WHO Report On Meats - The Probable Health Risks

WHO Report on Meats

The World Health Organization's findings on meat consumption and its health implications.

Meat Consumption Worldwide

350 million tons of meat are consumed annually worldwide.

WHO's Classification

In 2015, WHO classified red meat as group 2A carcinogenic and processed meats as group 1.

What is the WHO?

Founded by the United Nations in 1948, WHO promotes health and well-being globally.

Carcinogenic Findings

Every 50 grams of processed meat increases the chance of certain cancers by 18%.

What is Red Meat?

Red meat is any muscle meat from mammals.

Why Evaluate Red and Processed Meat?

Red meat is any muscle meat from mammals.

Cooking Methods & Cancer Risk

High-temperature cooking can create carcinogenic byproducts.

Raw Meat Consumption

Raw meat poses risks related to bacteria and disease

Cancers Linked to Processed Meat

Strong correlation between colorectal cancer and meat consumption.

WHO's Recommendations

Limit consumption of red and processed meat to reduce cancer risk

Quantifying the Risk

18% increased risk of colorectal cancer for every 50g of processed meat daily.


Consider the evidence and make informed choices about meat consumption.