types of tangs

Journey through the vibrant and diverse realm of Tang fish, uncovering 13 popular species, each boasting unique colors and patterns.

Yellow Tang

Yellow Tangs are known for their bright color and friendly nature, changing hues at night with a brown patch appearing.

Pacific Blue Tang

Pacific Blue Tangs, like Dory from 'Finding Nemo', are hardy with a royal blue body and distinctive yellow tail.

Naso Tang

Naso Tangs display a dark grey base with orange stripes, requiring larger tanks due to their size and active nature.

Powder Blue Tang

Powder Blue Tangs are vibrant with a light blue hue and yellow dorsal fins, but are prone to diseases like marine ich.

Purple Tang

Known for their aggression, have a bluish-purple body with yellow pectoral and tail fins.

Sailfin Tang

Sailfin Tangs are recognizable by their white stripes on a beige body, preferring a plant-based diet with algae supplements.

Chevron Tang

Chevron Tangs are smaller, peaceful species, changing from vibrant orange to olive-brown as they mature.

Kole Tang

Kole Tangs are notable for their bright yellow 'eyebrow' and chocolate brown body, thriving on a diet of prepared foods.

Achilles Tang

Achilles Tangs are black-based with a multicolored lining on fins and tail, named after the sharp spine in their caudal region.

Convict Tang

Convict Tangs, resembling a convict uniform, have a yellowish base with black stripes, feeding primarily on marine algae.

Powder Brown Tang

Powder Brown Tangs are small, less aggressive, with a white face and nose, and require a specific diet and tank setup.

Clown Tang

Affordable despite their size, have a greyish belly with a pale body and striking blue fins.

Orange Shoulder Tang

Orange Shoulder Tangs are peaceful, changing from vibrant juveniles to paler adults, ideal for community saltwater aquariums.