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Exotic Animal Laws by State: A Way to Deter People From Owning Rare and Dangerous Animals

Originally published on March 28, 2023, this article has been updated on October 16, 2023 to reflect the latest research and statistics. Our editorial team has ensured you’re viewing the most current data on this topic. Need help or have a question? Email us. If you’re an animal lover, undoubtedly in your past is a […]

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August 4, 2023 A-Z Animals Advocate Exotic Animals 

Exotic Pets NJ – Unconventional Companions

We all have an exotic animal that resonates with us. Some of us find birds, with their superior intelligence and mating rituals, fascinating. Others would like nothing better than to rub the belly of a tiger or lion cub. Then there is a new interest in keeping exotic reptiles and amphibians in our homes. However, […]

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Legal Exotic Pets In NY – Your Guide to Owning Unique Animals Safely

When I think of pets, I think of the typical dog, cat, hamster, or goldfish. Never does my mind travel to exotic animals, including sloths, kangaroos, or even hyenas. But would you believe that in the state of New York, you can actually own exotic animals that you’ve probably only ever seen in a zoo?  […]

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July 6, 2023 A-Z Animals Exotic Animals 

Discover the World of Exotic Pets in Florida: A Guide to Owning and Caring for Unique Animals

You’ve heard of people who have a Doberman Pinscher or a Siamese cat which are both majestic animals in their own right. What may surprise you is there are more than a few people living with bats, deer, and even giraffes since exotic pets in Florida are all the rage. That’s right, get out your […]

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Beyond Cats And Dogs: Unique Exotic Pets Legal In California

Pets are a huge part of our lives, and most homes throughout the United States have some sort of pet, whether that be a dog, a goldfish, or a horse. But would you believe that wild animals like zebra, ostrich, and American bison are also kept as pets in California? The most shocking part is […]

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Texas Exotic Animals: And How They Became Game Stock

The Lone Star State evokes many images, and our minds are often drawn to instant stereotypes about the second-largest state in the US. For many, Texas is synonymous with cowboys, guns, big oil, vast open landscapes, and ranches hosting a barbeque, y’all. Yet, Texas can be a contradiction. Instead of cattle grazing on native vegetation, […]

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Exploring the World of Legal Exotic Pets: From Cute and Cuddly to Wild and Wonderful

Most households throughout the US include a pet, whether a dog, a cat, or even a goldfish. But would you believe that there are actually legal exotic pets you can own? That’s right; some states allow pets like alligators, capybaras, fennec foxes, and even cougars, which to me, is just crazy to even think about. […]

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