What Bird Lays Blue Eggs?

Ever wondered which birds lay captivating blue eggs? Let's unravel the mystery.

Blue Jays

Known for their striking blue feathers, Blue Jays often lay 4-5 eggs that are a gorgeous shade of blue.

American Robin Bird

American Robins, with their familiar song, lay bright blue eggs, earning them a spot in many children's stories.


The versatile Starlings not only imitate sounds but lay glossy blue or greenish-blue eggs.

Red-winged Blackbirds

These blackbirds with distinctive red patches lay eggs that range from pale blue to bright blue.


Dunnocks, or hedge sparrows, lay blue or blue-green eggs, adding to the wonder of their secretive lives.

Blue-footed Booby

Famous for their blue feet, these seabirds also lay pale blue eggs that match their feet's hue.

Great Tinamou

In the dense forests, the Great Tinamou lays eggs with a bright, shiny blue appearance.

Common Myna

A part of the starling family, Common Mynas lay beautiful pale blue eggs.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

TextThese tiny, agile birds lay eggs that are bluish-white and often dotted with brown.

Gray Catbirds

Gray Catbirds, with their slate-gray appearance, lay eggs that are a striking shade of blue.

Why Blue Eggs?

The blue pigment in eggs is a result of biliverdin. It may offer camouflage or signify bird health.