35 Corgi Mixes That Are Absolutely Awesome

Corgi mix breed

If I had to list one of the best all-around dogs you could possibly adopt, my mind would absolutely go to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These pups are so unbelievably fun, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to own one. They’re bubbly, they’re funny, and have you seen their cute faces? Corgis are always smiling — a true testament to their happiness!

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has another counterpart – the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The two look astonishingly alike, but there’s one trick to telling them apart… are you ready? The Pembroke Corgi has a docked tail, whereas the Cardigan has a full tail. Ta-da! 

There are other differences that may not be noticeable to the naked eye, as well. The Cardigan is slightly larger, and its bone structure is heavier. Additionally, consider the Cardigan the more reserved of the two, though it still loves to have fun. If you want bubbly, go for the Pembroke; if you want a quieter version, the Cardigan is your best bet.

With Corgis being so popular, it only makes sense that people would want to cross them with other dog breeds to create a super pup — complete with cape and mask!

Corgi Mix Breeds 

The breeds have cute names combining the two dog parents, much like you would combine the names of your two favorite celebrities, only far more adorable! Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Corgi x German Shepherd: Corman Shepherd

corgi mixes

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter dog than a Corgi German Shepherd mix, a breed known as a Corman Shepherd. Where Corgis already have pointed ears, add in a German Shepherd, and oh my goodness. Ears for days.

Both the Corgi and the German Shepherd are herders, so you’re bound to get a dog that loves to work. In terms of personality, both are loyal and affectionate, but they’re also stubborn, so don’t be surprised if your Corgi German Shepherd mix gives you a bit of trouble with training or listening.

As for its size — you never know… it could be medium, it could be large. If you happen to find one mated with a White German Shepherd, the looks will be mindblowing.

2. Corgi x Shiba Inu: Corgi Inu

corgi mix breeds

When you cross a Corgi with a Shiba Inu, a Corgi Inu, you may end up with a more reserved pup. That’s because the Shiba Inu tends to be a bit aloof with strangers and not nearly as affectionate as the Corgi. However, you never know which personality traits will win out when the two breeds come together, and every dog is unique. 

One thing I advise you to do with a Corgi Inu is to invest in a really good vacuum and a grooming brush. Both the Shiba Inu and Corgi have thick coats and need brushing, but when you combine them — holy poofball! 

However, the cuteness of both the Shiba Inu and Corgi means you’ll have one attractive pup that will definitely turn heads no matter where you go.

3. Corgi x Siberian Husky: Corgsky or Horgski 

corgi husky mix

Whether you call it a Corgsky or a Horgski, what I call this cross between a Corgi and a Siberian Husky is cute! You never really know what this mixed breed will come out looking like, but there are some that resemble little wolves, and they are honestly the most adorable things out there. 

One thing you can count on is this pup being loud — Siberian Huskies, one of the types of Huskies, love to talk (just watch any TikTok featuring them as the star of the show), and so do Corgis. So you can bet this mix will have a lot to say.

The Siberian Husky is also a working dog, just like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, so you’ll have a pup eager to learn and please.

4. Corgi x Golden Retriever: Golden Corgi

corgi golden retriever mix

The Golden Retriever is literally the sweetheart dog of the canine kingdom, and mixing it with a Corgi is only building on both breeds. This Corgi mix could create a miniature-looking Golden Retriever or one that inherits the fox-like Corig face yet still exhibits all of the fun traits of both.

The Golden Corgi is likely to be one of the biggest snugglebugs out there because both breeds love their people and cuddling up. Golden Retrievers and Corgis alike are spunky, so expect a pup that brings you lots of laughs!

5. Corgi x Dalmatian : Corgitian

cute corgi mixes

If you’ve ever imagined a short spotted dog, you’ll get it with the Corgitian, a Corgi Dalmatian mix. The Dalmatian coloring is often dominant in these Corgi mixes. Unfortunately, so is the deafness gene. So be aware, that despite the cuteness factor, it’s a possibility your Corgi mix may inherit the deaf gene. 

You won’t have to worry about the personality on this pup – both Dalmatians and Corgis are sweet as pie with the people they love. Dalmatians can be a bit choosier, so don’t be surprised if this mix doesn’t like everyone.

