Kimberly Rowe

Kimberly Rowe

Kimberly Rowe was raised on the Outer Cape beaches of Massachusetts. Growing up on a spiral peninsula had many benefits; the most obvious being she was never far from the ocean.
Being so immersed in the natural world around her gave her an appreciation for all living things, and an undying empathy for animals who needed help.
Her first rescue effort was at 7 years of age, when she brought home a wounded pigeon from the commercial pier, much to her mother’s surprise. She has continued to rescue animals of all kinds over the years, but is especially partial to dogs and chickens.
Kim’s current partner in crime is a dog named Cameo who has come a long way in learning to trust humans since being adopted. She also has several chickens who are living out their golden years in a hand built coop.
When Kim can tear herself away from spending time outdoors with Cameo, she works as the GM of an established, dog-friendly, waterfront restaurant. Most of the guests treat their pets like equals, however, she realizes that her experience is exceptional to the norm.
Nothing gets her more upset than the deliberate mistreatment of animals, and she hopes to save enough money someday to protect them all. In the meantime, she uses her gift of gab to inspire others to slow down and respect the living world that surrounds us.
In a perfect society, people would realize that all animals, even the very smallest, have souls. Kim would love to see humans eat more vegetables, for their own health, as well as the health of the planet.
The recent pandemic was a blessing in disguise, as it forced her to take time away from her “home away from home” at the restaurant to dive back into writing. Storytelling was a passion during her younger college years, but she convinced herself she was too busy for writing as an adult.
After spending a couple of years writing about things that did not hold a lot of meaning to her, she is happy to be advocating for things that she is passionate about; specifically animals, and wellness through nutrition.

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