up, posing a bigger threat to our pets. While small dogs are particularly at risk, even the big ones aren’t entirely safe from a bold coyote.

But don’t worry; there’s a way to safeguard your space. Ever heard of livestock guardian breeds? These dogs are not just your average pets; they’re natural protectors. Their barking alone can make a coyote think twice before stepping onto your property.

However, relying solely on barking might not cut it, so staying proactive in protecting your pets and local wildlife is key.

Luckily, some guard dogs are built for this kind of challenge. Here are 7 courageous dog breeds that could be your answer to keeping those cunning coyotes at bay.

Best Dog To Protect Against Coyotes

Meet the fearless guard dog breeds that stand guard against coyotes, offering protection and peace of mind for your home and livestock.

1. Anatolian Shepherd

best dogs to keep coyotes away

Anatolian Shepherds are like the superheroes of the dog world when it comes to keeping coyotes at bay. Originally bred in Turkey, Anatolian Shepherds were the go-to choice for farmers looking to protect their livestock, including chickens and sheep, from predators.

Anatolian Shepherds have a knack for sensing danger and knowing exactly when and whom to confront, making them ideal for ensuring safety. Standing tall at 27 to 29 inches and weighing in at 80 to 150 pounds, their size alone is enough to intimidate.

With such formidable strength and a keen sense of protection, an Anatolian Shepherd not only can stand up to a coyote but also has a high chance of defeating one if necessary.

Despite their tough exterior, they’ve got a soft spot for their families, making them not just great protectors but loyal companions as well.

2. Great Pyrenees

will a great pyrenees attack a coyote

The Great Pyrenees are like the friendly giants of the farm world, having been by farmers’ sides for ages to guard livestock. They’re super affectionate with people, but when it comes to predators, they mean business.

These big-hearted dogs don’t think twice about running off a mountain lion to keep their charges safe, so a coyote doesn’t stand much of a chance.

With their size, reaching up to 32 inches tall and weighing as much as 150 pounds, they’re more than equipped for the job.

There’s even news of a Great Pyrenees who heroically stood his ground against 11 coyotes to protect his sheep, earning him a spot in the hearts of many and a nomination for the People’s Choice Pup in the Farm Dog of the Year competition.

3. Australian Kelpie

dogs that keep coyotes away

Australian Kelpies are the jack-of-all-trades in the working dog world, impressing with their versatility on farms and beyond. Not just experts in herding sheep and driving cattle, they’re also pretty nifty at keeping smaller pests in check.

And yes, their boundless energy and stamina make them surprisingly effective at guarding against coyotes too. Australian Kelpies stand 17 to 20 inches tall and weigh about 35 to 50 pounds.

Sporting a medium-length double coat, Kelpies are built for just about any weather, staying cool when it’s hot and cozy when it’s chilly. They’re smart cookies, always eager to please, which makes them obedient and a breeze to train.

Just a heads up, though—Kelpies bark a lot, especially when they’re bored, lonely, or meeting someone new.

Grooming is a walk in the park with their easy-care coat, but remember, Kelpies thrive on being active. They’re fantastic family pets as long as they get plenty of exercise to burn off that energy.

4. Mountain Cur

what dog can beat a coyote

The Mountain Cur is a famous American breed, popular especially when it comes to hunting and protection. These medium-sized, muscular pups are not just strong; they’re agile, smart, and incredibly brave—perfect for taking on challenges like coyote hunting.

Mountain Curs range in height from 16 to 26 inches and weigh about 30 to 60 pounds. Their powerful build lets them navigate rough landscapes with ease, while their sharp senses make them excellent at tracking down even the sneakiest of predators.

Mountain Curs are all about determination. They won’t back down, especially when their home or family is threatened by coyotes. Plus, they’re quick learners, making training a breeze.

Whether they’re following commands or working side-by-side with their human pals, these dogs are reliable partners in keeping the coyote threat at bay.

5. American Staghound

The American Staghound, while not officially recognized by the big kennel clubs, is your go-to pup for keeping coyotes at bay. Picture this: a Sighthound with a job description that includes zooming after coyotes and outsmarting them in their own game.

The Australian Kelpie is a medium-sized, energetic breed standing 17 to 20 inches tall and weighing in at 35 to 50 pounds. These dogs are the result of precise crossbreeding aimed at crafting the ultimate coyote-chasing machine, boasting speed, stamina, a keen nose, and agility.

They’re like the Olympic athletes of the dog world when it comes to running and chasing, making them perfect for long pursuits across the countryside. With a strong instinct to hunt, American Staghounds work brilliantly in teams, adding power in numbers for tracking down and cornering those crafty coyotes.

So, if you’re looking for a dog that can guard your land and keep those pesky predators in check, the American Staghound is a solid choice.

6. Irish Wolfhound

what dogs are coyotes afraid of

The Irish Wolfhound, once a fearless hunter known for taking down wolves, has transformed into a gentle giant among family pets. Despite their imposing size and shaggy appearance, these dogs are incredibly sweet and loyal at heart.

But don’t let their calm demeanor fool you. When push comes to shove, especially if their family is threatened, they won’t hesitate to step up and protect, making them a formidable opponent against something like a coyote.

Standing tall at about 30 to 32 inches and weighing around 105 to 120 pounds, they’re more than capable of holding their own. Often, just their presence is enough to scare off any would-be intruders.

While they’re known for being patient with kids, their large size means they should always be watched around the little ones. Bringing an Irish Wolfhound into your life is a big commitment, but for those ready for the challenge, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

7. Border Collie

can a Border Collie kill a coyote

Border Collies are athletic, medium-sized herders, standing 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing in at 30 to 55 pounds. Known for their intellect, these dogs are made to make decisions on their feet, especially when it comes to looking after livestock.

When it comes to facing off with coyotes, Border Collies bring a lot to the table. They’re not on the coyote’s menu due to their size, and their wild and timid adversaries are no match for the Border Collie’s intelligence and boundless energy. These dogs are quick learners, always ready to take on new challenges, making them perfect for keeping your farm safe.

With their incredible energy, sharp minds, and vigilant nature, Border Collies are exactly what you’d want for protection. Their thick coats shield them from the elements, ensuring they’re always ready for action, rain or shine.

But it’s not all about work. Border Collies are also incredibly loyal and form strong bonds, making them not just effective guardians but also great companions, whether you’re out in the field or relaxing at home.


When it comes to protecting against aggressive coyote and other wild animals, large dogs with strong wild instincts and a natural role as livestock guardians are your best bet. Breeds like German Shepherds and other large dog breeds are known for their ability to protect livestock and deter larger animals, including mountain lions and coyotes.

While not traditionally considered watch dogs, even good dogs like Golden Retriever dogs can alert you to the presence of other animals. However, for the most effective defense, choosing dogs with a history as livestock guardian breeds or those known for their protective nature against larger threats is essential.

These best dogs combine size, strength, and a keen sense of duty to safeguard domestic dogs and their human families from wild predators.

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