types of greyhounds

Explore the diversity and unique characteristics of 10 greyhound breeds. From the elegance of the Italian Greyhound to the strength of the Hungarian Greyhound, uncover the distinct traits that make each breed special.

Italian Greyhound

Small but mighty, the Italian Greyhound is known for its elegant appearance and affectionate nature. Ideal for families seeking a gentle and loving pet.

English Greyhound

The English Greyhound, famed for its speed and racing prowess, also makes a calm and friendly companion. A perfect blend of athleticism and gentleness.


Whippets are the essence of grace and agility, known for their friendly demeanor. They are adaptable, making them excellent pets for various households.

Spanish Greyhound

Spanish Greyhounds, or Galgos, are noble and reserved. Their history as hunting dogs in Spain highlights their intelligence and resilience.

Persian Greyhound or Saluki

Salukis, the Persian Greyhounds, boast an exotic beauty and are one of the oldest dog breeds. Their dignified nature complements their athletic build.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a stunning breed with a distinctive silky coat and a regal bearing. Known for their independence and unique personality.

Borzoi or Russian Greyhound

Borzois are the epitome of elegance and speed. Originally bred for hunting, they are gentle giants, known for their calm and affectionate nature.

Arabian Greyhound

Arabian Greyhounds, or Sloughis, are rare and majestic, with a strong hunting heritage. They are loyal and affectionate with their families.

Scottish Greyhound

Known for their strength and endurance, are gentle and good-natured. They make loyal companions and are great with children.

Hungarian Greyhound

Hungarian Greyhounds, or Magyar Agars, are versatile and robust, excelling in both speed and endurance. They are affectionate and good with families.

Greyhound Care

Greyhounds require regular grooming and dental care. Their short coats need minimal maintenance, but attention to their teeth is crucial for health.

Exercise Needs

Despite their speed, many greyhounds enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Regular walks and occasional sprints in a safe area are sufficient for their exercise.