9 Best Dog Car Harness in 2023

car harness for large dogs

A few years ago, my husband and I moved 1500 miles across the country with our little cockapoo named Mozzie. Since Mozzie doesn’t settle down very well in the car, I was super worried about such a long road trip.

If we put him in the back seat, he tried to jump up to the front of the car. If we put him in the passenger seat, he tried to climb over to sit on the driver’s lap.

Before our trip, I made sure to purchase a doggy car seat that his dog harness could clip into.

It took a little time for him to get used to it. Once he did, he was able to settle down for the long voyage and we were able to drive safely to our new home.

Driving with a dog or two in the car is distracting. It can quickly become unsafe for you, your pups, and the people on the road around you.

Purchasing a dog car harness is a great way to keep everyone safe, and luckily there are a lot of options.



Multi-Purpose Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Seatbelt Webbing

Best Crash-Tested Harness

Sleepypod Car Dog Harness

  • Size: X- Large
  • Material: Nylon

Best For Busy Dogs

PetSafe Happy Ride Car Dog Harness

  • Size: X- Large
  • Material: Nylon

Works With Any Vehicle

VavoPaw Vehicle Harness

  • Size: X-Large
  • Material: Polyester

Best on a Budget

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Seatbelts Harness

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon

Great For Tiny Dogs

SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Mesh

Best For Big Dogs

Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon, Synthetic Fabric

Cutest Color Options

Lukovee Dog Car Harness Seat Belt

  • Size: Medium
  • Material:  Nylon, Mesh

Luxury Dog Harness

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Aluminum

9 Best Dog Car Harnesses

Let’s take a look at a variety of the best dog car harnesses available right now so that you can choose which one will work best for your pooch.

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

dog car harness

If you want a harness that you can use daily and not just in the car, the Kurgo tru-fit harness is a good choice.

You can use it as a normal walking harness day to day. When you hop in the car, you can use the included seat belt attachment to clip your dog in.

The downside is that this harness wasn’t developed specifically as a car safety harness, but at least you don’t have to change your dog into a special car harness every time you get in the car. Convenient, for sure.

best dog restraint for car

There are 5 adjustment points that are helpful for getting a perfect fit. Once you have it sized correctly, you can get it on and off your dog with a single quick-release buckle.

The Kurgo harness has a D-ring in the front (on your dog’s chest). This is helpful for keeping your dog from pulling on walks or runs because if they pull, it will turn them around.

There are multiple size options for this no pull harness, including extra small.


  • You don’t need to purchase an extra harness just for use in the car.
  • Made of durable, ripstop fabric.


  • It has not been crash-tested, though it will certainly help restrain your dog and prevent distracted driving.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

The price of “Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Sleepypod Car Dog Harness

best dog car harness

I was in a small car accident with one of my dogs once, and it was quite scary! Luckily I had my little dog on my lap and was able to hold him close, otherwise, he definitely would have flown off the seat and could have gotten really hurt.

If you’re concerned about maximum safety for your fur baby, you will want to find a car safety harness that has been crash-tested like this one from Sleepypod.

The straps that go over your dog’s shoulders are quite wide, which spreads out the force if you were to get into an accident.

best dog seatbelt harness

It is made of high-quality materials: seatbelt-grade webbing, ballistic nylon, and interior neoprene padding (for comfort and shock absorption).

I really like the simple way that this harness gets used. It snaps onto your dog in a similar way to a walking harness. When your dog gets in the car, you just put a seatbelt through the loops on the car harness and click it in.


  • There is a ring for attaching a leash so that you can use this as a walking harness as well (though I probably wouldn’t use it as a daily walking harness — more for road trip potty breaks).
  • There are 2 adjustment points so that you can get a good fit for your dog.
  • This dog car harness is the only harness to get a five-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety with its safety certification.


  • The Sleepypod dog car harness is certified for dogs up to 75 pounds. If you have an extra large dog, this might not work for you.

Sleepypod Car Dog Harness

The price of “Sleepypod Car Dog Harness” varies, so check the latest price at

3. PetSafe Happy Ride Car Dog Harness

dog harness for car

My chihuahua mix named Rudy is very busy in the back seat. He goes back and forth, looking and sniffing out the windows.

This doggy zipline is super easy to install and allows you to use your dog’s daily walking harness as long as it has an attachment ring on your dog’s back.

There is a line that runs across the width of your vehicle and hooks to the handles that are above the doors. Then, there is an adjustable line that can move freely on the zipline and attaches to your dog’s harness.

best seat belt harness for dogs

While it has not been crash-tested, it will massively help your dog stay in the back seat and eliminate a lot of driver distraction.


