Our Impactful Twitter Campaign Against Seal Clubbing Resonates With Over 32.5k People!

We made a difference yet again! Our campaign to end the barbaric practice of seal clubbing has reached thousands of people, sparking outrage and raising awareness about animal cruelty. We are proud to have stood up for animal welfare and fought against this inhumane blood sport.

Our heartfelt Twitter campaign on the cruel practice of seal clubbing struck a chord with many, leaving an indelible impact on over 32.5k souls who felt moved by our message. Their unwavering engagement and interest in the fight against animal cruelty were reflected in over 2k likes and retweets, as well as 116 heartfelt comments pouring out with emotion.

We are proud to have trended at the top position for the hashtag “#AnimalCruelty” for 2 days, which is a testament to the influence of our efforts to raise awareness and promote a more empathetic world for all animals.

At the World Animal Foundation, we believe that all animals deserve equal treatment and respect regardless of their species, race, or any other factor that may differentiate them. This belief reflects our commitment to the ethics of equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. 

We strive to incorporate a diverse range of viewpoints in our messaging and programs. This includes representing the voices of marginalized communities and promoting greater inclusivity in the animal rights movement. By doing so, we can help build a more equitable and compassionate society for all beings.

Join us in the fight against animal cruelty, and help us create a better world for all living beings!

WAF editorial team is a passionate and diverse group that includes animal experts, researchers, writers, editors, and devoted pet owners. Our main goal is to share valuable insights about the animal kingdom and strengthen the special bond between humans and animals. Our eclectic and ever-growing team is committed to bringing you accurate and informative content to promote animal welfare and foster positive interactions with the wonderful world of animals. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore and celebrate the beauty and importance of our animal companions!

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