However, you will have to worry about daily sweeping. While the Dalmatian has a short, smooth coat, it’s definitely a big shedder. Combine that with a thick double coat, and you have a recipe for furballs everywhere… and I do mean everywhere!

6. Corgi x Shetland Sheepdog: Pembroke Sheltie

corgi cross breeds
Image credit: @bubbles.petsrescue on Instagram

Happy + Happy = More Happy! These two breeds — the Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog — are just a perfect recipe for an all-round adjusted dog that fits well in any household. But if you have kids? Even better — both breeds gravitate towards the younger humans.

One thing you’ll also get with this Corgi mix? A super-herding dog. Both the Shetland Sheepdog, affectionately coined the Sheltie, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are very intelligent breeds who like to pick up on tasks quickly to please their owners.

I highly recommend that if you adopt this mix, you have a very active lifestyle or a farm or ranch for the Pembroke Sheltie to run around on. Otherwise, it can be very destructive and may very well drive you up the wall (see what I did there?).

7. Corgi x Bernese Mountain Dog: Bernese Corgi

corgi mixed breeds
Image credit: @frankie.the.bernorgi on Instagram

Wait … a tiny Corgi mixed with a giant Bernese Mountain Dog, say it ain’t so! Actually, it does exist, and don’t worry, the Corgi in the Bernese Corgi pairing is a male, not a female, to avoid any birthing issues. 

With this crossbreed, one thing to note — and it’s very important to have a well-rounded pup — is that proper training is essential. The pairing of a Corgi and a Bernese Mountain Dog, one of the mountain dog breeds, creates one with a very strong prey drive. You will need to have a home free of smaller animals if you have this pup.

8. Corgi x Blue Heeler: Blue Corgi

full grown corgi heeler mix

Looking for a “Cowboy Corgi?” Look no further, this combination of the Corgi and Blue Heeler creates a herding dog any cowboy would love to have on his ranch. It’s got a heck of a lot of energy, too, so it can keep up with a ranch’s hefty demands. 

In terms of personality, the Blue Heller and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are both very affectionate and attached to their families, so you can expect that the Blue Corgi will definitely be, too. They’re super smart and super cute, what more could you ask for? Just have a way to keep it busy, or like the Pembroke Sheltie, it might be a bit too much to handle!

9. Corgi x Miniature Schnauzer : Schnorgi

Corgi Schnauzer mix
Image credit: @chewietheschnorgi on Instagram

The Miniature Schnauzer is one of those dogs with a robust personality that matches the Corgi’s. So be prepared for your Schnorgi (isn’t that fun to say?) to have a sparkling personality of its own.

The mixed breed could take on the Corgi’s smooth coat or the wiry coat of the Schnauzer — it’s a genetic toss-up! Plus, with the possibility of the Parti Schnauzer dog coat coming through, it could be colorful, too!

As far as energy levels, expect this Corgi mix to have a lot of energy. Make sure you exercise it regularly, and you will need to train it because these pups can be very stubborn. At the end of the day, though, your Schnorgi will have no place it’d rather be than in your lap.

10. Corgi x Samoyed: Corgoyed

dogs mixed with corgis
Image credit: @lyra_willow_corgis on Instagram

When you look at the Corgi and the Samoyed, they have almost nothing in common looks-wise. So, your Corgoyed pup will have a unique appearance that may not be matched by other pups in the same litter. However, when it comes to their personalities, they are both spirited and spunky, which means you can expect a lot of shenanigans.

The Corgi and Samoyed both love people, so your pup will be by your side at all times. They love to frolic in the snow, though they may not be able to tolerate extreme heat because of their coats. They’re both smart, so your Corgoyed will have no problem learning commands, and their social nature will ensure they’re constantly making new friends. 

11. Corgi x Beagle: Corgle

corgi and beagle mix
Image credit: @elliethebeagi on Instagram

If you love vocal breeds, the Corgi Beagle mix is just the one for you. Like Horgsky, this blend is sure to be loud. Another guarantee? It’s likely to be a stubborn pup. Beagles get a rep for being not so smart, but it’s because they abandon everything else — and I do mean everything — when they catch a scent.

Don’t expect your Corgle to be a couch potato, it’s not in the genes. You’ll need to exert this Beagle mix to get it to calm down and rest. Additionally, both breeds benefit from positive reinforcement training, so be persistent yet kind, and you’ll end up with a great dog.

