LED Dog Harness

Welcome to our range of LED dog harnesses, designed to ensure your furry friend’s safety during all your adventures together. Whether it’s a night time walk, an early morning run, or just some fun time in the backyard, our reflective dog harness keeps your dog highly visible and safe.

Our reflective dog harnesses are equipped with bright LED lights that enhance visibility, ensuring that you never lose sight of your buddy, no matter the time of day. The light portion of the harness is crafted to illuminate your dog’s entire body, providing all-around visibility. With different light settings available, you can adjust the harness to suit the specific conditions of your outdoor activities.

The harnesses are not just about visibility; they are also designed for comfort. They fit snugly around both the neck and the entire length of your dog’s body, ensuring your buddy’s ideal fit. These features make the LED dog harness suitable for large dogs and those that are pull-tested.

Furthermore, our reflective vest and LED dog harnesses come with a long-lasting battery life, so you can enjoy prolonged periods of outdoor fun without worry. For added convenience, they can be machine washed, making maintenance a breeze.

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