types of turtles

Embark on a journey through the fascinating world of turtles. Explore the unique characteristics and habitats of various species, from the well-known Box Turtles to the intriguing Pond and River Cooters.

Asian Box Turtles

Adaptable and resilient, Asian Box Turtles thrive in various habitats, from forests to marshy areas.

Chinese Box Turtle

Chinese Box Turtles are known for their striking appearance and preference for aquatic environments.

Malaysian Box Turtle

Malaysian Box Turtles are distinguished by their unique shell patterns and aquatic lifestyle.

Box Turtle

Box Turtles are celebrated for their domed shells and ability to completely close their shell for protection.

Coahuilan Box Turtle

Native to Mexico, the Coahuilan Box Turtle is a rare species known for its semi-aquatic nature.

Desert Box Turtle

Adapted to arid environments, the Desert Box Turtle showcases remarkable resilience in dry conditions.

Eastern Box Turtle

With its colorful shell, is a common sight in the woodlands of the eastern United States.

Gulf Coast Box Turtle

Inhabiting the coastal regions, the Gulf Coast Box Turtle is known for its preference for humid environments.

Ornate Box Turtle

The Ornate Box Turtle, with its beautifully patterned shell, is a visual treat and prefers prairie habitats.

Three-toed Box Turtle

Distinctive for having three toes, this turtle is versatile in habitat choice, from forests to grasslands.

Chicken Turtle

Chicken Turtles are unique for their long, striped necks and are often found in slow-moving waters.

Eastern River Cooter

Preferring rivers and streams, the Eastern River Cooter is known for its basking behavior on logs or rocks.

Florida River Cooter

With its large size and distinctive markings, is a common sight in Florida's waterways.

Peninsula Cooter

Adaptable and widespread, the Peninsula Cooter thrives in various freshwater habitats.