types of siamese

Delve into the graceful and diverse universe of Siamese cats, discovering 10 unique and beautiful types, each with its own distinct features and personality.

Apple Head

Apple Head Siamese cats are known for their round, apple-shaped heads and large bones, weighing up to 18 pounds.


Classic Siamese cats boast long, athletic bodies and tails, with round heads and piercing blue eyes.

Old Style

Old Style Siamese cats, popular in the 1950s-60s, blend modern and traditional features with almond-shaped noses and broad ears.

Wedge Siamese

Wedge Siamese cats, or 'wedgies', are known for their extreme features, including triangular heads and wide ears.

Lilac Point

Lilac Point Siamese cats have lilac hues on their coats, a blend of Dilute Chocolate and Blue Points, discovered in the 1960s.

Chocolate Point

Chocolate Point Siamese cats feature a light brown shade, distinct from their darker-colored counterparts.

Cream Point

Cream Point Siamese cats are a crossbreed with soft bodies and white color, their paw pads are leather with pale pink color.

Red Point

Red Point Siamese cats are rare, with beautiful orange and crimson shades in their fur, a hybrid of Tortoiseshell and Red Tabbies.

Seal Point

Seal Point Siamese cats have a fur color resembling a seal, ranging from dark brown to black.

Blue Point

Blue Point Siamese cats have a dark brown color with a hint of blue, reflecting their blue eyes.