Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China Permanently

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China

Dogs are the most favorite household pets in most of the world, but a few groups in China thinks otherwise.

Each year, the Chinese hold the Yulin dog meat festival in which they mercilessly slaughter several dogs in the festival and then eat dog meat. Many of these dogs are stolen pets or strays that have been caught off the streets. These poor pooches are first placed in cages scammed together in little spaces. This festival infringes on the rights of dog owners by stealing their dogs and cats.

The dogs walk long miles to reach the Yulin dog meat market, and then they meet the cruelest fate; beaten to death.

To stop this madness and cruelty, many animal welfares are trying to figure out ways to permanently stop the Yulin dog meat festival in China.

What Is the Yulin Festival?

Yulin festival is an annual 10 days event in which alive dogs are brought from all over China and other parts of the world to be slaughtered and then eaten.

According to estimates, around 10,000 dogs are slaughtered and consumed each year. They also serve cat meat, fresh lychees, and liquor at the festival. Yulin dog meat festival started during the summer solstice because the Chinese believe summer eating brings health. The entire Yulin dog meat festival, a relatively new tradition, is full of flaws, weird beliefs, and errors.

The festival is facing heavy criticism worldwide, and several animal protection welfares are trying to end this animal cruelty.

yulin dog meat festival 2021

How Are China’s Dogs Affected by This Festival?

Each year, around 4 million dogs are traded, most of which are taken from the streets, and even stolen from households. They slaughter them at the festival attended by people from all over the world, covering long distances.

The methods used to kill the dogs are often cruel, with many being boiled or burned alive. This has led to worldwide condemnation of the festival, with animal activists and even celebrities such as Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell speaking out against it.

What Work Is Being Done To End This Festival?

The Chinese authorities, especially the Guangxi provincial government, are facing huge criticism from all around the world, especially the Humane Society International, which is putting great pressure on China policy specialists to end the havoc.

Many global movements have begun in recent years and several global petitions, including HSIs, and prominent animal rights activists, to stop this cruelty.

Regardless of all these efforts, the Yulin Municipal Committee claims they cannot stop the festival as it is not an official event. This problem continues, but several strikes are being recorded, and the media is also playing its role in stopping this menace.

How Big Is the Dog Meat Trade?

The estimated dog trade worldwide is approximately 30 million dogs and 10 million cats annually for human consumption across Asia. Also, the sad reality does not end here; the mafia responsible for the trade stuffs 1,000 alive dogs in one truck, cramming them to suffocation, and some even die during the journey.

Dog meat is most common in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, in Yulin city of China. The consumption in these regions is estimated to be 10 million dogs annually.

Also, in Korea alone, there are 1,000 animal farms where poor animals are kept, waiting to be slaughtered. A vast majority of people are trying to conclude this festival permanently.

yulin dog meat festival 2021

How Can People Who Live Outside the Country Help With This Fight?

People residing in different countries of the globe are signing petitions to stop the madness. Furthermore, people are encouraged to sign the HSI’s petition and other such petitions to send the message around the world that this inhumane practice must be stopped.

Similarly, Humane Society International is also putting efforts to stop the People’s Republic of China’s dog meat trade and the brutal slaughtering of man’s best friends.

How To Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China Permanently

The menace must be stopped, and there is no option but to end this festival permanently. Public opinion and the right to freedom of speech are the only ways to stop people from eating dogs. There are other farm animals and livestock options that can be consumed like in other countries.

The Citizens of China have petitioned against this festival, but the Chinese government and other authoritative units deny the very existence of this brutal festival. Overall, the only ways to stop this madness are discussed as follows.

Petition Signing

The most effective way is to sign the petition addressed to Ambassador Tiankai. This is a global movement to end the entire dog meat trade in Asia.

The petition states that according to the Chinese charter about animal trade, animals without a quarantine certificate cannot be traded; which seldom any dog possesses. The petition is indirect but effective in indirectly stopping the menace.

Donate to save

Several NGOs and charity institutions are working tirelessly to help dogs suffering the brutality. The Duo Duo Project is the most renowned project working against this festival. They help local animal welfare authorities in cities where this practice is rampant.

Dog lovers can Adopt

Adopt the displaced and rescued canines to provide them shelter and love that they deserve. To all the dog lovers out there, you can conveniently adopt the most suitable dog by checking out your local animal shelter homes. Other adoption events are run in different parts of several countries for the eventual adoption of these displaced dogs.

yulin dog meat festival 2021

Sponsor a Canine

Another major way to reduce the number of displaced and lost dogs is by sponsoring a dog. Your sponsorship can help safely return or transfer the dog to the USA or other safe havens around the globe.

Spread Awareness

You can share the details of this merciless dog-eating event through social media and other sharing forums to let maximum people know about the annual dog meat festival. The festival also puts a big question mark on the food safety of the slaughtered dogs being consumed during that festival as these dogs are seldom vaccinated against viral diseases.

What Has Prevented the Authorities From Banning Yulin or Dog Meat in General?

Chinese see dogs as dangerous wild animals, and in the previous years, there has been tension between dog owners and other residents of China because of dogs. These residents view dogs as a nuisance. These beliefs instilled a hatred among Chinese people towards dogs.

China currently has no obligation against dog meat consumption, and only after the vast public reaction to the festival, have they finally put some prohibitions against the consumption of dog meat.

However, the mischief is still very much in practice, and a little has changed so far. The authorities do not have much intention of ending this menace.

Final Thoughts

The Dog Meat festival in Yulin city of China is becoming a renowned event all over the globe with every passing day. People are becoming aware of this brutal killing of dogs just for food consumption. China is facing vast criticism but yet, but only small action has been taken.

The future indicates that the festival might soon end, but the dog meat trade will continue, if not at a major level, at a small scale, the hunting will continue.

However, the continuous efforts of animal rights activists, local authorities, and the global movement against the killing of companion animals will soon put an end to this menace.

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