Understanding Dog Ear Fences

Understanding Dog Ear Fences

What Is Dog Ear Fence?

The importance of fencing your property.

The Need for Fencing

Protecting privacy and moments in your garden.

Dog Eared Fencing

A pocket-friendly and easy-to-install fencing option.

Why "Dog Ear"?

The fence resembles floppy dog ears or a turned-under page of a book

Materials for Dog Ear Fences

Commonly made of lumber, cedar, pine, spruce, and whitewood.

Types & Designs

Multiple styles based on needs and preferences.


Durable against hurricanes, cost-effective, and timeless appeal.


Not tall enough for giant dogs.

Lifespan of Dog Ear Fences

Cedar lasts 30 years, pine 12 years, and spruce 7 years. Maintenance can extend life.

Final Thoughts

A top fencing choice for homeowners.