12. Corgi x Catahoula Dog: Corgihoula

Corgi Catahoula mix

The Catahoula dog is one of the most gorgeous out there, with its stunning coat and leopard spots. The Catahoula is a herding dog, just like the Corgi, with a driving instinct, so this pair would be a perfect fit for your farm or ranch to keep livestock and fowl in check. The Catahoula is also known as a guard dog, so your Corgihoula will likely be a protective sort.

This Corgi mix is likely to be a medium-sized dog, though what kind of coat it takes on is up in the air. What isn’t up in the air is the energy levels your pup will have. You will need to exercise these pups, and proper training is essential.

13. Corgi x Boxer: Coxer

Corgi Boxer Mix

One of my favorite breeds is the Boxer Dog, and if you’ve never seen a Corgi Boxer mix, a Coxer, boy are you in for a real treat! These pups are gorgeous, though you don’t know what traits they’ll take on, but you can expect a more muscular dog. 

The Boxer’s gracefulness combined with the Corgi’s wigglebutt is a sight to behold. They’re both protective, so you can expect this trait to show up, and they’re very energetic, so be prepared for lots of daily walks and playing fetch. In fact, if you sign this Boxer Corgi mix-up for agility training, it would likely excel.

14. Corgi x St. Bernard: St. Corgi

corgi mix that doesn t shed
Image credit: @reneemtallent on Instagram

One look at the Saint Bernard and Corgi side by side, and you’ll see a discrepancy. When the two combine to create the St. Corgi, though, you’ll end up somewhere in between, likely with a medium-sized dog that still wants to curl up on your lap. 

The St. Bernard is a working dog to the Corgi’s herding dog life, so the result is still one quite active dog. As far as looks, genetics will determine the outcome, and no two will look exactly alike, but that’s half the fun! 

15. Corgi x French Bulldog: French Corgi

corgi bulldog mix
Image credit: @starbuck_corgi_frenchie on Instagram

French Bulldogs are just some of the most fun pups there are, so combining this silly pup with the Corgi will just result in more of the same, and you can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to dogs. 

Nicknamed the “Frenchie,” the French Bulldog is just like the Corgi in that it is very intelligent and playful. But it’s not a herding dog and is very content to laze about with its humans, so you might expect the Corgi mix to be a bit calmer as well.

16. Corgi x Great Pyrenees: Great Corgirenees

corgi mix
Image credit: @wilbur_the_cardi on Instagram

When it comes to betting on size, you might just lose the plot when it comes to the Great Corgirenees, a Corgi Great Pyrenees mix. These two breeds vary so greatly in size that you might wonder how they breed. The Great Pyrenees is always the mother in this instance. 

Blending the Great Pyrenees and the Corgi will give you a pup that’s smart and potentially mellow, though it depends on the traits any given dog inherits. However, the biggest gamble is its size. Some will be smaller at around 30 pounds, some will grow to be more than 100. 

17. Corgi x Labrador Retriever: Corgidor or Labricorgi

corgi retriever mix for sale
Image credit: @eddythecorgidor on Instagram

There’s no doubt that the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world, so mating it with a fun-loving, spunky breed just adds to the pup’s character. The Corgidor or Labricorgi as they’re called, is the ideal family pet, and you can’t ask for a better companion for your children — even the wee ones!

While you can’t predict what color this Labrador Retriever will end up in, you can predict that you’ll have a lot of fur to sweep up every day. These pups shed like there’s no tomorrow; you’ll wonder how they even have any fur left.

You also may end up with a variety of sizes — even in one litter! Both are energetic breeds, and both love life, so you’ll have a great time no matter what size or color they are!

18. Corgi x Shih Tzu: Shih Tzug or Shorgi

Corgi Shih Tzu mix
Image credit: @__its_millertime on Instagram

It’s a game of Russian Roulette when you combine the Corgi with the Shih Tzu to create the Shorgi or Shih Tzug. The two coats couldn’t be different. The Shih Tzu has a long, flowing, silky coat, whereas the Corgi has a dense double coat that’s fluffy, not flowing. You might end up with a combination of the two.

