types of monkeys

Embark on a journey to explore the diverse and fascinating world of monkeys.


Recognized by its vibrant face, the Mandrill is the largest species of monkey.

Capuchin Monkey

Known for their intelligence, Capuchins often use tools to access food.

Howler Monkey

Famous for their loud howls, they are among the largest New World monkeys.

Spider Monkey

With long limbs and a prehensile tail, they are agile tree-dwellers.

Proboscis Monkey

Native to Borneo, they're known for their distinctive long noses.

Golden Lion Tamarin

This small, brightly colored monkey is critically endangered and native to Brazil.


Macaques are widespread and have diverse habitats, from snowy regions to tropical forests.

Squirrel Monkey

Small and agile, they are known for their quick movements in the treetops.

Colobus Monkey

With a striking appearance, they lack thumbs and have long tails and coats.

Titi Monkey

Titi monkeys are known for their monogamous relationships and strong family bonds.


Guenons are diverse and are known for their unique facial patterns.


Baboons are ground-dwellers and live in large social groups.


Marmosets are small, vocal, and have sharp claws instead of nails.


Langurs are leaf-eaters and are often seen in and around Asian forests.

Monkey Habitats

Monkeys are versatile and can be found in a variety of habitats around the world.