World Hunger Statistics

Highlighting the severity and widespread nature of global hunger, affecting millions of people around the world.

Startling Numbers

According to FAO stats of 2021, there are 828 million hungry people in the world.

Grim Reality

Annually, almost 9 million people die from hunger.

Global Concern

Globally, around 1 in 10 people don’t get enough food to eat.

Facing Food Insecurity

More than 345 million people worldwide face high levels of food insecurity.

Gender Disparity

Of the 345 million people who face food insecurity, nearly 60% are females.

War and Hunger

Almost 70% of the people suffering from hunger are living in war-affected areas.

Impact on Children

Due to malnutrition, more than 149 million children suffer from stunting.

Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine conflict is leading to the largest food crisis since World War II.

Looking Ahead to 2030

Projections indicate that by 2030, roughly 8% of the world’s population will still be confronting hunger.

Role of Overpopulation

Overpopulation is a leading driver of hunger, with the world's population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

Paradox of Hunger

The world produces enough food to feed everyone, but distribution and access remain major challenges.

Environmental Impact

Climate change, deforestation, and other environmental factors exacerbate the hunger crisis.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable agriculture, fair trade, and local food systems can make a difference.