When it comes to personality, the Corgi is definitely the more rambunctious of the two. Shih Tzus tend to be a little more relaxed and quiet, so it’s very possible you could get a combination of the two. A pup that loves to have fun but maybe not quite so vocal.

19. Corgi x Akita: Corgikita

corgi akita mix
Image credit: @zack_the_corgita on Instagram

Mixing the Corgi and the Akita leads to a fluffy mix known as the Corgikita. The result is a bundle of cuteness with a double coat that won’t require too much maintenance but will shed. The Akita became popular in the movie “Hachi,” where it proved how loyal the breed could be. You’ll get this in spades with your Akita Corgi mix.

Both breeds have a protective streak, but the Akita tends to be a little more standoffish with dogs. The Pembroke may alleviate this, but training is key if you have more than one pup at home.

20. Corgi x Bullmastiff: Bull Corgi

corgi mastiff mix

The Bull Corgi is another unlikely pairing, though they do come around from time to time. The size difference between the two is astounding, and you can expect that this Corgi mix will likely fall somewhere in between. 

The Bullmastiff is one of the Mastiff dog breeds and is part of the working group, which means it’s a pup that likes to keep busy. The Corgi, with all of its energy, will only spur this on. However, they are both very loyal breeds, the Bullmastiff and the Pembroke/Cardigan, so you’ll have a dog that’s completely devoted to you, no matter its size or looks.

21. Corgi x Schipperke: Corgi Schip

The Schipperke isn’t a very popular dog, but it is very much like the Corgi in that it’s got a drive to succeed. The Corgi Schip mix is likely to give you a dog with a strong prey drive, so you might not want smaller animals at home, or you need to socialize from puppyhood.

Additionally, the Schipperke Corgi mix is a very alert dog that will let you know when something is off, or a stranger is around. As far as color goes, the Schipperke is black, while the Corgi is red, tricolor, sable, or fawn, so the color combination may vary.

22. Corgi x English Bulldog: English Corgi

Corgi English Bulldog mix
Image credit: @mrs_fwlr on Instagram

The English Bulldog is just one of those breeds that you can’t help but think is cute because of its little underbite, smooshy face, and short, stocky body. Plus, they ride skateboards — how much cooler can they get?

The English Corgi is a blend that captures the personality traits of both breeds. The result, however, could be a bit up in the air. Both are fun-loving breeds, but the English Bulldog tends to be overprotective, which could lend to the Corgi mix’s results.

One thing to note is that the blend may inherit the brachycephalic condition, so be careful not to overexert the pup, if so.

23. Corgi x Toy Poodle: Corgipoo

corgi poodle mix
Image credit: @penny.corgipoo on Instagram

Combine two intelligent pups, Corgis and Toy Poodles, and you have the Corgipoo. This blend mixes two working dogs with tons of energy and smarts, so you can expect that they will need to be kept busy. 

Both the Toy Poodle and the Corgi love to play, so make sure you have toys around or a yard where they can run around and enjoy themselves. Barking may be a concern with the Poodle and the Corgi, but you can nip that in the bud with training. 

24. Corgi x Chihuahua: Chigi

Corgi Chihuahua mix

Breeding the Chihuahua and Corgi gives you a Chigi, and what a cute name (and pup!) it is. This is actually one of the more popular blends. They are both charming and full of life. Though the Chihuahua may be a little standoffish with other dogs, the Corgi is not, so it will likely be affable with other pets in the home. 

The Chihuahua’s size is likely to have an impact here as it is the much smaller of the two. The Chihuahua Corgi blend will end up being around 15 pounds, though some weigh less. Colors may vary as well. Did you know there are several types of Chihuahuas?

25. Corgi x Dachshund: Dorgi

Corgi Dachshund mix

The Dorgi, a heart-stopping Corgi Dachshund mix, was made popular by none other than the late Queen Elizabeth II. They are both built similarly, with short legs and a long body, though the Corgi is definitely the more stockier of the two. 

A Dorgi will have the same short stature, but it will also have a fiercely loyal streak that shines through and a charming demeanor that will draw anyone in. When you go on a walk, expect your Dachshund Corgi mix to have its nose in everything!