  • This solution gives your dog a lot of freedom while preventing serious dangers.
  • It is made of lightweight, durable nylon.
  • I like that there is nothing weighing the dog down, and they are less likely to get tangled up since it runs along the ceiling of the car.


  • If you usually only have a collar on your pup, you will want to get them a dog harness for car rides. It is dangerous to attach the zipline lead to your dog’s neck.

PetSafe Happy Ride Car Dog Harness

The price of “PetSafe Happy Ride Car Dog Harness ” varies, so check the latest price at

4. VavoPaw Vehicle Harness

travel dog harness

This versatile dog car harness should work well in just about any kind of vehicle.

The harness itself is made of a high-density strap, and the chest plate is padded with sponge foam to absorb impact and add comfort. There are four adjustment points so that you can get an even fit.

best dog seat belt harness

There is another adjustable strap that you use to clip your dog into the car. There are multiple ways to attach it, including clipping it into the seat belt slot or using the carabiner to attach it to the headrest rod or an ISOFIX point.

This dog car harness is super affordable and has over 4000 great reviews.


  • I like that the seat belt attachment can clip into most cars, but if it doesn’t work in yours, you can switch to using the carabiner. Basically, no matter what, you’ll be able to use it with your vehicle.
  • It comes in sizes for small dogs and extra-large dogs.


  • This dog harness has not been crash test certified.

VavoPaw Vehicle Harness

The price of “VavoPaw Vehicle Harness” varies, so check the latest price at

5. BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Seatbelts Harness

travel harness for dogs

If your car has headrests (most do!), you can use this dog car harness. This super affordable option provides two identical adjustable headrest restraints that you can use with your dog’s normal harness.

They are made of thick nylon webbing with a metal swivel clip. You can adjust the part that goes around the headrest as well as adjust the length of the lead your dog has.

dog restraints for car travel

This is not a crash-tested harness, but I really like how simple this option is.

I also like that it attaches up to the headrest. I’ve found that my dogs are less likely to get tangled when a lead goes up above them rather than down at their feet.

Note: You should never clip this to your dog’s collar. If you have to brake quickly, it could seriously injure your dog. You always want to have your dog in a harness for car rides. You can also look out for the best dog harnesses to make use of this car safety seatbelt strap.


  • If you have two vehicles, you can keep one seat belt in each car and always be good to go.
  • Many reviewers use this doggy seat belt with multiple dogs at the same time.
  • With over 21,000 reviews and 4.6 stars, this seat belt is well-liked!


  • Some reviewers wished that there was a longer length option so that their dog could move around more.

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Seatbelts Harness

The price of “BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Seatbelts Harness” varies, so check the latest price at

6. SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set

best car harness for dogs

If you’re looking for a daily harness for your dog as well as a seat belt attachment, this is a nice set.

It comes in a wide range of sizes from xxx-small to large. There are a lot of cute harness colors to choose from.

The harness itself is made with a breathable mesh fabric. There are four adjustment points and two quick-release buckles. You clip into two D-rings to attach a leash or the seat belt lead.

car harness for small dogs

The seat belt attachment has a small bungee in it. This could keep your dog from getting jerked around by sharp turns or sudden braking.

The bungee is nice because it gives your dog more space to roam with a lower chance of them getting tangled. It clips into your car’s seat belt clips.

This dog harness set has not been crash-tested but will definitely help prevent distracted driving.


  • The price is great for a harness and seat belt attachment.


  • If your car doesn’t use a universal seat belt size, the attachment may not clip in like it’s supposed to.

SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set

The price of “SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness

best dog seat belt

These dog harnesses come in sizes that work for dogs ranging in size from small to extra large. You can use them in the car and as a daily dog harness.

The dog harness has four adjustment points for a great fit. The chest plate has a nice amount of padding to keep your dog comfortable. All hardware on the dog harness is metal for long-lasting durability.

dog car safety harness

You have to purchase the car seatbelt attachment separately from this company. They have a few different kinds depending on your needs — even a chew-proof seat belt.


  • This is a family-owned business.
  • There is a D-ring on the front of the harness for less pulling during walks.


  • You will need to purchase the seat belt strap separately, though this allows you to choose the exact kind that you want.

Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness

The price of “Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Lukovee Dog Car Harness Seat Belt

dog travel harness

This car harness for dogs has everything you need: the harness and seat belt strap.

The harness is made of breathable mesh fabric (that has been tested for harmful chemicals). My dogs often get hot in the car, so the breathable fabric is a must.

