Types of Seabirds

Discover the diverse world of seabirds and their unique characteristics.


Known for their large size and wingspans, albatrosses are expert gliders. They can travel thousands of miles without flapping their wings.


Auks are diving birds that are well adapted to cold waters. They have short wings and are excellent swimmers.


Boobies are known for their striking colors and are skilled divers. They plunge from great heights to catch fish.


Frigatebirds have a unique red throat pouch and are known to steal food from other birds in mid-air.


Fulmars are related to albatrosses and have a tube-like structure on their beak to excrete salt.


Gannets are known for their dramatic dives. They plunge into the sea at high speeds to catch fish.


Murres are part of the auk family and are known for their upright posture and sleek appearance.


Penguins are flightless birds adapted to cold climates. They are excellent swimmers and divers.


Petrels are nocturnal and have a unique tube nose. They are often seen skimming the ocean's surface.


Puffins are known for their colorful beaks and are skilled divers. They can carry multiple fish in their beaks at once.


Shearwaters are long-distance migrants and are known for their graceful flight.


Tropicbirds are easily recognized by their long tail streamers. They are found in tropical oceans.


Gulls are versatile birds found in various habitats. They are often seen scavenging on beaches.

Beauty of Seabirds

Seabirds are a testament to the wonders of evolution, each adapted to their unique way of life.