26. Corgi x Spitz: Spitzgi

corgi cross breeds
Image credit: @rangerthehopper on Instagram

If you’ve never heard of a Spitz, it’s a specific category of breeds that includes several notable dogs, including the Pomeranian, American Eskimo, Akita, Keeshond, Samoyed, and Icelandic Sheepdog. These breeds are all known for their loyalty and affectionate nature, but they’re also bold and intelligent breeds that will need proper training and socialization

The Corgi x Spitz blend creates a Spitzgi, and there’s no telling what the pup could look like except that it will have pointed ears… that’s a given. Personality-wise, though? You’re looking at a fantastic dog that will have your back and be completely devoted to its family.

27. Corgi x Pekingese: Pekingi

Corgi Mix Breeds
Image credit: @mikimushu on Instagram

The Pekingese is a beautiful flat-faced breed that, when combined with the fox-lookalike Corgi, could lead to an interesting look. The Pekingese, which is mostly a companion dog, may bring a bit of calmness to the Corgi, which tends to be very active.

The Pekingese are very affectionate with people, so that is only compounded in the mix, but they can also be stubborn and independent, which can lead to some challenging training. However, they both bond with their humans, so you’ll have a devoted pup no matter what.

28. Corgi x Papillon: Corillon

Corgi Papillon mix
Image credit: @bear.and.gypsy on Instagram

Large-eared breeds unite in this pairing between the Corgi and Papillion to create the Corillon. The Papillon’s ears are feathery, that could very well end up being the case with this Corgi mix, as well. Both are on the smaller side, so you can expect a uniform size among the pups.

When it comes to personality, both the Papillon and the Corgi are nearly equal there, too. The Papillon is much like the Corgi in that it’s friendly, happy, and athletic, so barring any unique circumstances, you’ll have one that trots along beside you like the sidekick you’ve always wanted.

29. Corgi x Cairn Terrier: Cairn Corgi

corgi terrier mix
Image credit: @gdrne on Instagram

“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” is one of the most famous lines ever spoken to a Cairn Terrier, the cute little wiry-haired dog featured in “Wizard of Oz.” Combine this pup, which has a high prey drive, with the Corgi, and you end up with a Cairn Corgi, a name that’s easy to remember. The curiosity level alone will ensure it is always sniffing and getting into mischief. 

However, these mixes tend to be energetic as well as cheerful, so you’ll always have a happy pup around as long as you exercise them accordingly. They’re great socializers and get along with other dogs and animals just fine.

30. Corgi x Australian Shepherd: Auggie

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix
Image credit: @gdrne on Instagram

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is one of the most popular Corgi mixes out there. Both are herding dogs, which means they are built to herd. They will likely nip at your heels, never aggressive, just to get you to comply, and will often exhibit some type of independence … read, stubbornness! 

Both the Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke are very intelligent and hardworking, so they will need a job, even if it’s competition or agility training. If you leave them to their own devices, the Australian Shepherd and Pembroke can be destructive, so therefore, be prepared to pay your Auggie a lot of attention. 

31. Corgi x Jack Russell Terrier: Cojack

corgi mix meme
Image credit: @life_of_riley_the_cojack on Instagram

If you’re looking for the ultimate people pleaser, you’ll really appreciate everything about the Cojack, the adorable pairing of a Russell Terrier with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Know what you can also expect? A looooot of energy. Think boundless. Even though they’re smaller, they will still need room to run around and exert all of that energy.

Another given when it comes to this combination is the fact that it will be noisy. The terrier loves to bark, so does the Corgi. So be prepared and note that it may not be the best breed for an apartment.

32. Corgi x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Cava-Corgi

Corgi Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix
Image credit: @em.hartup on Instagram

Bot Corgis and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a soulful look to them, so don’t expect anything but cuteness overload when you take a look at the Cava-Corgi mixed breed. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel literally hails from loyalty, having been a lapdog for centuries. 

When combined, the two make for a lovely pairing that is sure to create a more laid-back pup than the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on its own. This mix is also a wonderful addition to homes with children, and because of their smaller stature, they do well as apartment dwellers in addition to living in larger homes.

33. Corgi x Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spangi or Pembroke Cocker Corgi

Corgi Cocker Spaniel mix
Image credit: @pmariebutmostlyt on Instagram

Docked tails are the name of the game in this breed, though Cocker Spaniels are born with full tails that get docked between one and three days old. Both the Cocker Spaniel and Corgi are sweet-as-pie breeds that love to love their people.

