What State Produces the Most Chickens?


Iowa produces the most chickens out of all US states.

The Chicken Capital

Top 10 Chicken Stats

 Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Georgia lead in chicken production.

Egg Production in Iowa

Iowa contributes $2 Billion annually to the economy with egg production.

Chicken Consumption Trends

Since 1990, chicken consumption for meat has increased by 70%.

Global Chicken Producers

The USA, China, and Indonesia are top chicken producers globally.

Business of Chickens

Chickens are a gold mine for farmers and producers.

 US's Chicken Appetite

US citizens eat 8 billion chickens annually.

The Broiler Capital

Georgia is often referred to as the “Broiler Capital of the World.

 World's Chicken Population

There are four chickens per person on Earth.

Importance of Humane Practices

It's crucial to ensure that animals are kept and slaughtered humanely.