Chiweenie Dog – The Small, Playful Pup

chiweenie dog

Known as the german taco, weeniehuahua, Mexican hot dog, and Choxie, Chiweenie is one of the most adorable designer breeds. With the mixture of all the golden traits of parent breeds (chihuahua and dachshund), the Chiweenie dog ends up with a spunky personality, full of intelligence, energy, and tenderness.

Unlike other toy dogs, this one is not a lazy couch potato. Instead, it’s one of those high-energy dogs who’d want to play endlessly until he went completely worn out. The good part is that this little fur ball of energy would also want to cuddle with you, on your couch, at the end of the day, which makes him the best lap dog, too.

Another plus point of Chiweenie canines is that they can adapt conveniently to all living styles – thanks to their compact size. In other words, whether you live in a condo, a small apartment, or a vanity van, these small dogs will be comfortable and content everywhere.

chiweenie dog breed

Due to all these and many other fabulous qualities, Chiweenie is grabbing the limelight. However, since it’s not as popular as german shepherds or golden retrievers, you’ll find only a limited amount of information about this mixed-breed dog.

So today, we are going to discuss this breed, its history, appearance, temperament, health, and care needs so you can decide whether it’s the right dog choice for you or not. Let’s begin!

Chiweenie Dog

About the Breed

chiweenie puppies

As mentioned before, Chiweenie is a designer breed that is originally bred by the purposeful cross of chihuahua and dachshund parents. Since this chihuahua dachshund mix is the result of an intentionally crossed crossbreed, Chiweenie can be bred back to the original breed, by crossing with one of the original parents.

Likewise, two first-generation Chiweenie dogs can be bred together to produce more Chiweenie puppies. Due to such a wide number of breeding possibilities, you’ll get to see a vast variety in terms of shape, size, coat type, color, and body frame.

However, credible designer breeders avoid generational cross-breeding (between first-generation Chiweenie with dachshund or chihuahua parents or other Chiweenies). Wondering the reason? Well, it’s only because doing so may lead to severe genetic and health problems.

History of the Chiweenie


Although the Chiweenie dog breed was bred intentionally in 1990, it’s believed that the very first Chiweenie puppy was the result of an unintentional cross of a chihuahua and a dachshund.

Some resources confirm that Chiweenies made their very first appearance around 1950-1960. However, Considering the year of its intentional breeding, it won’t be wrong to say that Chiweenie is a relatively new mixed breed.

The main purpose for which Chiweenie was bred intentionally is to produce dogs that resemble purebred dachshund but doesn’t have back problem (one of those common health concerns that affect dachshunds due to their elongated bodies).

Whatever the scientist’s objective behind this interbreeds cross, the end product came out to be super adorable, which in turn, immediately soared its demand.

However, despite its skyrocketing demand, the American kennel club hasn’t recognized Chiweenie yet. The good thing here is that many other clubs (especially those which are dedicated to designer dogs) have identified Chiweenie.

These clubs include the American canine hybrid club, the designer breed registry, and the international designer canine registry.

Chiweenie Facts

chiweenie lifespan

By now, you’ve read about the intriguing history of these Mexican hot dogs, let’s have a quick look at some interesting fun facts about Chiweenies now!

Chiweenies Are Not Suitable for Households with Kids

It’s not that the Chiweenie puppy could cause some sort of harm to your children but your child may handle these tiny dogs way too harshly. Since Chiweenie looks exactly like soft toys, your infant might play with them way too roughly.

Until now, various accidents have been reported in which kids cause severe injuries to these mixed breed dogs out of their arrogance or negligence. However, there’s nothing to worry about if you have older children in your house.

Besides, Chiweenie possesses super sharp teeth, like its parents. Unlike other dogs, who can sustain torture for the love of their owner, Chiweenie can use his paws and teeth, in his defense. In this way, unsupervised interactions may lead to undeniable damage.

They Have an Incredibly Long Lifespan

chiweenie temperament

Compared to purebred dogs, crossbred canines have longer life spans (of around 15-20 years). Most Chiweenies, if taken care of properly, live up to twenty years in their fittest form.

However, this perk of a longer life doesn’t come without a cost. Like other small dog breeds, Chiweenie dogs tend to develop some old-age disorders too, like bone issues, dental issues, etc. Therefore, you need to be extra careful as the dog parent, when your Chiweenie would reach ripe age.

They are Insane Barkers

what does a chiweenie look like

Chiweenies communicate by barking which makes them insane barkers. And don’t expect these barks to be some low-pitch, secluded sounds since their small bodies pack in a huge voice box.

Not only do they communicate with other pets using barks, howls, and growls, but also express their emotions of fear, anxiety, boredom, and even happiness with their voices. So if you want a quiet canine companion who can let you have a peaceful nap in the mid-afternoon, Chiweenie is not the right choice.

They Are the Least Slobbery Dogs

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Chiweenie dogs are the least slobbery canine out there. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t drool at all. But unlike others, they drool only in specific situations.

For example, if the weather is not compatible with your furry friend, there’s a hidden health condition that’s bothering him, or you are eating something delicious in front of him, your Chiweenie may drool, out of his character.

They Are Incredible Heat Tolerant

Another amazing trait of Chiweenies is their incredible heat-tolerant capacities. Unlike dogs with small snouts and thicker coats like pugs and bulldogs, Chiweenies can dissipate excessive energies from their bodies through panting and transpiration.

However, due to having short coats and very little fat under their epidermis, they are not suitable for cold environments. Thus, if you live in a cold region, you better buy a cute sweater for your toy dog.