The pairing creates a Cocker Spangi or a Pembroke Cocker Corgi (that’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it?). The result, though, is a fantastic family dog.

Both of these parent breeds are on the same size scale, so you won’t have a big dog with this Corgi mix. Take one look at the ears, and it’s clear you have no idea what to expect. Will you get pointed ears? Floppy, curly ears? Or perhaps, more common, a mix of the two. You will need to invest in a professional groomer with this breed as they both have long, dense coats. 

34. Corgi x Shar-Pei: Shar Corgi

Corgi x Shar-Pei mix
Image credit: @koba_of_the_south on Instagram

If there was ever an easy name blend, it’s these two that become the Shar Corgi. However, their personalities do tend to be opposite. Where Pembrokes are loving, spunky creatures, the Shar Pei is more aloof and wary, though it does bond with its people.

The Shar Pei is an ancient breed that hails from China, where it was originally bred to protect the royal palace and the family within. In terms of appearances, you’re in for quite a selection. Some have nubs, some have curly tails, some have squishy faces, and others have a foxy look.

The size could vary as well, as Shar Peis tend to be larger, so you could end up with a small or medium-to-large pup.

35. Corgi x Pomeranian: Corgipom

corgi mix breeds

Want a little floofball that will curl up with you no matter what time of day it is? The Corgipom, a pup with Pomeranian and Corgi parents, is just the recipe you’ve called for. Both breeds are very bold and lively, so expect more of the same. Plus, they’re very affectionate, so you’ll have a loving dog. 

The combination of the Corgi Pomeranian mix is likely to lead to a very vocal dog that will have a bit of apprehension around strangers, but with training, you can alleviate that. You’ll want to watch out for obesity and the shedding … oh boy, the shedding!

Personality and Temperament of Corgi Mixes

As with any pup — and I always caution this — the personality and temperament of these mixes may be up in the air. The breed itself is very playful, intelligent, and loving. However, when you mix them with other dogs, those traits may be overcome. When both are herding dogs, expect a lot of energy.

That said, it’s important to do your research. Buying a puppy based on its looks is never the way to go. It may start off as fun and games and develop into a dog you don’t know how to handle. Do yourself a favor and research the breeds.

Look at their temperaments, their health issues, and their exercise needs, and you’ll get an idea of whether or not it’s a pup that will thrive in your home. And isn’t that the goal?

Where to Look for a Mixed Corgi

If you have your heart set on one of these mixed-breed dogs, make sure you do your research. Don’t just pick one up at a local animal shelter because chances are it may not be bred properly. Then, you run the risk of adopting a dog that has far more issues than the original breeds do. 

Instead, search for reputable breeders, one who understands F1 vs F2 hybrids. An F1 hybrid is when a purebred Corgi is mixed with another purebred breed. Then, two F1s are bred together to create F2s, but it takes years to hone the bloodline.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if the breeder can’t or won’t answer them — move on! There are others out there that will make sure you get the best pup! 


How Much Does a Corgi Mix Cost?

Corgi mixes can be quite expensive, depending on what the Corgi parent is bred with. For example, breeding it with a Saint Bernard would fetch a higher price tag than breeding it with a Chihuahua. In reality, you can typically expect to pay a few hundred dollars per pup or sometimes, depending on the bloodline, more than $1,000.

What Is the Lifespan of Corgi Mixes?

We all want our dogs to live forever, that’s why there are so many sad songs about them passing away. However, you can expect a purebred Corgi to live an average of 12 to 13 years. When mixed with another purebred, an average of the two lifespans is typical if the pup remains healthy

What Is an Auggie?

An Auggie is simply adorable in ways we can’t explain. The face, the body, the temperament; it’s truly a unique pup. An Auggie is created when you breed a Corgi with an Australian Shepherd.

What Is the Name of a Corgi Husky Mix?

A Corgi x Husky mix is known as a Horgi or sometimes as a Horgski or a Corgsky. Just picture it as part of a Dr. Seuss book, and it’s easy to remember, right?


Corgi mixes are some of the cutest out there, and it goes without saying you might just want to snap them up. Just make sure they are a good fit for your home and that you can provide them with the care they need.

Want to explore a new dog breed, check out the Alpine Dachsbracke dog!

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