Vegetarian Statistics

A global perspective on the increasing trend of vegetarianism.

Growing Global Community

Almost 1.5 billion vegetarians span the globe, choosing a life free from meat.

Veganuary's Impact

In 2022, a staggering 629,000 individuals committed to veganism for January.

Booming Plant-Based Market

The global market for plant-based substitutes is a thriving $1.4 billion industry.

Vegetarianism by the Numbers

22% of the world's population now embraces a vegetarian lifestyle.

Europe's Vegan Movement

Around 1% of Europe has made the commitment to a vegan lifestyle.

India's Vegetarian Heritage

A significant 42% of India's population adheres to a vegetarian diet, deeply rooted in its cultural traditions.

American Vegetarian Trends

Nearly 8 million US adults have chosen a life free of meat consumption.

Benefit to Our Planet

Embracing vegetarianism can reduce agricultural land usage by up to 75%, protecting our planet.

Market Forecast

By 2028, the vegetarian market is projected to grow to a substantial $10.8 billion.

Healthier Life Choices

Vegetarians have been found to have a 14% lower risk of developing cancer.

Why Vegetarianism?

The reasons are vast: from animal rights, environmental concerns, to personal health.

Global Cuisine Transition

As vegetarianism grows, so does the variety and richness of meat-free dishes worldwide.

Future of Food

With technology and innovation, the future of food looks greener and more sustainable.