Why is My Cat Shedding So Much?


Wait! no need to rush to the vet just because your cat hair is shedding, try to figure it out on your own first and we are going to help you find out the reason behind it, so stay tuned and let’s find out!

Cats shed during specific times of the year, and we all know that they might be shedding to an unbearable extent because of some underlying conditions. Cat’s skin irritation is also linked to hair loss which can leave them with bald patches. 

You need the answer to why is my cat shedding so much! This is not a sign of a healthy cat. Cat’s life is shorter than we expect, and if your pet is living with hair loss problems without finding a solution, it is not a very good option for them or you!

We always wonder why long-haired cats shed more than those with short hair because they have to prepare for thick winter coats, and during summers, they shed that extra hair to maintain the summer body. You need to use lint rollers for removing broken hairs, so you do not confuse it with shedding issues or medical problems when they shed so much.

How Much Shedding Is Normal?

Too much hair loss among cats is a normal process, and cat owners should not be concerned until they tend to lose hair more than usual. More hairballs can irritate owners, but we can find a way out of them together! 

The cats who shed too much, need proper self-cleaning and grooming, and the use of good products all of which can help them in shedding less.

Older cats can develop matted fur because of their age. Now, they are not energetic enough to groom themselves like they used to do at their younger ages. They might have developed cat allergies with age, which can result in increased shedding. 

Your cat might be shedding because they are stressed or tired from their daily routine. Shedding is considered normal because sometimes your furry cat is shedding dead hair.

 How Can You Tell When Your Cat Is Shedding Too Much?

cat shedding a lot

Readers, do you know that cats spend most time grooming themselves, which can be seen as a reason for excessive cat shedding. If your furry friend has more fur, you must keep an eye on their grooming schedules. 

Your cat might be shedding because they still have their dead hair on them, and you might take it as a seasonal shedding or relate it to some serious health problems. You can keep an eye on their shedding schedules, and also, here is a tip for making your cat free from hair loss! Do regular combing, which is important for your cat’s coat.

If your cat suddenly starts shedding an excessive amount of hair then it is a sign they have health issues or have developed some allergic reaction to either food or a new environment. You can check when do cats start shedding to learn more about it.

Some Causes for Increased Shedding

Let’s dig further to understand the secret behind the cats shedding excessively!


Pet allergies are a common sign of excess shedding. They can develop certain allergies as we humans do. The owners need to know when their cats show certain symptoms, such as hair loss. Allergies are common among pets, which they might be getting from their environment, the food they are consuming, and the products you are using for their bathing. 


my cat sheds a lot

One cannot bear the cumbersome burden of fleas in pets! Fleas can enter a cat’s fur easily if they are outdoor cats or if you let your cat stay outdoors. Cat fur can get itchy if fleas are present, giving room for tapeworms and other symptoms. Cats shed even more than expected if they catch such skin issues. 


Ringworm is a severe health condition among animals. About 97% of cats can develop ringworms because of fungal infections. Cats tend to shed more hair if they encounter such infections. You can cure it by giving them anti-fungal medicines and with time they will recover from skin problems. 

Metabolic disease

metabolic disease

A balanced diet is key to keeping your cat hair smooth and soft yet free from excessive shedding. The food they are consuming should be according to the breed you have. If your cat has food allergies, it will develop real health problems and lose hair even more. 

These animals need extra care regarding everything otherwise neglect can lead to serious diseases such as kidney disorders. 

Stress or boredom

Never adopt a cat because you need someone to get over your boredom because they require a lot of attention, time, and proper care. Indoor cats need proper cat grooming and if you fail to fulfill your duties, it affects cats and can lead to excess shedding. 

Your cat can have emotional instability and mental health conditions. Like humans have mood swings, pets can have them too, and try to avoid loud noises around them which may cause stress in them. This all leads to serious underlying causes such as a change in their surroundings, food, or even going through an emotional breakdown! Cats shed fur because of boredom as well. They need time to play, go out and have a friendly home. 

Thyroid Disease

Cat’s shedding might be a sign of thyroid disease which can result in excessive weight loss and bald patches. These medical problems can cause the death of your pet also. Nobody wants to see that pain! This disease can be because of less water intake, tiredness, and staying stressed all the time. 

Poor Quality Diet

poor diet

Try not to choose cheap food and never compromise on food quality. Food is an essential part and like humans need a proper diet your cat also needs a balanced diet for glossy pet hair! Poor quality foods can result in weight loss, bald spots, and stress in your cat’s life. 

They might have allergies to some types of foods. The prevalent cat allergies are wheat, gluten, soybeans, and some protein foods that can aggravate shedding.

 How Can I Stop My Cat Shedding a Lot?

Cats are known for their shedding, and while it’s a natural process, excessive shedding can be a nuisance for pet owners. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to reduce shedding and keep your home clean. 

From grooming techniques to diet changes, read on to learn how to stop your cat from shedding so much.

Change Their Diet

why does my cat shed so much

If you want your cat’s coat to stay glossy and have soft fur on your pet, you need to choose a good diet. Add good portions of protein and other foods and do not forget to look out for your pet’s allergies. Please give them a diet that covers all the important nutrients for them so finally at some stage they are over cat sheds! Cat shedding will never vanish from your pet’s life because it’s a natural body system, but a dangerous amount of hair loss would be resolved. 

Keep Them Hydrated

Hydration is vital for their optimal kidney function and for preventing them from kidney infections. Also, sometimes dehydration can lead to sweating which also causes hair breakage. 

Before developing an underlying disease for fur loss keep a strict eye on their water intake. Please do not give them too much water or less amount of water. Balanced water intake will prevent them from kidney stones and urinary infections. 

Check Their Health

Though shedding is a natural process if you stop taking care of your cat because you think they are undergoing natural shedding then you won’t be able to figure out the real reasons behind it. 

Your fur pet needs proper checks from the vet and needs vitamins. Give them boosters and on-time vaccinations so they can have a healthy life and this will reduce shedding. 

Brush Them Regularly

brush regularly

Get yourself a lint roller and do regular brushing on your lovely furry pet! If you own three cats then there would be more cat hair around your house! You can avoid it if you stop your cat from excessive self-grooming and give them daily brushing on your own. 

Brushing regularly would stimulate blood circulation and reduce hair shedding. Their body will keep the blood flowing keep the fur soft and even reduce the breakage of hair.

Create a Calm environment

Attention all cat lovers, your environment plays the most crucial role in cat hair loss and it can be optimized if you have cleaner surroundings. Nowadays getting cleaner air is impossible because of the pollution so better get an air purifier. 

Especially, Maine coon which is a long-haired breed that sheds more hair than one can handle, they are high-maintenance cats, and thus, it is their need to have a clean atmosphere. 

Final Thoughts

Okay, so we have come to know the reasons behind why cats shed and how can we maintain hair loss. We have also dug into the fungal infection, cat grooming, and stress aggravation of your cat. 

Your cat can either be losing a lot of fur because of some serious issues or it is just Maine coons and it’s natural for them to shed the amount of hair. Owners need to understand the hidden causes of shedding and if they have to bring change in the lifestyle or diet, owners should never delay in such things because it is about the health of their cute pet. 

We are hoping that this article has helped you with the answer to why your cat is shedding so much and what are the possible reasons behind it and how to avoid this problem.

Keep visiting our website to find out how you can safeguard your furry pets from excessive shedding, bald patches, and intense medical conditions, and help them in living a healthy life with smooth fur. Let us know if you have any queries in the comment box.

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