The attachment strap has a metal clip that can rotate 360 degrees. It is adjustable and has an elastic bungee in it. The strap clicks into the seatbelt buckle.

seatbelt harnesses

This set comes in six different sizes, so you’ll likely want to measure your dog for a harness before you order to make sure you get the best size for a snug fit.

Note: This one has also not been crash-tested.


  • I love the colors that this set comes in! And the attachment strap matches. With most car harnesses, the strap is plain black.
  • The item description gives the size of the seatbelt tab (0.79 inches in width) so that you can check the buckle size on your car to ensure compatibility.


  • Some reviewers found that the sizing was off on the harnesses, so you may need to exchange it for a different size.

Lukovee Dog Car Harness Seat Belt

The price of “Lukovee Dog Car Harness Seat Belt” varies, so check the latest price at

9. EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

best dog car restraint

If you really want your dog to have a crash-tested car harness, the EzyDog safety harness will keep your furry friend safe. It has met the required safety standards in the US, Australia, and Europe.

It is made out of the highest quality materials. The chest straps create an X to ensure strength. The chest plate is padded and contoured to a dog’s body shape for the best support possible.

I like that you only have to adjust it to fit your dog once. After the fitting process, you can quickly get it on and off your dog.

best car restraint for dogs

This specialized harness is meant only for car rides — not for walking.

To strap your dog into the car, you simply slide your car’s seatbelt through the handles of the harness and clip it in, no extra accessories are required.


  • Reviews state that the harness is very sturdy and well-made.
  • Since you use your car’s existing seatbelt to clip your dog in, you don’t have to worry about attachments working with your vehicle make and model.


  • This is a pricey safety harness, but all crash-tested dog car harnesses cost more than those that have not been crash-test certified.

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

The price of “EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness” varies, so check the latest price at

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Dog Car Harness 

As you shop for car harnesses that will keep your dog safe during a car trip, you’ll want to pay attention to these factors:

Crash Tested or Not

Most car harnesses have not been crash-tested.

While you won’t really know how these untested harnesses will work in the event of an accident, they will still help by keeping your dog from climbing into the front seat and distracting the driver.

They can also keep your dog from jumping out of an open car window (it happens).

Untested harnesses are significantly less expensive than crash-tested ones.

It’s helpful to know ahead of time if a crash-tested harness is your priority or not.

Where It Attaches

A car harness can be secured to your car in multiple different places depending on the design.

Some make use of the car’s seatbelt to strap in. Others use an attachment that clips into the seatbelt buckle. I also found options that attach to the headrest or that create a zipline along the ceiling of the vehicle.

I prefer clipping my dogs in so that the strap is mostly above them, as they are prone to get tangled up if there is a strap at their feet.

You’ll want to ponder what will be easiest and most useful depending on your dog and the type of car.

What’s Included

There is a wide variety when it comes to these dog harnesses. Some are two-piece sets where you get the harness and the seatbelt attachment.

Others rely on you clipping into your dog’s existing harness. If your dog doesn’t normally wear a harness, this means that you’ll need to purchase one to go with the pet safety car lead.

The crash-tested harnesses usually use the car’s seatbelt to clip in, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than the harness itself.

It’s also possible that the harness and seatbelt attachment will be sold separately, so you’ll want to be aware of that to make sure that you don’t end up with only part of what you need.


As you shop, you’ll want to make note of if each harness can also be used to walk your dog or if it is strictly for in-car use.

Some car harnesses would be great as a daily harnesses for going on walks as well as clipping into the car.

Other choices explicitly say not to use them for anything else. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll want to know if it’s important for you or not.

In Conclusion…

When it comes to choosing the best car harness for keeping your dog secure on the road, there is a huge variety of options!

This is really nice as you can pick what best fits your budget (costs range from $10 to over $100), as well as what will work best for your dog.

An unrestrained dog in the car can be dangerous for everyone. I hope this article helps you choose the best car dog harness for your pooch to make car travel safer.

Christine Lynn
Christine lives in western Colorado with her husband, mother, and two small dogs. Christine grew up with many different big dogs as well as multiple cats. A year after they got married, she and her husband got a cockapoo puppy that stole their hearts (love at first sight is definitely real with dogs!). Years later, they adopted a Chihuahua mix from a local animal shelter. Christine has taken each of her pups through multiple training courses to help with behavior and anxiety. She has cared for her cockapoo through two knee surgeries and many other health concerns. Christine has been writing professionally on a variety of topics for six years. Her work has been featured on many well-known blogs and websites. She especially enjoys the opportunity to share her passion for responsible pet care with the world. Her hobbies include reading, watercolor painting, and hiking (with her dogs, of course!).

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