Chiweenie Appearance

what is the personality of a chiweenie

Due to having different parents, with contrasting traits and bodies, Chiweenies exist in a variety of forms, coat colors, types, and looks. However, the general appearance traits you’d find in all the Chiweenies are floppy ears, muscular bodies, and short legs.

Depending upon the physical traits of their parents, varieties in size, weight, coat type, and color, which a Chiweenie might contains are as follows;


When it comes to size, Chiweenie inherits it from its chihuahua parent and is super small. It doesn’t matter what his weight or coat type is, all the Chiweenie dogs are petite. Generally, both males and females can be 6-10 inches tall.

The average size to which these Mexican hot dogs can grow is 8 inches. However, some breeders can produce even tinier Chiweenies by crossing mini dachshunds and small chihuahuas.


chiweenie fun facts

Depending upon the height and weight of their parents, the weight of Chiweenie dogs may vary. Generally, a Chiweenie may be 5-12 pounds whereas some breeders have become successful to produce choccies that have fully grown up with a weight of only 4lbs.

However, if you are getting a Chiweenie from a standard dachshund and a tall chihuahua, he might weigh up to 14 pounds. Also, an imbalanced dog’s diet and overconsumption may lead to weight gain which may prove fatal in long run, in the form of back & joint pain and diabetes.


Since both the chihuahua and dachshund dogs may have short and long coats, so does their interbreeding cross product may have. Based on the coat type, we usually divide Chiweenies into two categories; short hair and long hair Chiweenies.

chiweenie dog facts

Short hair Chiweenies are suitable for people with allergies since they shed less and require minimal grooming. On the other hand, long-haired canines shed more and require more grooming and brushing to prevent matting. Whether it’s short or long, both types of coats feel buttery and are perfect for cuddling.


Again, the coat color of Chiweenies depends solely on that of their parents. However, the most common coat colors you’d find in Chiweenie pooches are black, brown, solid fawn, and white.

Besides solid colors, some breeders also manage to produce this chihuahua dachshund mix in color combos so you could adopt a dog as per the theme of your home. In addition to coat color, Chiweenies also come in a wide range of eye colors, from woody brown to green to ocean blue.

Chiweenie Temperament and Personality

interesting facts about chiweenies

Chiweenie inherits most of its personality from chihuahua and due to this, it’s full of energy and doesn’t know how to keep quiet. Although their hunting instincts are not too dominant, Chiweenies could prove very competitive watchdogs.

These small dogs are super protective about the security of their owners and never let any stranger (whether a human or an animal) approach them. Contrary to its size, it can be super fierce and fearless for intruders.

At the same time, they can shower you with an unlimited amount of love and loyalty. However, these toy dogs bond closely with one family member specifically (with whom who feeds and plays with it). Considering this fact, Chiweenies are preferred for a single-family household.

Chiweenie inherits the strong will from the dachshund, whereas the saucy personality from the chihuahua. Due to this reason, it can prove a much better family dog than the parent purebred dogs. Just don’t forget to indulge them in early socialization; otherwise, they might cause you huge embarrassment by barking at every passerby.

Speaking of training, then due to being intelligent, they are super easy to house-train. Just make sure you are using only the positive reinforcement methods with rewards and delicious treats. Also, keep the training sessions short and fun so your small canine won’t feel overwhelmed or bored.

Exploring technological aids can also be pivotal in optimizing your Chiweenie’s house-training process and ensuring their safety. Taking a glance at the Halo collar reviews and SpotOn fence reviews will open up a realm of smart, innovative, and reliable tools that can seamlessly integrate into your pet’s life.

These high-tech gadgets offer enriched features like GPS tracking and secure fence creation, providing a safe environment for your spirited little friend to explore while also being valuable in reinforcing training and maintaining boundaries.

Chiweenie Health and Care

what is a chiweenie

Chiweenies are one of those easy-going pet dogs who require less maintenance and minimal grooming. Both the short and long-haired Chiweenies need occasional bathing. However, the long, wired-haired Chiweenies need more brushing.

Experts suggest that all Chiweenies need frequent brushing and regular nail trimming to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. In addition to trimming your dog’s nails, also clean your dog’s ears using cotton swabs since small breeds are more likely to develop infections.

Speaking of their exercise needs then these are much less than those of german shepherds and labradors. But still, they need regular strolls and active play sessions. However, avoid making your fragile pup participate in too strenuous activities since it can lead to degenerative disc disease.

Remember that due to its small size, Chiweenie is highly prone to getting obese. Therefore, it’s essential to discuss your pet’s proper diet with a certified vet and stick to that diet plan strictly. Don’t leave the food available to eat all the time because your small furry ball doesn’t know when to stop.

The major reason why we are recommending getting in touch with a vet, instead of getting it from the internet, is that individual dog comes with specific feeding needs, as per their energy level and health conditions. Considering this, a customized diet plan is the only thing that could ensure your pooch’s healthy weight.

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Last but not the least, there are some other things you need to take care of, to ensure your pet’s supreme health. For example, while purchasing a Chiweenie, make sure to go through its health clearance certificate since it can have many borne-in health issues.

Aside from this, due to inappropriate feeding and environmental allergens, your pooch may suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), excessive sneezing, or skin irritations.


Despite being a designer breed, you’ll find many Chiweenies in foster/shelter homes and rescue centers. So, instead of purchasing a Chiweenie for $1000, it’s better to adopt one.

With their adorable appearance, spunky personalities, sharp brains, and hilarious temptations to remain the center of attraction, Chiweenies make the perfect pet choice for couples, singles, and households with older children.

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