U.S. Meat Consumption

America's increasing appetite for meat and poultry.

USDA Projections for 2022

Americans were projected to have access to 224.6 pounds of red meat and poultry in 2022.

Peak Consumption in 2020

Per capita meat consumption reached a staggering 264 pounds per person in 2020.

Beef's Rising Popularity

In 2022, Americans consumed an average of 58.9 pounds of beef per capita.

Demand for Pork

The pork consumption per capita ranged between 51.1 to 51.6 pounds in the US.

Chicken's Dominance

Each year, Americans devour almost 8 billion chickens, making it a dominant meat choice.

Americans' Seafood Palette

In 2019, an average American consumed 19.2 pounds of fish and shellfish.

Chicken vs. Beef and Pork

Chicken reigns supreme, with its consumption surpassing both beef and pork.

US Slaughterhouses

The US houses 2,785 slaughterhouses dedicated to red meat production.

Turkey - The Most Wasted

Of all the meats, turkey is wasted the most in the US.

Feeding the Nation

The US meat industry caters to the appetite of over 326 million people.

Environmental Concerns

The environmental impact and sustainability concerns related to meat consumption.

Health Impacts

Exploring the health implications of high meat consumption patterns.

Ethical Considerations

The ethical debate surrounding the treatment of animals in the meat industry.

 Future of Meat

Innovations and alternatives to traditional meat sources.